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Quiver Full of Snark

Intelligent discussion about controversial topics, primarily extremists and religious fundamentalists, and the negative impact they have on our society.

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    • bingbangboom


      I finally went to the dentist. She was impressed by how bad the infection had gotten even though I was on antibiotics. She wanted me to see a specialist today. Tomorrow, adventures with the Endodontist.
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    • iweartanktops


      Are there a number of members here, with interest in the JonBenét murder?
      · 11 replies
    • church_of_dog


      A very traumatic day in kittieland.  It was vet day again so I really needed to try to catch Bob for his first shots and dewormer.  I wasn't getting anywhere with all three in the room -- every time I put out food to lure him, the others ate it!  So finally I took advantage of Juniper and Arlo being handle-able (did I mention I've picked up Arlo once or twice now?) and I picked them each up in turn and put them in one shared carrier, and then put that carrier out of the room while I set about catching ol' Bob (I considered it a positive that Juniper and Arlo were getting a glimpse/sniff of the rest of the house while they were out there, even if they weren't in the best mood for it).
      It took me forever but I finally caught Bob.  It required me moving the futon sofa into the middle of the room so he couldn't hide behind it.  He was pretty panicked and scrambling around the room but eventually I outsmarted him (or maybe he just decided to let me think that).  I released Juniper and Arlo back into the room after Bob was safely in the carrier and we headed out to the car.
      When we got to the vet's, the vet gingerly pulled him out of the carrier with a towel, and then -- Bob escaped the vet's grip!  A comedy of errors ensued with Bob leading a chase all around the various rooms of the vet's office (thankfully not including the waiting room).  Garbage cans were upturned, and the vet himself nearly tripped over the fan cord as he tried to follow this kitten around the room.  Eventually the vet and the assistant and Bob were in a back room with the door closed to keep him in.  I heard them laughing a few times and then finally the door opened and the vet came out with Bob and a towel and a solid grip.  They promptly gave him his shots and dewormer, confirmed that he's a boy, and then thankfully put him back in the carrier.  I apologized for the mess and we left and returned home.  Oh, vet can't say if Bob is Maine coon -- he doesn't seem to have that extra ruff of neck fur to me, and he's so small (especially since he is theoretically 2 weeks older than the other two), but I would still love it if he turned out to be MC.  Of course I'll love him even if he doesn't as well.
      Back home, I knew that blocking the hiding spaces under the futon was key to getting them out where they would have to interact with me; otherwise this process of taming was going to take forever.  So while Bob rested in the carrier in the house, I boarded up the sides and back of the futon frame, and then had another comedy of errors as I tried to get both Juniper and Arlo out from under the futon at the same time so I could slide it against the wall without trapping either of them.  It took some trickery but I finally did it.  Then Bob could come back into the room.
      So, as if the trauma of the carrier/vet wasn't enough, now they are all back in their familiar room but their safe corner hiding spots have disappeared.  They have a few nook spaces where they can hang out, but nowhere that I can't reach.  They are not thrilled with this.  At all.
      But their reward for the day was some yummy cream, which led to some detailed grooming afterwards:

      Afterwards, Juniper was quick to return to her newly-found snuggler status:

      While Bob sulked.  He was soon comforted, however, by his friend Arlo:

      I'm really pleased that Arlo has allowed me to pick him up once or twice.  He's not yet approaching me, and all three of them still spook when I am moving around, but progress is happening pretty fast, and in another week or so I might feel ok about releasing them into the house (with some kittyproofing happening first, and only when I'm confident other people won't carelessly open the doors and give escape opportunities).  Maybe just a few hours at a time at first, with overnights and/or feeding still happening in the back room.  We'll see.  But -- progress!
      · 3 replies
    • purple_summer


      Somehow toddlers & tiaras is worse than it was before...
      · 0 replies
    • EyeQueue


      Trying to catch up on the forums after an extended absence sucks.
      · 5 replies
    • bingbangboom


      Looking forward to seeing the dentist tomorrow. Extra looking forward to being able to eat soon! (Life is pretty much about food and bad reality tv with me...)
      · 0 replies
    • feministxtian


      Just waiting for more Thor pictures and videos @Imrlgoddess
      · 3 replies
    • Mela99


      What kind of birthday cake do I want? 
      Me birthday is Monday. I'm torn. I kind of want one of these 'dream cakes' from a local bakery. Cake, cheesecake, and mousse. They can do any flavor combo imaginable... 
      I love coconut but I'm the only one... 
      Mint chip? Peanut butter Oreo? GAH. TOO MANY CHOICES. 
      · 6 replies
    • anniebgood


      I finished the DOL mandated Office Management Systems classed graduated, yeah me. That was Thursday. The next Tuesday I'm at the career counselors office and she says you have to have 20 jobs by the end of the week. I mean, UEI doesn't ask for that, more like 6 for 2 weeks. But OH NO. The DOL is making me job hunt. I think the people on UEI are not damaged or have chronic injury related problems yet they don't have to do this.
      Plus the DOL has not approved my change of doctors. I wrote to the District Admin for SFO and I said I've jumped through every hoop you've put before me and now you won't let me see the doctor that I need to see? I've written my CE 4 times with no response. Not fair. They probably know he'll say no you can't work and it's causing damage to your cervical vertebrae and your shoulder. I have numbness that goes down my neck, across my shoulders and down to my elbows. C567. We shall see what happens. 
      First thing I do in the morning is job hunt and get my 4 or 5 out of the way. Then I can concentrate on other things. 
      Peace. From annie who's not so good. 
      · 1 reply
    • bingbangboom


      Seriously, I think this toothache is making me look forward to having dentures one day. 
      · 2 replies