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  • Summary provided by:klf7412



    Kendal is married to Daniel, and together they have 4 children; Evie (7 or 8), Brinley (5), Kapri (3), and Sebastian 'Sebi' (almost 2).

    Kendal wrote a blog titled "The Father knows Best" and she became famous on FJ after writing a blog post where she wrote about a day of "hard discipline" and how her oldest daughter, Evie, thanked her Father for spanking her. This post caused an uproar on FJ and eventually, Kendal removed the post. However, a few FJ members have a screen cap of the post and it is frequently posted on Kendal-related threads.


    Kendal has visited FJ once and skirted around questions about that famous post. During this visit she also mentioned that she "likes to be around spanked children". Shortly after coming here to "answer questions", she flounced.


    Kendal has been the subject of many FJ threads for crazy views. She has written that she and Daniel will not be sending the girls to college, and that they are preparing them to be homemakers. Daniel likes to call the girls "future homemakers" and Kendal says that she would consider herself a failure as a Mother if her daughters wish to work outside of the home. Kendal thinks that every child should be homeschooled, period.


    Kendal made FJ "headlines" again when she announced that her children were too holy for Christmas gifts and that instead, they would give gifts and a meal to the less fortunate. A day after Christmas, Kendal wrote a vague paragraph about the gift exchange that led many to believe that Kendal didn't get to go over to a strangers home with presents and a meal like she had wished.


    Sometime in 2012, Kendal and Daniel began the process to adopt a child. This led to a very long FJ thread, and eventually a FJ member was able to find out that Kendal was pursuing a domestic adoption of an infant male.


    Kendal once again became the subject of a long thread when she blogged about not making her children wear helmets when biking, because protecting their hearts was more important. After Daniel made multiple comments on the post defending Kendal's and his stance, he came home and announced that he would make the children wear helmets from then on. Within a few days of the post, Kendal announced she would be closing the blog. This "good bye" post was left up for a grand total of 2 hours before the whole blog disappeared, and only a few FJ members were able to see it. Many have speculated as to why she closed the blog, but most think that Daniel realized that Kendal's controversial topics and the presence of FJ could sabotage their adoption.


    Here are some tid bits of info about Kendal/Kendal's blog:

    Kendal & family attend Soverign Grace Ministries

    Kendal was trained as a nurse

    Kendal coined the term "riffles" after she misspelled "rifle" in a post about political-correctness.

    Kendal was nicknamed "Kendull" on Free Jinger due to her boring and dull blog posts.


    Free Jinger's Kendall Discussions

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    • 4 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      Gary wants to be a help to all the GOD allows.


      I may have had a sign from the GOD, and, if so, I interpret it as approval of my Gary-mockery. Hey, if Gary and the rest of his deluded quasi-Baptists can do it, why can't I?

      Since I have been staying away from contact with the outside world, I've been using Instacart to get groceries. The most recent order had some errors, including substituting Nathan's hotdogs for the kosher ones my Mom had requested. Nathan's are not kosher, so she won't eat them.

      I haven't bought hot dogs for a very long time (too tempting, too bad for me), but, since they're in the house, and Mom won't eat them, I guess I must make the sacrifice. Instacart refunded our money for the errors,* so I got  . . .

      FREE WEENS!  :bananna-demon:

      Just like Bro Gary!

      * In case anyone is troubled about my complaining to Instacart:

        Hide contents


      I always choose an alternative item, if there is one, and write a note to just leave the item off of the order, if neither is available. I communicate from my computer to let shoppers know I'm available if they have any questions, and  several have taken advantage of that to check with me.

      This shopper went to the store earlier than the delivery window, so I hadn't even looked at the Instacart site to see if my order was in the works until she was in the car and on the way. She never contacted me, and got five items wrong. Instacart does not dock shoppers' pay for errors, so my refund came out of their coffers.

      Being a shopper is a crappy job at any time, and especially so now. I try to make it as easy as I can for them, and usually tip lavishly. I'm also patient about the errors -  I wasn't angry, just disappointed that Mom needs to wait for the next order to get her weens.

      Between being raised by a mother who keeps kosher, living with lactose-intolerant and/or vegetarian/vegan housemates all my life, and hosting many fussy eaters, I am well-trained in "don't assume, get the exact thing they asked for, or at least call to check." But not everybody is, and it takes a while to develop that.

      I didn't want anyone to think I'm a fussy bitch sitting back on my throne abusing people who are desperately trying to make a living. I did still tip her, just not as lavishly as I usually do.

      I also wrote a note to Instacart, saying that they should be making sure that shoppers know that any request for something kosher, halal, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. usually means that the wrong item will be totally useless to the customer.



      Actually, this just happened to me today, too.  I'm always available to okay any substitutions, suggest substitutions, and will allow them to just refund the money if the item isn't available.  I tip really well since I am so grateful that someone else is willing to go to the grocery store for me.  All that being said, I got 6 items today that the shopper substituted with unsuitable items without asking at all.  Then he charged me for the regular items!  I got in touch with Instacart and they refunded for the substitutions -- which I can't use and hope to be able to mostly donate to the food pantry.  I suppose the foods that he charged me for were in his own trunk for his own use.  Who knows?  It was very disappointing.  Usually Instacart has been great.

    • candygirl200413


      Someone mentioned that the hearts were supposed to reference some song that is super racist and talking about race (if anyone understands what I'm trying to say haha). 

      I'm reading it again and the color bind things she's putting in here is truly making me gag. Because we are all one race 🙄 Also I'm confused about her wording of her children being half american? She is basically saying "racism just needs to be taken over by love and therefore I will only teach my kids that they need to know love and that they should NOT see color".


      I'm exhausted.

    • GreyhoundFan


    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      Elgin, TX, home to Liberty Tree Tavern, was not so long ago a very small town east of Austin.  Housing developments now dot former farm fields and suburban growth is sprawling out from Austin plus a major highway between Austin and Houston passes through there. It's not some bitty place in the middle of nowhere.  It's not quite a suburb of Austin yet, but it's close.  Lots of people that shop at the local HEB (Texas grocery store chain) commute to Austin to work.  Plenty of opportunity of CV 19 to get worse. 

      Also, I'm trying to remember if they even have a hospital. If so, it's tiny.  I think there might be a new hospital on the highway to Austin -- a branch of a big hospital system in Waco.  Anyway, if someone gets severely ill, they are going to end up in one of the major hospitals in Austin. 


      Edited by Howl
    • DarkAnts


      8 minutes ago, llucie said:

      I never said they were in their own house, i just said it was a private residence and not a public space. I guess the current law depens on the country, where i live you are allowed to reunite with up to 15 people of different households, and if you are in a private residence masks are not mandatory, just in public spaces.

      Didnt know the law in the USA was that strict? i had read mask were not even mandatory on the street in the USA and just a recommendation.

      Laws are not strict, but many of us see wearing masks as a moral obligation. We know that we can spread the virus and show no symptoms. We know that others may experience extreme suffering from the virus. It's our moral obligation to help reduce the suffering of others. This is easily done by wearing a mask. 

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