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  1. 100 points
    Jessa just keeps inching her way up to being my least-hated fundie. I hate that this is something she has to address. As someone who struggles at times with body image, I would be mortified to have people constantly scrutinizing my stomach. I know it’s shroedinger’s uterus and comes with the job, but it’s still rude to ask. I’m glad she dealt with it using her typical Jessa Snark.
  2. 78 points
    According to people like Derick, the liberal agenda seems to consist of convincing children that being gay is normal. Spooky! From everything I can gather, the conservative agenda seems to consist of convincing children that sexuality in general is abnormal and shameful, that they're bad and deserve to be beaten (and indeed, to roast for eternity in hell just by virtue of being born), that education is at best useless and at worst evil, that molesting children isn't that big of a deal, that women are inferior to men and should be treated as such, that white people need to fight to retain their supremacy, that everyone who thinks or behaves differently from you, even if they're not doing you or anyone else any harm, is your enemy, and that Republican politicians are their masters, to be obeyed and exalted, no matter how morally bankrupt, corrupt, unChristian, or downright evil they may be. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I'll take the liberal agenda, thanks!
  3. 75 points
    This thread drift reminds me of the following, which bears repeating:
  4. 72 points
    Maybe Derick is just trying to create a diversion from Jill’s carseat thing. Jill: #besthubbyever they are soooo mean to me on twitter! Derick: hold my beer. Also I always assume with every other HOT Duggar thread someone’s pregnant. With Derick and Jill though, it’s more of a “what did they do now?” thing. Very Trumpian.
  5. 71 points
    I'm a long-time lurker but delurked to join this thread drift. We are in a point of major stress in my home. Both of my teen daughters are identifying as LGBTQ and my husband is really struggling as it is in direct conflict to his faith. I grew up UCC and have a gay sister, though as a mom, it is challenging for me to think that both of my kiddos are in pain as a result of their dad's belief system. My kids now state they have no faith. This is a major conflict in my life and I'm standing with my kiddos to ensure they will always have a home where they and the people they will one day love will be welcome. I'm glad for book recommendations. I'm glad for anything that will shake DH from these unbending beliefs that my separate him from his family. I come here at night to giggle. I'm glad you are all here.
  6. 71 points
    I love the 'Well MY ancestors all came here LEGALLY!' argument. Yes, my ancestors all came here 'legally' and participated (mostly if not entirely indirectly, but still) in the genocide of the people who had already lived here for thousands and thousands of years. But fuck that woman who's tired of living in constant fear of her children being kidnapped, raped and murdered, who decides to trust someone who tells her to come to the U.S. and it'll all be all right, and takes that risk out of pure desperation. Fuck her, am I right? ZERO SYMPATHY!!! Seriously, fuck you if you can't even summon an ounce of sympathy for people like that. I don't like to call people sociopaths, so I'll be kind and say that you're just inexcusably ignorant and drowning in your own privilege. And @SapphireSlytherin, your whining about the hoops you have to jump through to be able to retire in the UK, while painting all undocumented immigrants with the same brush and shouting "ZERO SYMPATHY!!!" is disgusting. You have no shame.
  7. 67 points
    I call bullshit on not having a choice to be on TLC. He specifically went after Jim Bob, who he knew was on the show, then happily let said show foot two expensive plane tickets so he can meet the wife he was buying in person.
  8. 67 points
    Jessa's snark is soooo wasted on fundamentalism. She's actually pretty funny, and I've always loved that she has a more sarcastic and assertive personality, because it stands at odds with what a fundie woman is 'supposed' to be like. I wish she'd leave the cult, for obvious reasons, but also because I think her assessment of it from outside would probably be pretty clever and amusing.
  9. 66 points
    You mob trip me out, in a good way these days And yes, everything is going surprisingly well!! It is a long haul of a treatment, three years seemed like an endless eternity at the beginning, and 18 months down the track it's the longest constant care I've ever been asked to give. Happy to give it though, and our life has settled down around it nicely. When we first got here, I had to swim through a sea of pyramid-scheme-snake-oil-sellers of the alternative variety, till I finally found the real deal, two folks that have a shop called the Hempothecary up in Montville open 7 days a week, who have a oil for cancer symptoms (a few different ones too), called Cannopathy, which has cannibas oil, frankincense, gumbi gumbi, and herb robert in it. They reckon (and it made sense to me) that injesting cannibas oil was fairly hard for the liver, and rubbing the oil on feet and letting it be taken up through the skin was optimal, so I got a resounding approval from the pharmacists to use it, and we haven't been into hospital overnight ever since. Could be a whole heap of contributing factors to that one, because we were madly trying to find somewhere rural to live after the initial shock, but every time we got serious, he'd go into hospital overnight, and we'd realise anew how much it would suck to be far away from our hospital, so when we finally just decided to stay in inner city Brisbane, he stopped needing to go in so much. We love and adore our hospital mob, from cleaners to Oncologists, and they love us back. I could tell you so many feel good stories about our interactions there, it's unbelievable. Our Oncologist, Morag, the Scottish woman with fiery red hair, is just divine, and has taken us all under her fierce wings, and I trust and love her a lot. Makes us both cry when we talk about them, because the total embrace we've felt from them all has been truly amazing. The hospital school also embraced us and our kids completely, and have all helped us out in so many ways. And Merlin just adores going in to hospital so much, that he's asked us for a calendar, so he can count down the days He's had a huge journey with needles, from going alright, to having an allergic reaction to Peg Asparaganaise and needing a shot of adrenaline and getting IMMENSELY needle phobic afterwards......having to hold a screaming kicking traumatised kid down while he gets needled, would have to be one of the most horrendous things I've ever had to do........to now......he takes his needles like a legend, and goes 'Yay!' when I tell him we're going in for a finger prick. Going in to hospital remains a highlight on our social calendar His hair's grown back, he's gone from needing lots of special treatment to blending in with the rest of the boy pack more, him and Max have a whole new found love and connection for each other after being separated for the first time in their lives, and overall he's really really happy. The rest of the kids are also thriving, my Griff has himself a full time job and beautiful girlfriend who has been enveloped into our family along with her family as well. The girls are absolutely loving school and their friends and are totally excelling. In a year and a bit of gorgeous mainstream educational attention both in the hospital school and their state schools now, they've basically caught up with most of the gaps and are doing great at their year levels. Spiral became class rep at her new school within the first few weeks, and has already gone on camp and done interschool sport, and they're so motivated to learn and experience all the things in this opposite world to where we lived. It's so funny, but we copped so much flack for our different choices in hippie city central Nimbin, but now flung into the mainstream educational system, have found nothing but acceptance, validation, support and acknowledgement of the great job we've been doing! We're all continuing to be blown away by this embracing and friendly city we're living in, and all the folk we're interacting with, and all the positives that this 'negative' experience has brought us. We've moved to another posh house with a pool in a rich suburb, and the schools are some of the best Brisbane has to offer, and all sorts of opportunities are opening to us, including being offered a holiday house back down south to help a friend look after her animals, which means we can continue as we seem to be travelling......with a foot in both worlds. So our little boy pack who have all resolutely asked to be homeschooled, can go out bush and have adventures in nature and all the loveliest things that our older kids got to experience too. You knew this was going to be an epic, didn't you Everything is pretty bloody groovy right now, and I'm greatful for all the well wishes and thoughts that have hit us along the way.
  10. 65 points
    ".....highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children..." Derick, I give you exhibit A.
  11. 62 points
    fatcat was being bad today...there was a rectangle, so she had to lay in it
  12. 62 points
    Yes, how dare The Gays provide a loving home for a child! All children should be raised in Godly Christian homes like the Duggars' where they'll be beaten from infancy, molested by their siblings, and discouraged from higher education! Oh, and where they're parents can't be asked to follow basic safety instructions on car seats. That is truly the ideal environment for raising a child. Eat a dick, Derick. And get a damn job!
  13. 61 points
    If he didn't have a choice, then why did he and his family *decide* not to be on the show anymore?
  14. 61 points
  15. 58 points
    Hey, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster here. The Trump/immigration debate brought me out. I'm nervous even typing this, but here it goes: my husband has DACA. A couple friends have it. I worked with an advocacy group years ago for DREAMERs. When Trump was elected, I sobbed. I thought my life was over. My husband, who has been in America since he was a toddler, was the one to tell me "sometimes you have to take the loss. Life goes on." I am humbled by his courage, his strength. It hurt to see people I knew, these "good" people vote for a man who is a real threat to people's lives. My husband and I will be fine--we've gone through this hell long enough, you know, and we've learned how to deal with it and love life anyway. Whatever happens, we'll meet it when it does. But others aren't so lucky. I've heard DACA kids, the younger ones, talk about suicide a lot. They talk about running into the bathroom after class or during work and bawling their eyes out. I worry for those guys. I just hope people realize that there are consequences for voting for Trump, even if they don't see it. As for other undocumented immigrants, the adults, well, I can't speak for all of them. I'm sure plenty are criminals and lazy and bad people, but there are 11 million in the US. That's double the Jewish population. Most of them are just people, some who made mistakes, some who were screwed over by bad lawyers and an unforgiving system, and some who intentionally broke the law. I've heard stories. Some DREAMERS have legal parents, but they couldn't get legalized because the court backlogs caused them to age out of their petition. Some families tried to legalize themselves only to get bad advice from crappy lawyers who prey on desperate people. Some women came here to marry, were raped and impregnated, and than abaondaned because he "changed his mind" with a US citizen baby. Most of these people come from poor, third world countries, many ravaged by the wars that the US foreign policy helped create. The ten year ban prevents them from going back, because after only a few months of falling out of status, it kicks in. They have family in the USA that they can't imagine being seperated from for 10 years. My mother-in-law is one of those. I won't say what her situation was, but I will say that she is the kindest woman I met. My uncle tore my family apart all because his white niece had a child with a man of a differnet race. My mother-in-law accepted me with open arms, despite our racial and cultural differences. She gives 10% of her income to charity. She is one of the few religious people I knew who truly lives what Jesus taught. Every time people say this stuff about illegals it's a stab to my heart. Over the years, it's gotten easier, but the pain is still there. I've learned to live with it, but it's like someone who suffers from chronic pain--they deal, but that doesn't make the pain go away. I'm not trying to change anyone's minds. I'm just offering a counterpoint, before we start dehumanizing 11 million real, flesh and blood people.
  16. 58 points
    Something went down with Derick and TLC, and man is he ever bitter about it. And I don't believe for a second that it was some reasoned and rational choice on his part to 'do what's best for his family' by taking them off the show. Bullshit. Everything was fine, and then BOOM. It's incredibly transparent. Whenever he's attacking people, they always mysteriously seem to be people featured on TLC. Hmmm....
  17. 57 points
    I personally find the "girls are better behaved" comment to be really, really irritating, because it's not like they're born that way. My cousin's kid is a hellion (still love her, by when she doesn't get her way... the screaming... ). Girls are quieter and better behaved on the whole because they are raised to be docile, gentle, and delicate, whereas when you see a couple boys roughhousing, someone will say "boys will be boys!" You never hear someone saying "Girls will be girls" in reference to rough play or high noise/energy levels. And I think that's really fucking sexist. I suppose I'm so passionate about this because I work with kids a lot (ages 9-17) in a creative play environment (think a theater-type group). The vast majority of the time, it's the boys that are suggesting ideas, taking action, and cutting off the girl's sentences, while the girls just kind of take a backseat. Their voices get quieter, their suggestions get fewer, and while the boys boldly blaze ahead, the girls take on less active roles, because that's what they've been taught to do their entire fucking lives. Part of my goal is to get them to raise their voices, to say "Hey I was talking, don't interrupt," or "I just suggested that and you said no!" or my favorite, "I'm sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?" very sarcastically. And these boys aren't sexist- they were just taught, from the beginning of their lives, to speak loudly and clearly, that their ideas were important, and that they deserved everyone's undivided attention. Whereas the girls were taught... quietness, politeness, how to listen. I know this seems rather caricatured, but I see the reality of this all the time, and it completely sucks. Even my dad will constantly- CONSTANTLY- interrupt me to ask questions (or just completely change the topic) while I'm literally talking to him and making eye contact. This pattern is toxic and it just makes my blood boil. This is part of what I hate about the Duggars and their ilk so much. Bunch of patriarchal sexist scumbags who want to silence and control women. I do think that gender sex reveal cake is the one I hate the least out of every one I've seen. It's got a pun, and it doesn't revolve around stereotypes (anyone remember the "glitter or guns" cake?). And I love bees. So that's at least a little cute.
  18. 56 points
  19. 56 points
    Jeremy was a man in his late 20s who had gone to college, traveled and lived abroad, lived a comparatively worldly existence and had a career, and when someone said, "Hey, I want to set you up with this girl. She's really nice, but has no education, has never worked, and has only been trained to be a 'helpmeet', her family stars on a reality TV show, they've had a bunch of scandals and have a history of abuse in the family which was never properly addressed, and you'll have to fill out a 50-page questionnaire for her dad, you can't be alone with her at all before you marry her, and they'll expect the entire relationship from first meeting to wedding day to be wrapped up in no more than a year", he said, "Sounds great!" That's all I need to know about Jeremy.
  20. 55 points
    That Jill's prayer checklist ends with "DEAR JESUS PLEASE DON'T LET MY BABIES BE TRANS, AMEN" is pretty fucked up to say the least.
  21. 55 points
    Thank you for voicing my thoughts. I'm an immigrant, I did not go to the U.S. because of how hard it is to get legal there when you're a latino, instead I chose Argentina to immigrate. I'm doing good here, I'm a medical student, a hardworker honest person with no criminal records... While I did not choose the U.S., I know a bunch of people as honest as I am struggling in the U.S. because they're illegal. I'm from Venezuela, most folks there can't even get passports right now or any other document required to apply residency in any country (the government is not allowing it), and the U.S. is not giving us refugee status. My country is in a critical situation, most people are leaving out of desperation... A little story: a terminally ill kid a few weeks ago went to the U.S. to get treatment, was denied entry and deported. Yep, not even for humanitarian reasons (there's not even alcohol to treat injuries in my country). So... The fact that people dare to judge and criticize why some are illegal is appaling and it hurts. Not everyone is a criminal who wants to do shady stuff in the U.S., in fact most immigrants go there to get a better life, to work, to study... For different reasons. I'm surprised at the judgemental posters here, you guys ask for understanding about abortion and other topics but have ZERO understanding, empathy and compassion about immigrants in the U.S., Trump's presidency really is showing everyone's true colors. I sincerely hope none of you have to go through a situation where you have to leave your country without papers because you're running away from a dangerous state, because you are dying of hunger or because your child or relative is dying and there's no medicines (or anything really).
  22. 55 points
    "Degrading to children"? Oh, you must mean having a camera crew film a medically fragile elementary schooler shitting herself and having seizures. Or whoring your children out to reality TV as part of a sick charade to appear like a normal family while you allow your child molester son continued access to his victims. Or putting your children in "wacky" situations that reveal their subpar education and sheltered ignorance so they can be laughed at like some modern-day P.T. Barnum freakshow. Yeah, that sure is degrading to children, Derick. Derick is a fucking toilet of a person.
  23. 55 points
    Hello! Long-time lurker here . . . I hope it is okay for me to disclose that I have attended these conferences more recently (Gothard's last year in 2013 through 2017), and it has change a lot since Gothard resigned. Even though these were technically family conferences (and ATI family conferences at that!), I was never a part of ATI though I was raised in fundamentalism, and I attended them with friends' families instead of my own. Last year was really weird for me and I came to a point where I realized I didn't agree with a lot of the teachings, so I'm not there this year (I'm here!). All that to say -- since some of you have (perhaps hypothetically) expressed you wish you could be there, I was reminded of something weird that happened at the 2014 conference (my second year). This was months, I think, after Gothard stepped down. There was this one guy who showed up by himself, didn't know anyone, and was writing down names of random people who were attending. Given the recent circumstances, some people suspected he was a "scout" for Recovering Grace or FJ... So we were basically put in lock-down and they had ALERT guys lined up everywhere for "security." And there was even an announcement made that we could not walk anywhere alone, because this guy was just wandering around. Super weird, but I think they concluded he wasn't harmful...? And I can't remember, but I think he left early. I suppose I could attempt to answer any questions you might have about the Big Sandy conferences in recent years.
  24. 54 points
    I know that your husband is a UK citizen married to an American citizen, because you have said so yourself numerous times. I didn't make any "ludicrous assumptions" about your husband. In fact, I didn't make any assumptions about him at all. Unless you want to tell me that your husband was in danger of being murdered by gangs in the UK while he waited for his US immigration visa. You are the person making ludicrous assumptions here. Because you assume that all "illegal immigrants" could have just as easily gone through the same process your husband went through and just waited their turn to be able to legally move to America. That's not how it works. At all.
  25. 53 points
    My Calpurnia today, as I swapped out the artificial wreath on my front door: