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  1. I've been frustratingly afk most of the day with life, but I want to say I really do love you guys and this community. People talk all the time about bubbles. We all have them, some due to chance and some we choose. While I do go out of my way to hear different political view points and even to read about the unbalanced in our country in an attempt to know what we're up against I've chosen FJ as my bubble. My place to be amongst other Americans who see the horror of the last four years for what it was. To be with people who share the same overarching goals for equality, fairness, and decency. To be with people who can discuss candidate or policy disagreement with civility because we know reasonable people can disagree on some things with neither side being monsters. And where we know there are some view points without moral equivalency and arguments for hate should never be dignified as equally valid opposing points of view. And to those of you from all over the world. The Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Canada, Italy*...your fervent support for those of us here trying to do the right thing has been invaluable. In some other popular internet forums where American political discussions are populated with international posters there is almost a default of assuming that those of us from the US represent and are represented by this administration. You don't do that here. You don't paint us all with his racist brush nor act as if we should continually apologize for the accident of birth that makes us Americans. The phrase NotAllAmericans has never entered my thoughts while reading on FJ. No country is perfect, but I'll admit I've had more than a few moments of jealousy toward those of you from places with civilized leadership in the last four years. I've not seen one of you lord it over Americans here or treat us as if all of our people are inherently inferior. You understand that it is our government and way too many of our fellow citizens supporting the tyrannical bent of a would-be despot. You see us as people, not our government and it's allowed me to learn so much here because discussions were had without derision and defensiveness. Would I feel like this about FJ if I were a Trump supporter? No. Are there probably lurking Trump supporters who hate read here and feast on liberal tears as they put it? I have no doubt. Hopefully it's helped inform them about other points of view. Thanks for not shitting on the carpet. When I joined FJ I was what I would call socially liberal but very fiscally conservative and my motivation in voting was first and foremost my own pocketbook. I was a Republican and went independent when I felt the tea party and their ilk had made the GOP unrecognizable. I was on the executive board of College Republicans when I was in school. I wasn't a heartless person. I abhorred white supremacy and police brutality, as a pacifist at no point in my life would I have supported violence in political action. No iteration of past me would have voted for Trump. Even at my most selfish I couldn't have voted for someone I consider genuinely stupid. Not a word I use lightly, btw. My very kind and empathetic mother volunteered and donated a lot of her time and money to good causes, food banks, helping the less fortunate but who saw the answer to these problems in people being more giving toward others on a personal level rather than the government. She was inherently non-confrontational and hates the nastiness of politics and thus ignored it. My dad thought all politicians were corrupt so you voted for the one whose corruption would benefit you and in our world that always meant tax cuts. FJ played a large role in taking me out of my bubble, in exposing me to people affected by the government in ways I am not. My eyes were opened here, simultaneously also in my career, to how many other things matter to other people. And as I began to educate myself those things began to matter very much to me also. None of this came from one post in a moment of catharsis, nor did it come from blindly agreeing with people just because they were my FJ friends. Blind agreement has never been my strong suit, much to the chagrin of my family. It came from years of discussions on all kinds of threads that helped me see things differently. And in some cases helped me strengthen my long held beliefs because I had to defend them with facts and sources. Is FJ a circle jerk on some issues in some ways? Yeah. That's why I deliberately seek out exposure to other view points elsewhere as well. Is FJ a safe space? Absolutely not, and I would never want it to be. Anyone with any viewpoint can post here and as long as they are socially potty trained they have as much freedom to post as those who share more popular POVs here. But for this time in history I am glad FJ was a place that was here for me to come and restore emotional my emotional equilibrium after hearing of another instance of Trump and his goons wiping their ass with the constitution. As I sit here, in this moment, I wish I knew all of you personally. After years of reading post after post overflowing with empathy, compassion, outrage over cruelty, and repudiation of hate I feel a closer kinship to you guys when it comes to this than anyone in my real life, with the exception of my kids. Despite the anonymity I consider you guys so much more than screen names of randoms on the internet. In a way I can't possibly explain or understand I consider you real friends. I am riding high on an insane oxytocin rush from the learning his reign of terror won't continue for another four years, so I know I'm rambling. I don't expect anyone to read all this, but my brain was demanding my fingers get busy and type this somewhere. TLDR: I love you guys. ❤️ Now to get caught up on the eleventy million posts I missed writing my version of War and Peace with this post.
  2. JermajestyDuggar

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    We were all thinking it. And Derick said it. 2020 is fucking weird.
  3. HideousGreenShirt

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    DAMN, DERICK! This is a comment on Jill's recent nose ring post.
  4. In my childfree opinion, she’s simply using resources available to her. I don’t understand why she’s getting castigated for it.
  5. David is now pastor at a church in Fort Worth! "Fairpark Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in Fort Worth, Texas. The pastor is David Waller. Fairpark Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas uses only the King James Bible and offers traditional worship services in English. They have a Sunday Afternoon service and service on Wednesday Evening. They offer the following ministries: Faith Bible Institute. This church is Family Integrated. Pastor Name: David Waller" Link to Facebook page- tbere's a video of a church service with David in it https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.facebook.com/fairparkbaptist/&ved=2ahUKEwijmZCx4ILtAhVvThUIHQnFAP8QFjAKegQICxAD&usg=AOvVaw0JxmdWS_9rZCqjFf5mCnjA (Must stop this sleuthing and get back to real life now)
  6. To all of you from outside the US: I’m in tears typing this. Your support over the last few days has meant so much more to me than I can put into words. There’s so much wrong and broken and so many things that need to change but I’m relieved Trump for another four years isn’t going to be one of them.
  7. You guys, I'll preface this post by saying I'm insanely sleep deprived - Ireland is five hours ahead of the East Coast so I've been staying up till 3 or 4a.m for the last five nights to watch the coverage. For example, Joe's speech last night was at 1a.m Irish time, I cried buckets and crawled into bed about two, completely emotionally and physically drained, only to ping awake at my normal rising time of 8am. It's been a long week. So I woke this morning and immediately grabbed the phone to check the updated numbers before I remembered that it's over and he won and I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE!!!!!! So I lay back in the bed and scrolled TikTok for a bit to try get my heartbeat back into normal rhythm and within seconds was dissolving into tears and crying the hardest I have yet in this election cycle. Why? Well, I discovered that while Champ Biden lived in the White House when Joe was VP, Major Biden was adopted from a shelter since he left. But now Major is obviously going to be living in the White House.... That beautiful dog went from living in a shelter to living in the White House!!! (Apologies. Normal emotional regulation will presumably return sometime over the next few days. But for today, it's all the feels...)
  8. I know this belongs in the cartoons and memes thread, but I just thought it was perfect for the mood in this thread. John McCain and John Lewis looking in on this election:
  9. SorenaJ

    Justin and Claire: Woe Is Me

    Maybe Justin is closer to Hilary than to Michelle. Michelle: We have a Justin?! Hilary: We have a Justin!!
  10. SuperNova

    M is a Mama 9: Mom of Ten, Dislikes Them All

    What in the actual fuck? She has a death grip on his arm. How can a picture that doesn't even show her face have so much aggression? I rarely use the word hate but I hate this picture so very much. Shiloh looks agonized and it kills me. A little one his age only needs redirection, there is literally no value to punishment here except to instill fear and I have a feeling that's exactly what Abbie is going for. No doubt there was a spanking after this picture was taken and it makes me thoroughly despise her more than I can say. And as bad as a spanking is, the mental fuckery that comes with holding a fucking camera in your toddler's face while he's clearly upset is so much worse. Emotional abuse is an ugly thing and that is exactly what she is engaged in.
  11. irish_dancing_canadian

    Justin and Claire: Woe Is Me

    A Duggar getting married....
  12. This just made me laugh out loud. I figure we can all use some levity today.
  13. Snarkasarus Rex

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    So, you think the Dillards will get an invite for Thanksgiving this year?
  14. Would someone please have a baby shower for me? I've never had one. My son is 48 but still he could use some new toys.
  15. I, for one, am thrilled about the return of Biden memes.
  16. Today’s my birthday. When anyone has asked me what I want I’ve been saying for America to have a new president. Never thought it would take until my actual birthday but here we are. Best present ever. Thanks guys!
  17. I just finished a sweater and am starting another one! (Yes, I'm using this post as an excuse to brag about my new sweater...)
  18. I'm crying over an election again, but this time, not of shock and horror. ❤️
  19. I don’t post and just lurk here. But I’m from Georgia in a blue county with a majority of my friends/family being Trump supporters. So there isn’t much of an outlet to express my excitement. We may not be critical to Biden winning, but it’s thrilling to finally have my vote matter!!
  20. Nikedagain?

    Justin and Claire: Woe Is Me

    Y'all! Our first married howler. I'm not sure how I feel about this...
  21. lezajenda

    Jed Is Running for State House

    Megan's "we did it" post on instagram was the first thing I saw this morning and it gave more relief to my election anxiety than I've felt in the last four years. That said...I think the fact that he lost speaks to what a lazy pile of poo he really is. He moved to the district just in time to run, bought a bunch of Jed! merch for his friends and family - most of whom couldn't even vote for him and then did almost nothing to promote himself as a candidate or to register voters. Any sort of work ethic or hussle and this could have been an easy win for him. Thank goodness for the Duggar work ethic. May their lazy, arrogant male egos never learn from their mistakes!
  22. Okay, this made me laugh even more about the Four Seasons snafu:
  23. Thank you thank you thank you America. I know a few million aren't happy but the rest of the world has breathed a sigh of relief with you. I hope that your new president will succeed in closing the divide, dampening the flames of anger and bring your country together again. I also hope he will bring you back to the table on climate change! We are raising a glass to you and your country tonight and thank you for putting an end to the insanity. And finally....
  24. Such wonderful news for a weary nation! 🇺🇸 Thanks to everyone who voted, gave their time and/or money to help elect democrats, or was an election worker this year. As our friend @47of74 would put it, you fornicating rock! I'd like to especially thank all of the members of FJ's political section for keeping me somewhat sane since the day we learned that Trump had won the election back in 2016. I was in complete shock that he won, and desperately needed to be with people who understood that spinning ball of fear, rage, disbelief, and despair that was firmly lodged inside my chest. You worked hard to keep me informed and entertained. You cried and raged with me, you encouraged me when I was struggling, and you made me feel part of your community, even though I'm not one of the cool kids from a blue state. For all of that, I thank you. Lastly, I'd like to give a special shout out to all of the folks who devote their time and effort into keeping FJ up and running. I know it's a thankless job sometimes with lots of grunt work, so thank you for doing it.
  25. Yes, this! I have struggled so much, and felt so alone here in my very red state, in a sea of Republicans, including nearly all of my family. I have been in misery and despair so many times since 2016, and I have wept for the future of my children. I dreaded this week so much because I knew how it would go, and I knew how I would feel. But getting through it with you was so much easier, and often, it was even fun (which....I mean, I never thought that was possible). So thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.
  26. Exposedknees

    Seewalds 44: Skip the Ads and Jessa Won’t Get Paid!

    It's been a rough 24 hours but this birthday photo on Ben's IG made me laugh aloud on this anxious day. The family did its usual "Jessa blessa" post, but Ben decided on this "Rumspringa Aesthetic" 🤣🤣🤣

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