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  1. PSA: If a bunch of federal agents show up at your place and you think you are the smartest person there, you are not the smartest person there.
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  2. I don’t know why people are downvoting this. The question was how is MICHELLE going to explain Jill’s miscarriage, not why does @jljohnson527 think it happened. And I agree—since she can’t blame hormonal BC I absolutely wouldn’t put it past Michelle to claim that Jill miscarried because she got vaccinated.
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  3. This is my husband with our newest. They snuggle while he has his first cup of coffee and several times during the day.
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  5. You can't withdraw from a case without good reason. But yes, I have absolutely told clients "Look - this is what the DA knows and can prove. You're driving the bus but it's not gonna stop where you think it is." Most of the time, they're smart enough to listen, or at least accept that they done fucked up. But a decent percentage stick to the belief that "I KNOW MY RIGHTS" and "I'll tell them what really happened " and will ask you to take it to trial. In those situations, my move was always the same - before it started, and it was my turn to enter onto the record, I would always say "Mela for the defense, Your Honor, and I am proceeding with this X at the request of my client, having explained the ramifications fully." I would also make them sign something saying I had explained in depth the evidence, the potential sentence, and that they understood they we're proceeding against my advice.
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  6. If I had not been told that was Anna in the picture, I'm not at all sure I would have recognized her.
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  7. The fed system will assign him to a facility that would have the proper security level and treatment programs ordered by the court. My daughter did her state time in Colorado and her fed time in West Virginia. I think, since she had taken advantage of educational, addiction and parenting classes in the state system, she was able to choose which minimum security facility she went to. She chose WVA since it was a 5-6 hour drive from our home in Newport News. We went up to spend the weekend with her (got a hotel room) at least once a month. I only visited her once in Colorado, because I had flown out there for something else. Josh will probably be assigned medium security and where there is a sex offender treatment program. He shouldn't be given a choice to participate or not. In terms of parole, etc, it will go better for him if he is smart enough to take advantage of all treatment and educational programs available. It is possible to get a bachelor's while incarcerated. My daughter finished an AAS in graphic design and an AS in IT while locked up. It gave her opportunities to find employment after she got out and she was able to finish her bachelors and master's later (no, mama is not button bustingly proud of her). HOWEVER...I doubt seriously that Josh will put any effort into any form of improving himself nor will he make any psychological progress either.
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  8. It's hard to pay attention to the road and surroundings when you keep catching yourself in every shiny surface. 😂
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  9. Truth here. If the feds showed up at my work siezing computers, I can guarantee you no one, not even my inappropriately joking boss, is going to be all "Oh, is this about that secret password-protected Tor partition on the hard drive? Did someone download child porn there?" which is basically what Josh said. It's like a young preschooler with ice cream all over his face and shirt claiming he has no idea where the missing ice cream cone could possibly have gone! He's never seen any ice cream! What even is ice cream? There's no ice cream here, never has been! Josh is so dumb. Even we, here, who knew about his previous... issues, mostly initially suspected financial or tax-related shenanigans, or something related to a car they had acquired. Even those of us who thought the worst of him didn't necessarily think "car lot raid" would equal "CSA investigation" immediately. I mean, the majority of the time "business raided and computers seized" means "financial, tax, or organized crime funny business". Josh, however, wasn't like "oh, what's this about?" It sounds like he was more like "Oh, are you looking at the computer that definitely doesn't have any CSA materials at all on it, no way, and if it does it was somebody else who dowloaded it! On the secret partition that I installed! That's protected with the same password as my bank account! Which is my birth date!" So dumb. I mean it was going to come out, eventually. But when the first thing you say to an officer is "haha, what, did someone download child porn or something?" you can't even pretend to be surprised when it does.
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  10. I just want to say how grateful I am for FJ and also for the HBO documentary. I went back and read all the RF threads here and I cannot say how many times I have watched all three episodes of the documentary. Both have served as an intervention for me. I was never an RF member, but have been off and on Weigh Down for 22 years and have probably bought everything Gwen ever sold. For every person who joined RF, I wonder how many others like me have supported Gwen over the years. Though their “regional representatives” reached out to me many times and I came dangerously close to them one time… I ultimately pushed them away because I was at that same time in domestic violence counseling and ready to leave my abusive husband of 23 years. It was 2004 and I was certain Gwen would have discouraged me from leaving him even though he was physically and every other kind of abusive. I remember sensing danger and not wanting to step out of one abusive relationship and into another. Thankfully the domestic violence counseling taught me to be on the alert for that possibility. I left that marriage and never took another call from the Weigh Down staff, BUT still… off and on “followed” RF and WD over the years. Lately I’ve learned that intuitive eating coupled with intermittent fasting actually works better for me than Weigh Down, and I’ve always known Gwen was wrong about having to be “all in” to keep weight off. But the emotional pull to her “message” has been stronger than meets the eye. Just glad FJ exists because it’s like a beacon of light.. a very real, glaring light shining right into sleepy eyes sometimes, but a LIGHT!
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  11. I don't feel sorry for Anna at all. By standing by her man, she is literally taking a stand against her children. Even if, as a wife, she doesn't think her husband is capable of these horrendous crimes, as good mother, her immediate reaction should be to take a step back and give careful consideration to all the accusations. She should be actively looking to protect her children. She should want to have them questioned. Sorry, but a good mother would not plug her ears and loudly sing, lalalala and pretend everything is fine. She would desperately want to find out the truth, no matter what it turned out to be. She would want to see all the evidence and not have one smidgen of doubt about the safety of her children. That doesn't seem to be what is happening.
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  12. Endlessly ironic that the Duggars are die-hard Razorback fans when a) they are not allowed to play organised sports b) they are not allowed to attend secular school/college at all and c) the football, cheer and dance team uniforms are defrauding according to their modesty standards. Hypocrisy runs rampant in Duggar-land.
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  13. That would have been an episode of Counting on I would have PAID to watch - Smuggar chatting with the agents trying to out-wit them. Must see TV!
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  14. I found an HBO Max free trial and watched all three episodes of The Way Down. It was all so much worse than I thought from just reading about RF and Gwen on FJ for years, and my opinion was already in the basement. I have a newfound respect for the former members who have recounted their experiences here, as extricating oneself from a culty, high control organization is hard. The very worst part of it all, for me, was the segment on the Smith child abuse/murder case. I cried at the suffering the boy must have endured. That father in particular seemed to hate the poor child. The medical examiner's diagram of the child's injuries was horrific, hardly an inch of his body was unscarred. Yet Gwen's smug ass and other RF sycophants had the nerve to be up in court supporting them, paying legal bills, talking about how loving these shit-ass parents were. Nobody with a shred of decency or love would stuff a child into a box and slam the top down like those assholes did. If nothing else, the abusive child rearing practices taught and encouraged by Gwen, the intolerance for normal child behavior, the emphasis on having godly appearing children, usurped humanity. I didn't think I could hate Gwen more, but this did it. Good riddance. It was all just so weird. Joe's ex Natasha seemed so very normal in comparison to strange-ass Gwen. Her use of Holocaust victims as support for WD's promulgation of disordered eating as a diet was also repulsive. The hypocrisy of being a woman cult leader enforcing the patriarchy was also disgusting. There was only one queen bee and there would never be another one if she had anything to do with it. Rules for thee but not for me, no divorce except the one God has ordained is OK for me. Excuse me while I go vomit. That woman's inflated sense of herself was downright irrational. Joe was lazy with no talent and had capitalized on his looks all his life. He too was not worth a dime, lobbing that false child sexual abuse allegation at Natasha. Totally out for himself, he married that blond cadaver looking woman because he knew he could fake religiosity and have a ball spending the cult's money. Every drunken video of them was so cringe, not a shred of natural interaction between them. One of the former RF members did say that Gwen's flip on divorce so she could conveniently marry Joe was part of her deconstruction, as she put it, Gwen could "miss her " with that noise. I'm getting angry just writing this, so I'll stop here although there's much more I could say. The sudden death of so many on the leadership team was a severe blow to RF, and I truly don't think it will continue. The crash proved they aren't special no matter how they pushed that narrative. Michael never wanted a leadership role, and Elizabeth doesn't appear to have properly grieved the loss of her first child, yet alone all of this. She can't handle being suddenly thrust into the top position despite all the rationalizing trying to avoid the crash being considered a tragedy. RF denies the realty of death, not healthy at all. Speaking of healthy, it was startling to see earlier photos of Elizabeth where she was so much better looking. I would have been worried sick if my child dropped so much weight like that, but in a cult where thinness is next to godliness, Gwen was probably proud of her. So sick, all of it, just sick. Gwen was a pathological , power-hungry predator with religious delusions that made her even more dangerous. Time to go look at kitty pictures now.
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  16. fuck I dont know who I wanna smack more Thats it I am done with anna never again will I give her any sympathy she is my first bet to smack cause she aint pregnant in her head
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  17. I think you hit the nail on the head. They hate pedophiles... but they have an image in their minds of what a pedophile is, and it's "other". Gay, trans, non-Christian, whatever. They are completely thrown for a loop and confused when one of their OWN turns out to be a pedophile. How could that possibly happen? How could Josh, raised with Jesus and God being pushed on him every single day and looked to for every single decision ever and weaved into his life every minute of every day, turn out to be a pedophile, when a pedophile is someone who is gay, trans, whatever? It's the same with abuse and problems of all types. Christians don't have those kinds of problems. They're "blessed". God loves them. So naturally what Josh is being accused of couldn't possibly be true! And if it is, it's an anomaly. The devil weaseled his way in and caused the sin. Josh is repentant, he said so. God's forgiven him, so why is everyone making such a big deal of this? It's just this ONE time... OK, third time... and it's JUST him... plus Gothard and a bunch of other Christian men... but they're all one-offs, OK? They just had a moment of weakness, and let the devil in. Not like those gay people and trans people who spend 24/7 thinking of ways to prey on young children... Nasty sinners. Never mind the facts, that there are plenty of Christians who are abusers (ahem... anyone who follows the Pearls, to start with), and most gay and trans people are perfectly wonderful kind people who are statistically more likely to be abused than to be the abuser. It's like how they twisted things around to be able to support pussy-grabbing, Epstein party attending, multiple affair having, multi-divorced, incestuously lusting, compulsive liar Trump. Facts don't matter. People they approve of are "good", people they disapprove of are "bad", and only "bad" people are pedophiles or abusers, everyone knows that!
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  18. Resting smug face would make a great thread title.
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  19. I am pretty sure - having committed NO CRIME EVER (maybe a bit of speeding) - if feds showed up at my house - I would call an attorney. Seriously. I've watched enough Law & Order (man I love that show) to know that I'm not talking to ANYONE at that level without someone official with me... And seriously- I'm the least shady person in the world!
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  20. It's got to be hard to deal with finding Derick out didn't pass the BAR (no shade, tests suck) and then have the joy of a desired pregnancy and then experience the miscarriage. All while your past abuser is continuing to fight CSAM charges and receiving continued support from your parents. Those are a lot of potentially difficult and/or traumatic experiences in a short time.
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  21. Attorneys who defend guilty clients and know it - they do it because everyone has a right to a fair trial. Guilty or not, there are laws in place about the trial. It's the lawyer's job to make sure the client has the best defense and to be sure their rights aren't violated. Some do strongly believe in the system.
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  22. It's kind of amazing. They could literally keep their masks on for a few more minutes and we would have literally nothing to speculate about.
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  23. When he had surgery, medical treatments tests, etc. he wouldn't take his ring off until we got to the hospital or clinic. I immediately put it on one of my fingers. When he was ready to go, I'd put the ring back on his finger like when we got married. Why? Hellifino, it was just something we did. The last time he took it off was at his last hospitalization. He had lost so much weight that the ring would slip off. He gave it to me so he wouldn't lose it. Well, David, I haven't lost your ring, I wear it for you. Maybe someday I'll be able to give it back...
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  24. They don't believe ALL miscarriage is caused by hormonal birth control. They do understand that this can happen, for example I don't believe anybody would have accused Lauren of using birth control when she lost Asa, let alone Joy with Annabell. It was just a neat way for JB and M to blame their Caleb miscarriage on the evilness of the world. By the law of averages, a lot of Duggar girls and daughters-in-law are going to have miscarriages and as a clan raised within a fertility cult culture, they will absolutely know that not every pregnancy ends in live birth. I feel very sad for Jill. I've had 5 miscarriages, but the two I had after my (living, healthy) daughter have had a particular poignancy for me. Jill must have been imagining that baby in their family, how the boys would respond etc. For me, losing that vision of what my child would be like as an older sibling, and my excitement at being able to give her that gift, hit me harder than losing pregnancies before I had a child in the world.
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  25. I find the “what gives Jana a fulfilling adult life without a job OR a relationship” conversation interesting and a bit baffling. I’m not much older than Jana (33) and have many of the same interests. I sew my own clothes and stuff for the kids and quilts and gifts for friends’ babies, but have zero interest in turning that from a hobby into a business or making lots of the SAME thing. I enjoy DIY stuff to improve the space I’m living in and would love to do minor house-flipping renovations, but definitely don’t want a job in construction. I like to potter around in the garden and try to grow edible stuff (not as successfully as Jana), I enjoy cooking and especially baking, not necessarily from a recipe. I like artistic stuff, making Pinterest-worthy birthday cakes for my kids but not more than a few times a year. I am a self-taught piano player who can tinker around on the keys enough to accompany songs at church but would be hopeless in turning that into anything more useful. Sometimes I write songs just for me. The point is, I ENJOY all these things, they’re not just filling time while I wait around for something better, and the creative outlets give me a sense of achievement and energy and fulfilment, despite not monetising them. I have kids (no marriage anymore) and I love them to bits but I don’t need them for a sense of purpose. If I could have someone else financially support me I would have no desire for either work OR a marriage. I work because I have to, not because it brings me more satisfaction or intrinsic sense of value than all those hobbies. Jana strikes me as someone with a decent dose of creativity but no one single artistic outlet, so she’s “above average” in several areas but not amazing in any of them. The arts version of a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I do think it brings her day to day happiness.
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  26. Good evening. I am a long time member of RF who has been following the thread and have felt led to comment. Our family were members for about 12 and moved to TN to be close to the church. Fortunately we have been out for about 6 years now but still live on the area and know of some the ongoing drama. First of all, regarding the exposing of RF members, I would hope that anybody is careful. There are many members that are good people who are deceived or feel scared and stuck there with no place to go. These are the people who need prayers and courage to get out of there. On the other hand, I believe that many in leadership positions (especially long term) know of the secrets or scandals behind the scenes and choose to ignore it because they benefit in some way. Our family is doing much better but it has been a struggle. We were made to feel unworthy because we never lost all the weight. There are so many others that we know whose lives have negatively impacted because of RF. It has been a healing time since the plane crash and we look forward to getting more healing through the documentary.
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