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  1. Her scan looks like it's around 20 weeks, which (counting on a 40 week pregnancy) would give her an early July due date. That seems about right. I'm glad this is another reasonable age gap for her. Obviously sorry for her miscarriage, but the 2-year spacing might help avoid physical/mental burnout. I just had my most recent miscarriage confirmed yesterday. I wasn't holding out much hope but it was quite crushing all the same. At least it means I get a referral to the recurrent miscarriage clinic, which is not a sentence I thought I'd be writing but I need some closure on this. I've h
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  2. Clearly some people here have never been raised in a cult. It is very rare to wake up one day and turn your back on everything that you know. It takes time. It starts with small steps and vague statements while you're trying to figure out what you actually believe vs what you were taught. I left the cult I was raised in in 2017 and I am STILL questioning and figuring things out.
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  3. Please don't imply that kids who speak clearly have better parents than those with a delay. My son had speech therapy from ages 2-4 and still mispronounces certain things at age 6. I'm far from perfect, but I didn't do or not do something to make my son struggle to speak. I hope that's not what you meant, but it is what you said and it can be very hurtful to those who've been there.
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  4. I predict that the baby's name will begin with a P, and will be followed by 3 more siblings. Reason being, I am convinced that their secret naming theme is such that the first letters of their children's names will eventually spell SHIPLAP, as an homage to the Gaineses.
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  5. Sometimes people write here like conservative bigots are a small minority in the US, but Trump had the second most votes in history. He got over 74 million votes. Some of them from people that doesn’t even like him just because he was the antiabortion choice. It doesn’t seem very weird to be the Jill kind of conservative in Arkansas. I think we’re expecting too much of her if we pretty much demand she becomes a pro-choice democratic feminist instantly. She might get there, weirder things have happened but every little step she takes away from her parents believes is worth something. Espec
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  6. I'm sorry but my signature colors are ivory and eggshell so this won't work for me at all.
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  7. When certain members of my family come to visit I have be known to have prayer time after they leave. "Thank god that's over!"
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  8. " Milagro Designs specializing in beige, ecru, khaki, taupe, buff, oatmeal, camel, and tan for ALL of your party needs!"
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  9. Good point! We have a 3 bedroom and we opted to have our girls share a bedroom so we could make the 3rd bedroom a play room. Sometimes, when the rest of the house is clean, I just close the door and pretend that room doesn't exist 😂
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  10. To clarify, Sarah didn’t say Jesse and Anna are waiting to have kids, but instead said it will be wonderful when they have an announcement. What really got me is that Sarah heard a suspicious sound but didn’t check it out because nobody was scheduled to come over. I’m just imagining someone breaking into the Maxwell home and nobody investigates it because a break-in isn’t on the schedule!
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  11. I never noticed that the first three kids’ initials spell out SHI. I’m secretly hoping they haven’t either and the next few kids are named with initials TSHOW.
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  12. Not that it pertains to Erin's situation, but I also wish that these groups and even churches in general were more sensitive regarding their talks of purity when it comes to girls and young women who are victims of childhood sexual abuse and assault. Elizabeth Smart did a lecture on it that was so heartwrenching in the ways that these religious groups place all this importance and value on virginity, saving a first kiss, etc. to the point of telling a young woman who is a survivor of assault or abuse that they are damaged or even worthless. Some of my extended family used to attend churc
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