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  1. Quiver Full of Duggars

    Free Jinger is not a Duggar fan site.
    We exist to discuss the damage caused by fundamentalists.

    Parents of 19 children, live in Tonitown Arkansas, and have been married since July 21, 1984. Jim Bob was born July 18, 1965 (54) and Michelle was born September 13, 1966 (52.) They met in the early 1980s when JimBob accompanied a fellow Church goer to a followup meeting with Michelle, who had recently experienced a religious conversion. At the time, Jim Bob was attending Shiloh Christian School (associated with First Baptist Church, which was later renamed Cross Church - the same Church Jill was married.) For their first date, Jim Bob took Michelle to the Shiloh Junior-Senior banquet. 

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  3. Quiver Full of Bateseseseses

    FreeJinger is not a Bates family fan site.


    Parents of 19 children, live in Rocky Top (Tennessee), and have been married since December 19, 1987. Gil and Kelly met in college (Anderson College, before they transferred to Carson-Newman College) when Kelly was working as a Chemistry TA. They state they didn't originally want kids, but changed their minds and ultimately left things up to God. They had a show on TLC United Bates of America, which lasted one season. They currently star on UP's Bringing Up Bates.

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    (Summary by Velocirapture)

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  4. Lori & Ken Alexander (Always Learning/The Transformed Wife)

    UPDATE 2019: Lori Alexander wrote a book (basically turned her blog into a book. There was little, if any, new content) called "The Transformed Wife" and now blogs at  https://thetransformedwife.com/

    She has also discovered social media and delivers her dangerous and unbiblical advice on:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetransformedwife/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/laalex2?lang=en

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetransformedwife/?hl=en

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsPbQz30YqPNOE4pKedswUA


    Lori blogs at lorialexander.blogspot.com which she considers her "ministry" to younger married women. She preaches mostly submission with a side order of child "training" (she is an unapologetic Michael & Debi Pearl follower). Her blog has become an incessant tirade about men needing lots of sex and women giving it no matter how they feel and how women can change their husbands by submitting and being "godly".

    Ken Alexander, her orthodontic consultant husband, visited FJ in early 2014 to set us all straight....hilarity ensued.

  5. John and Esther (Keller) Shrader

    John Shrader (a/k/a The World's Worst Missionary) moved his wife, Esther, and their evergrowing brood to Zambia to convert Christians to the "right" brand of Christianity.

    Before moving to Zambia, the Shraders lived in a pop-up camper while on deputation.  They relied on the kindness of various churches, as well.  John grifted money for a plane (sight unseen already located in Zambia) and flying lessons.

    Since moving to Zambia he has grifted an amazing amount of money and items for his "ministry."  He has converted approximately 2 people in the 5 or so years he's been there.

    The Shrader's quality of life is far above what they had in the US.  They have all the necessities: an actual house, a fridge with an icemaker, and a supply of sunflower seeds and beef jerky.

    Join us as we chronicle John's misadventures in deepest darkest sub-Saharan Africa.

  6. Maxhell

    Steve and Teri and their many joyless children, including the Reversal Kids, born after Steve had his vasectomy reversed. Uriah is their bus. The Moody books are written by their daughter Sarah. The Corners are written by mom and dad. 1Ton Ramp (aka IT on Ramp) is their Christian IT school.

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