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    • feministxtian


      another seizure tonight.  Fortunately they're more like his hands get spastic and he shakes a bit rather than a full blown grand-mal. But I know those are probably coming. Fucking idiot VA doctors. I have to get up the energy to call the attorney that was recommended to me to sue their fucking asses. 
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    • Exposedknees


      "No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself."
      – Virginia Woolf
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    • Briefly


      We've had too many tornadic storms for my tastes. Last night, a tornado went through my daughter's small town. She's ok but they may be without power for days. I'm a basket case, however!
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    • Cartmann99


      I survived the graduation extravaganza yesterday! The graduate thoroughly enjoyed the meal I made, and was excited to have some baked goodies to take home.
      It was bittersweet though, as most of the guests had vivid memories of when the graduate was born, so we were definitely feeling the passage of time yesterday.
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    • Gobbles


      Quick update, blog post next week: She is mine! And she already made friends with a Collie living in our village during our walk. She is really cheeky, super intelligent and while we were outside all the people we walked past were like „awww“ and stopped to talk to us. So happy! 
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