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  2. IReallyAmHopewell

    Maxwell 43: Divesting from the First Church of Stevehovah Reversalist

    Sad to think this piece of what some might child "children's literature" could be the highlight of a child's Christmas. Meanwhile, this quote PERFECTLY describes the Maxwell "girls"[tho it was not written about them] "his daughters both spent their lives cloistered (more so as no grooms could be found for them), a sad reflection on the times" (from the blogger Literary Potpurri reviewing the book Galileo's Daughter)
  3. apple1

    Patriot Church Evangelical Trump Worshippers

    THAT, so much THAT. Trump is the golden calf for way too many. I have been seeing this since sometime in 2015. FTR I self-identify as a Christian - and that distresses me greatly. Yes, some have sought and found a way to excuse their worst characteristics (racism, white supremacy, etc.) but others are gullible and deceived.
  4. I am not as impressed by the golden rule as Gwen is. I am not quite egoistic enough to assume that the things that I want are automatically what everyone else wants or needs.
  5. mango_fandango

    M Is For Mama 8: She Really Is Awful

    3 vacations in 2.5 months is crazy in itself, never mind in the midst of COVID. I can’t even imagine wrangling ten children to go on one holiday, let alone three in such quick succession! Abbie is batshit crazy.
  6. She may just have had a hard time because sometimes perfectly healthy young people have a terrible time with this illness. For no good reason whatsoever. And she's had a ton of babies in a very short period of times which may have run her down.
  7. The only thing that they have officially admitted to is MTHFR mutation but she has said that she has more than one reason for clotting. Carlin also has the same two disorders so one probably isn't antiphospholipid.
  8. HideousGreenShirt

    Bates 28: Defected Products Courtesy of the SOTDRT

    When they first announced the pregnancy I misread the name as Kondor and was like "wow, they are really getting out of control with these stupid and weirdly spelled names." It took me a while to realise that wasn't actually his name, so he will always be Kondor to me. I don't think it's any worse than Kolter.
  9. HereticHick

    Bates 28: Defected Products Courtesy of the SOTDRT

    This really chaps my hide. I'm so tired of fundy rightwingers like the Bates lecturing folks about traditional American values and how we are supposed to revere small towns and small businesses and then all they do is funnel money to Chinese sweatshops.
  10. Today
  11. Oh Lord. I know church is wherever people gather, but wow. The kitchen? (I'm not near Germanton but it's been almost chilly and misty rain for a couple days here, so yeah probably rain.) Can we say Covid symptoms? Because those are Covid symptoms. I don't wish ill on anyone, but if they all come down with it they were asking for it. It's a miracle! LOL OMG. I am not surprised that's his ringtone. If I ever heard that in the middle of a service I would have to suddenly leave before I burst out laughing. Not gonna lie, I loved that show when I was a kid. (I am a couple years younger than Gary, I think.) What? I'd love to hear more detail on this from him. It'd be more interesting than "how do you smell to God". Although he might be right - singing is a way to really project those Covid-infected microdroplets a good distance. And much of their music is so badly done it kills any enthusiasm people might have for the service. I would have expected "Becky, come make me some dinner." Well last night it was probably raining, so they could have gone out and let God do the sprinkling for them. But really, it's Gary's people. They probably dunk you in a water trough out in a pasture somewhere, or stick you in a barrel and push your head under. Kids small enough can go in a metal washtub.
  12. libgirl2

    Patriot Church Evangelical Trump Worshippers

    I read his book MAGA Seduction and found it quite interesting. Yes, it has a religious bent but it was refreshing to know that not all Evangelicals are falling for this crap. And yes, its the worship of Trump at the expense of God.
  13. I believe her clotting issue is exclusively related to pregnancy and not one that she has at any other time. I don't remember if she has Factor V Leiden or Antiphospholipid syndrome.
  14. I just think it shows how entitled these folks are, and how outside the norm they live. May as well just hire someone else to do the housework and laundry (or get a fairy) and spend the time with the kids. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a more efficient homemaker, and I worked four days a week outside the home. It’s really not that hard, but I was ready for the multitasking required because my parents, teachers, professors and work mentors taught me and role modeled how to get many tasks done, day after day. To me this behavior highlights how JB’s way isn’t better. We all know how hard it was for JIll to live and parent in Central America, without the mothership to bail her out vs Jessa’s ease at doing the same in GMM’s small home. Jinger seems to be doing ok, but I think she and J really enjoy the distance between LA and NWA, and want to do things a bit differently.
  15. SusanAtTheLastBattle

    Patriot Church Evangelical Trump Worshippers

    @hoipolloi Great reading suggestions! To add to your list, I just read two excellent (although terrifying) books about white nationalism in America. They touch on its religious aspects, and on the many ways the hard right has tried to unite and rebrand itself under new names and initiatives. Kathleen Belew’s Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America gives the deeper history from the Vietnam War to the Oklahoma City bombing. Vegas Tenold’s Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside the Rebirth of White Nationalism in America takes a journalistic perspective from about 2011 to Charlottesville. if you want to trace how you get from white nationalist militias to Christian nationalist churches, here’s the terrifying bridge.
  16. wendy-sparkles

    Alyssa & John 6: She's Raising Sister Moms

    I think Alyssa and John are probably done for about as long as it takes to get Allie old enough and trained to be a proper sister mum. It sounds like Alyssa genuinely struggled to parent while pregnant, to which a gaggle of sister mums is the obvious quiverfull solution. Also, I have no idea what proportion of their income is youtube/show but I feel like the baby news/name/first look videos probably earn the most money? I think it's actually surprising they didn't get pregnant accidentally while Alyssa was sick, just given how poor their sex education likely is.
  17. Also...the way that the Duggars watch kids, I think the expectations are fairly low. I don’t think that JB or M would alter their routines to care for a grandchild. To be honest, my parents were like this as well. Thankfully they didn’t live close enough to be babysitters. I think Joy just wanted to have a day to prep for Austin’s return. I wonder why she didn’t do some laundry while Carlin was there? It’s not like she needed to go to the river to beat it on the rock. And let’s hope with 3 little ones and spiking COVID numbers, they weren’t running all over hell and back.
  18. libgirl2

    Amy Coney Barrett: Adding a Handmaid to SCOTUS

    I guess she is the new GOP "saint". The only working mother EVER! The greatest female ever to sit on the SCOTUS! All hail Amy. Blech. Good for them. I want to see billboards everywhere. Really, that GOP tweet was an insult. I am getting so tired of this childish behavior!
  19. Angelface

    Alyssa & John 6: She's Raising Sister Moms

    I like to think that maybe the fact that John’s siblings have smaller families has shown both Alyssa and John that having a very large family is not necessary to win votes for John’s father. I am shocked by the church services that they attend (as summarised on FJ). The lack of education is really showing in this second generation. If they don’t start to improve their homeschooling, difficult as they were poorly educated, or embrace public schools then the third generation are going to be very poorly educated with the fourth generation possibly functionally illiterate. Maybe this will herald their demise as a group overall and IBLP and its ilk will fade away. Here’s hoping.
  20. ophelia

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 8: Killing Demons with a Salt Gun

    Odd question maybe, but do you think Chelsy has her own bank account?
  21. We've seen that before. At least two of Chad Paine's sisters were tutors/babysitters in other mega families before getting married.
  22. I’m here for this, @Hane! Serena’s Serenity was a lark.
  23. Joy said she dropped Gideon off at her "family's" (house is implied) which clears things up a bit. She dropped him off for her younger sisters to watch him, play with him, feed him, change him, etc, because ain't no way JB or Michelle are going to be responsible for doing all that. I wonder how often Michelle has a "headache" or "didn't sleep well" and JB has "important man-work" to do so they can stay in their little offices or bedroom or just be gone from the chaos they have bred. Years ago the parents said they paid the kids for particular chores... like 2 cents for a load of laundry or whatever (I'm sure the boys got paid dollars to pennies for he-man work, though) and I've wondered if they still do that. Perhaps the parents of the toddlers are required to pay the little sisters 4 cents/hour for keeping the little blessings alive while they galavant. Yes, I realize cleaning your house is not galavanting, but the luxury of doing it without a toddler around is practically galavanting.
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