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  2. Idlewild

    Justin and Claire 2: Always the One I Forget

    The Duggars are pretty quiet though? Whether getting caught out on their superspreader behaviour makes them worried TLC will put off filming them or they’re trying to stoke up interest?
  3. Karly etc is a different spelling of Carly, which can be a feminine form of Carl, which is a form of Charles. So Karly for Charlotte would make sense as a nickname.
  4. In essence, she is a teenager with her first crush. It's not like she had her first boyfriend at 16 and was all googly eyed in love until 17 or 18 or whenever it ended, then learned a few things and dated someone else and learned a few more, then met & fell in love with her husband. Allison married the first person she had a "crush" on. I know there is speculation there was a broken courtship/dating/whatever in her life, but they are taught not to have feelings at that stage; it's all their god's doing (or daddy's) - so if she felt anything, including hurt at the end, she buried it all and pretended it didn't exist and Jeremiah is her very first crush and she is drawing their initials inside hearts on her notebooks.
  5. Banyan

    Spanky Sproul 4: Wicked, Wicked Deeds

    Herein lies a major difference between Driscoll and RC Jr. Oh, and add Tullian to the list of pervy preachers with a work ethic. Reports on Spanky have him as a lazy work ethic-challenged preacher that had everything handed to him on a silver platter (including a six figure Ligonier salary), name recognition courtesy of his famous father. And now that dad isn't around anymore he's finding it hard to locate those coattails to ride anymore. RC Jr always had the reputation of recycling old messages and he's doing more of it now than ever. I was skimming his old blogspot account the other day and noticed he's reposting many articles from there, from years ago, onto his new web site, including a lot of the old Ask RC stuff. I'm guessing that's because nobody is actually asking him questions anymore. So he's pretend-answering questions that were asked and answered years ago.
  6. indianabones

    Justin and Claire 2: Always the One I Forget

    I don't think Justin got married this weekend. I think when they do get married, there will be radio silence from all the Duggars AND the Spiveys. I think any leaks will come from the fundies that they're friends with who aren't that well-known (Pattons, Cranes, Wilkstroms, etc.)
  7. Does Lori want emotionally stable children as she claims in the patriarchy post or does she want kids without introspection? One can’t get one without the other, but how should the stupid hag know? After all, she never had children or worked with young people at school - oh wait 🙄
  8. Bluebirdbluebell

    Bontrager/Bowers 7: Thanking the Lord for all the Matchmaking

    I don't know what to think. Allison sounds like a teenager with their first crush. It does sound kind of fake to me. I have no idea how her husband feels, but honestly she comes off smothering. These two will probably stay married, because of how they were raised. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise if the marriage doesn't work out.
  9. Yes, that was patriarchy in the Alexander home - Lori was too sick to do the housework. Too many parasites in her gut...
  10. IDK, it looks like Mr. Patriarchy is drying a dish and Mom is just relaxing with the kids to me. Are you sure that's patriarchy, Lori?
  11. fraurosena

    PRESIDENT Joe Biden: A Return to Normalcy?

    When was the last time there was ever a readout?
  12. You just know that she has #happilyeverafterstartshere emblazoned on a throw pillow or a #rustic signboard. [I hope Carlin Bates Stewart has #JesusLovesTheMall on a throw pillow] I always sideeye folks who claim they never ever had a fight or disagreement in their marriage. I guess if you a fundy lady who "keeps sweet" no matter what, you will never disagree with your husband, will you? She may not be shilling oils for financial reasons--it may be out of boredom--she doesn't have her hotel work or her family band, or a baby yet. And we haven't even been able to establish that she and #besthusbandever even have their own place to live that she can decorate and fuss over.
  13. The level of scripture twisting Lori does... 🙄 The whole “renewing your mind” thing (Romans 12:2 reference) has absolutely nothing to do with turning off introspection. If anything, (at least from what I understand) the Bible encourages introspection AND thinking. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ‭‭II Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith...”‭‭ II Corinthians‬ ‭13:5‬ Maybe, just maybe, teens and young women lose their “joy” because they learn about and experience patriarchy and sexism, Lori! Oh, and by the way, depression is not a sin either!
  14. Today
  15. hoipolloi

    United States Senate

    Perhaps he knew this article was coming? Once a white Christian nationalist asshole, always a white Christian nationalist asshole.
  16. Bluebirdbluebell

    Unmarried Fundies 9: Hoping for Plot Twists

    Jana could have more than 5 kids. Michelle had her last baby at 43, while Jana is 31. She also could have fraternal twins since Michelle had two sets. Look at Courtney Rogers! With Courtney's schedule, Jana could have ten kids.
  17. hoipolloi

    Spanky Sproul 4: Wicked, Wicked Deeds

    Yep. Grace for me but never for thee unless thou payest me lots of money and do everything I say.
  18. AmazonGrace

    PRESIDENT Joe Biden: A Return to Normalcy?

    Fauci is a free elf now Nutcases are harassing his daughters.
  19. "Look what you made us do..." Seriously though, no. This was an organised attempt at a coup, with quite a bit of plausible deniability at the top built in (useful idiots are so useful, aren't they?) If this isn't investigated very, very fully I strongly believe they will try again down the track. They need to unmask the faceless men and women who planned this.
  20. LancetteShing99

    Tori and Bobby Smith 6: Now With Kade and Kolter

    I have a 2-year-old and a 6-months-old. I'm no more tired than I used to be when we didn't have kids and my sex drive is still as high as it used to be back then. My husband is still as tired as he was when we didn't have kids and his sex drive is still as low as it was back then. I'm waiting for the naked man every night. Usually in vain. We didn't sleep train our kids at all. I think it is usually as unnecessary as potty training.
  21. BullyJBG

    Maxwell 45: Steve Flaunting His Vest Deferens

    Or her having to move right back in after Gigi dies.......that is, if both Steve and Teri are still alive then and NOT needing extra care.
  22. forgetmenow

    Spanky Sproul 4: Wicked, Wicked Deeds

    I'm not sure they care, tbh. Their reputation is so bad at this point that some of the churches in their denom have changed their names to avoid the association, while many have just left. This is a longish article that provides more details. Spanky and is brand are trash, to be sure, but how noticeable is more trash piled on top of the trash heap? It is super weird that he chose that particular dumpster fire to associate his new brand with, but a lot of the fallen preacher guys in his position cling to cheap "grace" as a fix-all.
  23. SuperNova

    M is for Mama 10: Another Narcissist Another Day

    First off, I really dislike birds as pets for 90% of the population. Birds, even parakeets, are not like other pets. They are intelligent creatures that need stimulation and a great deal of attention. They're also more emotionally complex than dogs or cats. The larger the bird, the more they need. It kills me when people like Abbie buy any animal like they're a toy to entertain children but it really breaks my heart when it's a bird. Birds are not great pets and I say this as someone who has owned birds. The seed scatter, the poop, the constant water changes, the attention needs, all makes for a bad pet in a busy household. Abbie has a hard time being emotionally honest with herself. She doesn't seem to able to separate the concepts of children are always a blessing/sometimes life sucks. No one is saying that you stop loving your kid when they crap on the rug in front of you, but stop acting like the kid crapping is sanctifying. Sometimes a turd on the rug is just a turd on the rug, not a special gift from God so that you can learn grace.
  24. fundiefan

    Maxwell 45: Steve Flaunting His Vest Deferens

    Gigi probably does not want to move into the mothership. She has autonomy no one in that house has. She has another daughter & family members who are not in Steve's cult. She's present a lot because she's right there, but I don't honestly think she shares all their beliefs. Moving into that house with them - she'd lose everything about herself to please Steve. If she can live at home, that's where she belongs. Rather than Steve "not inviting" her to move in or anything, I really think it's a matter of "she ain't even gonna' go there so shut up". Gigi determines her life, not her daughter's husband.
  25. @KDA, thanks for the correction on who played Gil Favor. I think I need to spend some time watching Rawhide reruns. It comes on H&I at 9 AM.
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