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  2. Agreed. Josh is in his own special category obviously, but all 3 of Josh, Josiah and Jed seem smug and smarmy and give me an inexplicable icky feeling. I think the most tolerable male Duggar is Jeremiah.
  3. Zommom

    M is for Mama 7: Failing at Coronavirus

    She manages to say a whole lot, but coincidentally saying nothing at all. What she is “preaching” so invalidating to the natural human condition. There are wonderful things and shitty things in life. You can simultaneously love being a mother and hate it, too and there is nothing wrong with that! Based on her recommendation of how we should think and live, life is so depressing and exhausting.
  4. AmericanRose

    Branch Trumpvidians 4: Deplorables Are Everywhere

    You might think the Kevin Clinesmith thing isn't of much importance, but! Real World "A former FBI lawyer was charged Friday and is expected to plead guilty to falsifying documents used to support the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page." Q Anon 13:44:52, to FBI Employee 2: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.” 14:01:52, to FBI Employee 3: “As I have initiated the destruction of the republic…. Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?” 15:28:50, to FBI Employee 4: “I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction” My mother is downright gleeful. 🙄 How do people believe this shit? The wording is insane to begin with, and if you're plotting world destruction... why would you be so dumb as to text about it??
  5. Maggie Mae

    Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

    As far as kinks go, feet fetishes are basically strawberry ice cream. Not quite vanilla, but close. Why is this shameful: and this is not: Looks like it was both? I posted the article above.
  6. Time to check in on the VF FB page again. Quelle surprise! They are dumping on Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, they still can't spell:
  7. JermajestyDuggar

    Mortons 3: Exclusively on Instagram! (I miss Addie’s blogging)

    Oh I didn’t know that. So we don’t know if she’s ever traveled without a parent or brother?
  8. He'll take to his bed soon if he's not already there. This is so sad, but the kids have been through it many, many times before and likely know what to do.
  9. front hugs > duggs

    2020 Presidential Election 4: How Much Longer?

    I just moved from the NE US down to FL just in time for the election (got to vote in the local one too, which I was really excited about!). Whilst I know I traded down to a clusterfuck of a state run election system, I'm glad that my vote will (hopefully!) make a difference in this state.
  10. Today
  11. Well, every time we've thought Jana has been traveling on her own, Jim Bob pops up in the background of a photo from the trip a few weeks later...
  12. Four is Enough

    Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

    Sorry, but the whole "toe sucking" thing kind of skeeves me out... I think that's when I turned on Sarah Ferguson..
  13. Basically everyone but her and those she agrees with are false teachers and we are all gonna burn in hell for entirety [emoji854][emoji854] She’s a broken record which I know was recently mentioned. I’m so tired of her talking about ‘false’ teachers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. She's also performed an unbelievable amount of service to the family, what with all of the homeschooling and being an extra parent to Katie's kids. For all of her flowery language, she's the workhorse of the family. I wonder if now that she's found someone they realize just how much she did for them, and that's why they've "allowed" her so many new "privileges." I also think her age is a factor.
  15. Kendra’s parents were there. Even if Joe and Kendra are given a pass due to their youth and inexperience, her parents are fully grown adults with eleventeen children of their own. Might one of them have said, hey guys, don’t forget that Addison needs a life jacket too.
  16. she is reaching so far I’m surprised she didn’t break anything. Is an algebra teacher a false teacher? I guess they can be if the consistently mess up the formulas or are not really a teacher. How else could they be false? I learned so much about life and respecting others world view when I went to public school. I walked out with the same beliefs I always held but had more respect for others. one day these sheltered kids will enter the real world. Without knowing how people really are they will either be afraid forever or they will go the other extreme and completely move away from their beliefs.
  17. There is going to be haybales, mason jars full of wildflowers, mason jars full of lemonade, mason jars full of little white lights, mason jars tied with little burlap bows, and mason jars tied with plaid bows. And multiple chalkboards with cutesy calligraphied sayings.
  18. SuperNova

    M is for Mama 7: Failing at Coronavirus

    Today's post is about motherhood being sooo worth it guys, it's rad. Being a living sacrifice and loving it is what life is all about. Getting thrown up on and wiping poopy butts is amazing and makes Jesus really happy. Abbie doesn't act like she thinks her passel of kids is amazing. She's actually starting to sound bitter about it. What would happen is she found out tomorrow that there is no god? How would she feel about her blessings then? How pissed would she be to find out that being covered in baby puke doesn't buy you a mansion in heaven but instead it just means you're covered in every day, run-of-the-mill, non-sanctifying barf?
  19. Michael Cohen's books is getting ready to be released. It should be interesting. "Michael Cohen book claims Trump colluded with Russia and will 'never leave office peacefully'"
  20. kaluce

    Mrs. Midwest 3: Feminine Racism

    Nothing about her look here screams "elegant". She's wearing a little house on the prairie dress ffs. Just more of the same info over and over again I assume (I haven't watched but I can't listen to more basic "tips" anymore)
  21. Snarkasarus Rex

    2020 Presidential Election 4: How Much Longer?

    Hubs got one of those absentee ballot forms unsolicited. We chucked it and ordered our mail in ballots from the state board of elections website.
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