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  2. Botkinetti

    Alternative Facts with Kellyanne Conway

    I think it is probable that that almost all the people working closely with trump are starting to feel the physical effects of dealing with the unending chaos. Odd sleep habits leading to odd behaviour. Higher cholesterol numbers because most comfort food is not healthy. Blood pressure concerns. Nothing is working out like they expected and yet they still have to pretend they work for an excellent leader who wants the best for the country. I think they are all starting to fall apart.
  3. Rachel333, you are right. But I do think a few people here are starting with the premise that anything going on between a 16 and almost 20yearold (even a friendship) is inappropriate & therefore everything Kelton did or felt was creepy. I just don't think that. I have many happily married friends that met and became friends in gradeschool or highschool and are several years apart in age.
  4. justoneoftwo

    Dullards 63: Law School Participation Trophy

    I agree. I went to a Tier 1 school as well, some people got a small amount, but they still ended up with over 100k in debt, if they weren't supporting anyone else at the time. With 3 defendants there is no way he is getting through for less than 6 figures. I started in 2008 (yay class of 2011, who apparently had the worst job prospects, its been fun). So if that matters that may be helpful. I was offered a full ride at a much lower ranked school. So that does happen. Its a tough choice between the higher ranked school and free. I wouldn't judge anyone who made a different choice than I did, or someone who accepted the debt. The school you go to and your ranking in it changes your career prospects, so depending what you want to do, chose wisely. I don't think OfJill has ever really considered all the things you need to for this kind of choice, nor has he ever appeared to chose wisely.
  5. You are probably right, I don't remember what day they left, but definitely before yesterday. Hmmm. Maybe they do share the account. Seems so unlikely, but actually makes me feel a little better that he at least must know how to navigate FB a little.
  6. This is really shocking. I haven't laid eyes on a confederate flag since I was a teenager. I had no idea you could find one north of the mason dixon line. Exactly what kind of statement are you trying to make flying a confederate flag in Canada???
  7. AmazonGrace

    Trump 34: Leading the Alternate Reality

    Re Trump voter parents: "F*** em, you're an orphan now. " Ha.
  8. That was just a cryptic comment she made, so I don't know which kids she was talking about. It was on a mutual friend's FB page, and I don't know how the friend has her privacy settings. I can try to do a c/p if you want.
  9. That video was something..."and helps" it certainly doesn't.
  10. And I guess I assumed that was one of the things Jill was hanging around there for - to help with this sort of thing.
  11. But how does appearance enter even into that? The discussion was never "is it okay that Kelton was initially attracted to her?" it's about how he dealt with that attraction.
  12. Naughty&nice

    Erin and Chad 3: Welcoming Baby Everly

    I agree. She looks soooo much younger. I think these girls do way too much eye makeup. Save it for when you are older & need it to look awake.
  13. molecule

    Lori Alexander 53: Mourning Mom ... Maybe

    That's pretty much what I said to my doctor--and I will always be glad I did. I will be on anti-depressants the rest of my life. They don't make me happy, but they do help me cope with normal life stuff in a healthy way. I'd like to encourage you to ask your doctor about signs that you are not handling a prescribed anti-depressant well--and even include your husband in that conversation. Also, make sure your husband has HIPPA permission to have a conversation about you with the doctor (unless you really don't trust him). My son was one of the people who respond horribly to Zoloft. His depression worsened, he became nearly suicidal, and he made some stupid and bad choices that will have long-term consequences for him. It took a long while for me to persuade him that his medication wasn't working and to actually call the doctor. When you're depressed, it can be overwhelming to recognize that there is a problem, to believe that things can be better, to feel like you're even worth your own effort, and so on. Part of my own on-going treatment means that my husband pays attention to changes in my mood, and he can talk directly with my doctor if I dismiss his concerns--because I trust my husband, and because I know that when I'm depressed, I can't reliably assess my own moods.
  14. Man, these boys look so similar to each other.
  15. JermajestyDuggar

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 5; Still Waiting to Read about the Honeymoon

    I’m hoping they don’t make it to double digits. Maybe 9 at the most? Its interesting how the Maxwell boys have never had a honeymoon baby. All their first children have been born after the first anniversary.
  16. Legit question: didn’t the Rodrigues Party Bus leave Spokane last Tuesday? And if it did, how would Tim have used Jill’s FB—dictate to her over a landline from his new home? (admittedly I may be missing something here, but i’m still disgusted over how poorly Jill and David prepared him for this endeavor so I may not be paying attention to enough details).
  17. Pandora Spocks

    Gwen Shamblin 2: Divorce? What Divorce?

    Oh my! Sporty Gwen! Is that stripe a part of the shirt or a sash of dingleberries? @apple1 -- if I had to hazard a guess, an albumin level in the 2 range, Hgb below 10, and scary-low hdl and ldl. I hope that Elizabeth gets help before something tragic happens, but I worry that irreversible damage has been done.
  18. They call me madre

    JRod 73: The Boy Who Lived (In a Basement)

    My daughter is a director at Blackboard! It’s used at most colleges and universities all over the world! They even have blackboard pay like Apple Pay for students and for parents to send money! Poor Timothy is going to be so lost......
  19. Howl

    Gwen Shamblin 2: Divorce? What Divorce?

    My gosh, Gwen's shoes are mega platforms, and she must have a cadre of theater majors who do stage props. Anyway, YES, that picture of Elizabeth with Gwen is horrifying and grotesque. Snarkily, she could easily go to work as a Magnolia Pearl cover girl. From a health perspective, I'm thinking she needs a serious intervention to address an undiagnosed eating disorder. However, it sounds as though following the Weigh Down lifestyle to its logical conclusion IS an eating disorder. So glad for those of you who escaped and wishing you all health and healing going forward.
  20. HereticHick

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 5; Still Waiting to Read about the Honeymoon

    Well, Chelsy is already, what--27? 28? At least she didn't begin her quiver at age 19-20 like her mother did.
  21. I see no way this isn't killing Sarah. If she was feeling discontent about being unmarried and childless in her 20's it must be unbearable for her to see yet another younger SIL expecting knowing the window is rapidly closing for her. I believe Anna and/or Mary are likely to suffer the same fate, but they are probably too young to realize Steve won't let them go either.
  22. If Tim has half the morale Jill claims he does, he will avoid pornography. Tim seems to be firmly rooted in his faith and his convictions. For all the sweet stuff Jill claims about and blabbers on and an about regarding Tim SOARING for Jesus and getting "in the saddle" for Him, I call her bluff regarding the faith she has in her parenting him all these years. If he can't have his own Facebook then she has no faith or trust in Him.
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