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  2. Ok. Those are two things. Real sistermoms would love to have only two things to do! And to be fair, that was ONE morning that Allie helped her sisters dress. Alyssa posted about it. That's a far, far cry from "taking care of them." Holding a bottle for a baby? My goodness, I did the same thing as a little girl and thought it was fun. Alyssa should've been supervising but the amount of "work" Allie was doing was minimal. In 99% of the videos, Allie is jumping around, playing with her sisters, watching TV, eating junk food, etc. Why the rush to decide that Allie is an overwo
  3. TuringMachine

    Kristen Nicole Young

    It's amazing she's been able to become an expert in pharmacology, forensic pathology, and Michigan law at such a young age. I can't believe the defence didn't call her as an expert witness.
  4. Many kids that age are chubby. I doubt Carlin knews anything about nutrition, but all the kids in my family were like Layla despite not having had tasted sugar (at that age, I mean).
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  6. WTF. How exactly is she spoiling her newborn by giving her what she NEEDS?!? Of course it would be more convenient for her not to have to cater for the emotional and physical needs of the little human she created by choice. No understanding of healthy and normal childhood development plus bad spelling make a great combination for a home-schooling mother of four!
  7. The most recent update for her I could find was a reply from a couple months ago saying so far she's on track with her milestones except maybe rolling over.
  8. My grandma is probably clutching her pearls in her grave: a baby with a bare chest! That was a huge no-go in her book. She always dressed us waaaayy to warm, because she was afraid we might get cold.
  9. That is amazing of you and I can totally understand why her videos make you shudder. I can't even watch them. Just reading about their lack of pool safety on here makes me nauseous.
  10. I have to admit I love essential oils and buy them at our local organic grocery store. I use them mostly to diffuse, but also to make my own cleaning supplies to avoid waste and save money. My midwife also uses oils instead of gel when she performs ultrasound to hear the babies heartbeat and I just love the smell of it. I wouldn't never use oils as medication or anything like that.
  11. I feel you!! And not only with carbs.. There is a reason we nearly never have candy or ice-cream at home.
  12. ophelia

    Jinger 55: Picking Names Just to Sound Grand

    The comment on their IG live is just beyond awful. Some of these so called fans are just sick. I remember a few years back Alyssa Bates Webster got very inappropriate comments about her oldest daughter Allie and went off IG for a while. Can't blame her for that. There is a lot you can critize when it comes to people like Jinger or Alyssa, but please leave their kids out of your crap.
  13. My boyfriend has red green weakness and he says that's one of the reasons he only wears black.
  14. ophelia

    Kristen Nicole Young

    Chemtrails? Really? She is really getting deeper and deeper into all that conspiracy crap. I wonder what her husband thinks about this. He's probably fundie too, but she seems to be really losing her mind.
  15. How is Caris doing? For unknown reasons I'm blocked from her IG and can't check on them anymore.
  16. Idlewild

    Jinger 55: Picking Names Just to Sound Grand

    This is quite triggering, so apologies in advance. As a victim, Jinger is entitled to deal with the abuse however she wishes. I do worry though having seen Jeremy’s sermons where he is so dismissive of mental illness that this way of addressing the abuse fits in with his narrative. If people dropped the Duggars as friends then it could well be that they had concerns being around a family that covered up abuse while promoting themselves as the epitome of wholesome family life. Jinger doesn’t seem to join the dots that she is seeking privacy for children yet her parents forced her and her s
  17. I just saw Carlin’s stories about the store. Do they really have the toilet next to the fitting rooms? 🤣
  18. I looked on Christine’s Instagram and she, Ysabel and Truly did travel to NJ in September. I’m glad. The poor girl was in so much pain and she’s in her last year of high school so best to have the surgery now. Kody was a selfish dick. Wonder if he would’ve had the same reaction if she were one of Robyn’s kids?
  19. Allie started taking care of siblings at age 5 (dressing them, brushing hair etc), and at age 6 she bottlefeeds a baby unsupervised. A year ago, Alyssa posted about the "long training" to get Allie ready to help, and that the effort was worth it because she was helping a lot. Alyssa wants a nanny and Allie is going to be that nanny. It's not about what kids want. Allie was trained for long, at 5 years old, to be a helper. It was posted by Alyssa. Alyssa was proud of creating a helper. I bet she thinks she is very smart for that and doesn't see a problem in sistermoms. She was raised t
  20. artdecades

    Kristen Nicole Young

    Looks like she couldn’t handle the slight bit of criticism she did receive. For those who missed it the post said that the justice system is “counterfeit” which I assume is fundiese because it makes no sense. several of the comments that made it through before she limited them were basically asking her “what do you think should have happened” and she basically said he should have been convicted on lesser charges.
  21. thoughtful

    Bro Gary Hawkins 17: Naschitti

    I had about half of a recap of the Sunday evening service done, including some amazing word coleslaw from Gary, and lost it somehow (of course, the one time I didn't copy to clipboard as I went along). I will try again tomorrow, because it really was some amazing gobbledeegook. But I will say that he clarified something he'd said, in a previous message, about stopping off for two days in Georgia for some sort of an event. I don't know if it was between Texas and South Carolina, but it was recent. It's always hard to figure anything out from Gary, if it isn't posted on Facebook. In Su
  22. I just figure anytime his lips are moving that he's lying. I think the only time he won't be lying will be when he's lying down in the permanent sleep.
  23. Saw one of his ads very late last night. Mattress topper. Usual promises and I think he also said that he was throwing in two of his standard pillows. Somehow, I was able to resist.
  24. I understand the narrative that Alyssa is creating sistermoms, but I'm just not seeing it in her videos and posts.
  25. How do we know when he isn't lying?
  26. ifosterkittens

    New Season: Meri, Meri and More Meri

    Kody didn't seem concerned Ysabel could contract COVID and having surgery be in a compromised position. Kody was only concerned he could contract COVID ... oh and spread it to other family members (Robyn). When Christine discussed suggesting the family move to Utah with Kody she said she knew the other wives wouldn't want to. She may not have been sure about Kody's reaction because it seems like it depends on which way the wind is blowing that day, but she knew the other wives wouldn't want to. I was frustrated with Kody when he in a STH said she didn't even try to sell the idea. Seri
  27. PennySycamore

    Maxwell 47: Vestigial Tales of the Messy Towel Drawer

    You forgot the gays.
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