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  2. I like how they comment on how he has "such vision". Yeah, he used to have a whole forum full of "vision", but look how that turned out.
  3. GreyhoundFan

    Executive Departments 3

    JFC. You couldn't make this up: "Trump Fed Board pick under fire for writing that women should not be allowed to be men’s sports referees — unless they’re good-looking"
  4. I think of my daughter like this at times. I had a tough time emotionally after losing my first pregnancy and spent my pregnancy with my daughter worried something would go wrong again. I’m pregnant right now and struggling with anxiety over something going wrong because something has gone wrong during my two prior pregnancies - there’s legitimate precedent for worrying. The rainbow baby term is helpful for me because it’s just a little reminder that things turned out ok for us after our loss and that our daughter is doing well after her premature birth. I know there are parents out there who have suffered pregnancy or child loss who don’t like the term and prefer not to use it, so it’s not a term I’d go around using for anyone else unless I know they like it. It’s a personal thing and I think each family’s opinion should be respected in regards to whether it’s used or not.
  5. Flossie

    Raquel Strikes Again

    Seriously, what does it look like when a person this vapid and narcissistic look like when they're 75? Do they have photo albums of themselves photoshopped with celebrities and make excuses for why they never call? Do they send flowers to themselves and claim they're from prominent people who aren't allowed to visit due to security concerns? Does their family never visit because they're in Witness Protection? She won't even be able to keep a pet because: * The dogs run off when they realize they'll be blamed for every fart and burp, they'll have to wear OTT outfits, they'll never get taken for walks, and she's calling them by the name of her latest celebrity crush while expecting them to eat her broccoli and take her meds for her instead of feeding them. * The cats stalk off when they realize she can't be trained and are offended by her lack of scritches and she tries to hide her meds in their wet food. * The birds starve to death when she covers their cage and forgets to uncover it again. Ever. * The goldfish die when she poisons their water by throwing her meds in it. Or they watch what happens to the dogs, cats, and birds, and toss themselves out of the water for a quick death on the floor while she's busy photoshopping herself into pictures with the latest celebrity. * They all think the horse got off lucky.
  6. Emkay

    Meghan and Harry: Royal Baby

    Will be interesting to see when Baby Sussex is born. Speculation is that he/she is already here and it wouldn’t surprise me. If she was 16 weeks like she’s supposed to have told someone on the tour when they announced, she’d be at 43 😳 weeks today. Followup reporting to the announcement said she’d had her 12-week scan, and exactly 12 weeks that day would put her at 39 weeks today.
  7. VeryNikeSeamstress

    Duggars by the Dozen 37: Your new thread

    Maybe they're angels because they're eggs that never got to become chicks? Ridiculous nonetheless.
  8. louisa05

    Meghan and Harry: Royal Baby

    My guess is that they won't necessarily avoid a name "in use" when it is a distant relative. I mean, really, who does that? In most families, if there is a "don't repeat" standard, it doesn't extend beyond closer extended family. I think the no repeats of living relatives part also comes from the fact that these people don't use last names as part of their public life. So say William and Kate had named Louis after Prince Phillip instead, then there would have been two Prince Phillips, which is confusing. I think that there is no chance that they will use Phillip as a first name or Edward or James as close family members have those names. And I've seen a lot of speculation for one of those three for a boy. Same speculation for a boy before W & K's kids were born and they weren't used at all for two boys. I don't think they will use Diana or Elizabeth as a first name for a girl, either; and likely not both for one child's middle names as William and Kate beat them to that. William honored his father in all three children's names--Louis twice for Charles's mentor, Charlotte--a feminine form of Charles, and Charles as a middle name. It will be interesting to see if Harry does likewise if it is a boy. I'm betting on Alexandra or Mary for a girl (the Queen's middle names) and something less "royal" for a boy. The baby is seventh in line. Much like Anne's children and grandchildren, s/he does not require a traditional or regnal name.
  9. singsingsing

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    Bonnie Engstrom is going in for her C-Section tomorrow. She talks about the fact that if they wait any longer, they're risking uterine rupture or stillbirth. I really hope that after this pregnancy she goes the Jen Fulwiler route and magically becomes perfect at NFP. How a woman with several young children risking her health and her life because celibate old men decided birth control is satanic is beyond me. The Bible also says that women are supposed to give birth in pain, and Christians used to cling to that belief as well, but now I don't see the Catholic Church banning epidurals, so... 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, again, I really hope all goes well for her tomorrow. Her new website/blog is bonnieengstrom.net, by the way.
  10. Oh I definitely think the clothes should be critiqued (if she’s going to try to sell them, they should look flattering - it’s not hard to iron a jumpsuit) but I was responding to these types of sentiments: Imo the focus is not on the clothes with quotes like that. Edit: gah my last comment/opinion can’t be edited out of the quote box on my phone. Sorry!
  11. Georgiana

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    I think the fit of the dress in the chest area is just really unflattering and makes Jill look fumpier in that area than she would otherwise. I think in a better fitting top, she'd look perfectly fine. But Jill's still doing some work, because look what ads have started to pop up on FJ:
  12. QuiverFullofBooks

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    I think they’re members of Abbie’s family. There are several non-Duggars in the photo.
  13. So, Jill, let's talk about modest fashion, shall we? Cheap, thin satin on your daughters is not modest. Cheap thin satin finds every contour in a body and hangs a big shiny flashing "feminine contour right here" sign all over it. And also, as many others have pointed out, that much hair and make up is not modest, no matter how you spin in. Modest is dressing in a way that does not make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. By this definition, sometimes I want to be modest and blend in, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood and purpose of the function and my reason for being there. I went to a Seder on Friday night. It was at a Conservative shul, in a politically conservative town, and the norms of this shul are rather more traditional than one might otherwise expect. This was a modest look for that event, in that place. My daughters, in their sleeveless and/or gauze sleeved dresses, were modest for the event/place. None of us stood out particularly. In group shots, we look like we belong. Which is precisely the point of modesty. ETA: Yup, purple child IS wearing pink eye shadow. We were playing with colors and I forgot to have her clean it off. If anyone noticed, they didn't say anything to her or me. Which is also modesty. Unless something is a danger to your body or someone else's, it's not modest to draw attention to small details of appearance (ahem, infamous smelly people comment)
  14. Jill doesn't have the humility to adapt to anything. She couldn't truly jump on the frumper trend because she's FAR too concerned about her appearance to dress in anything like that, but she couldn't sit down and say "Well, maybe that's something I should work on". So instead, she came up with this nonsense, which is a bit like "Flashy Frumper": all the standing out with none of the actual modesty. Now, she can't adapt back to a trend more up her alley because she doesn't have the humility to sit down and say "Well, maybe I've been wrong on a few things". And this is not appealing to anyone. Because she refuses to tackle her flaws, Jill discarded the only slightly positive thing about the frumper movement and the key element. She made a mockery of it, and fundies could see that. Now, she just makes herself and her family look ridiculous. And it's all just so Jill can avoid admitting that she's not perfect and has some things she needs to work on. No one likes a person that dead set on avoiding confronting their own weaknesses. It means they will never take accountability for anything, be able to apologize, or be willing to compromise. And that's Jill in a nutshell. Whenever she says her daughters are her "best friends" I think to myself "Yeah, but only because they really don't have a choice." Anyone with a choice seems to ditch Jill pretty quick.
  15. I've never, well, what games does one play with another persons balls/testicles? Or am I to assume this is reference to massaging them during foreplay to intercourse, but what do I know? I guess it doesn't matter, because if your kids are familiar with Satan's balls, you've got other issues to consider. Now, there was a time after my divorce when the idea of grabbing my ex's balls and playing softball with them held some charm, but I don't think that's what we're talking about here.
  16. Lisafer

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    I think this was more of "that godawful dress would look a little better if her bust was more supported" rather than "Jill's boobs are ugly." At least for me, I do believe women should be free to let their boobs hang low, let 'em waggle to and fro... But Jill is trying to go for a "look" and not quite achieving it, and some of us were discussing why it wasn't working. If she's going to model for a clothing line, I think it's fine to discuss the appearance of the clothing. (I say, as I sit here in a wrinkled skort and worn-out t-shirt!)
  17. OyHiOh

    Lori 65: The Demonic Agenda regarding Women

    I did a pretty thorough research phase on Christian Dom/sub and, keeping in mind I say this as an openly kinky person, it was down right terrifying to read those sites. There's something uncomfortable that happens when you stir an iffy sense of enthusiastic consent, haphazard boundaries, and claiming you're called/bound to that specific lifestyle because God.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Just ran across this... it's from back in 2017, but seeing Dougie described as "Soul Alchemist Man" is just too priceless not to post:
  20. Georgiana

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    Regarding why SAHD are so bad at homemaking: despite what they would have you believe, a mega-family is actually the WORST place to learn homemaking. Mega-families like the Duggars make it work because they can capitalize on economies of scale. However, in order for this to work, you need to have an increased level of production. This is often gained by having particular individuals who become incredibly efficient at one thing, rather than allowing ALL individuals to be moderately proficient at ALL things. So in terms of the Duggars, while the daughter in charge of cooking may become incredibly proficient at cooking, the others may not develop that skill at all or may only develop it slightly. It's no accident, I think, that the daughter formerly in charge of laundry (that was Jinger, right?) always has clothes that look well cared for and sharp. Jessa, the daughter formerly in charge of homeschooling, seems to be the best at writing and the most well-read. Jill's cooking isn't instagram friendly, but it is VERY in line with Duggar cuisine and she does seem to be confident enough in her skills to be fairly adventurous in the types of food she will try to cook. But because allowing a less proficient member of the family to take over a jurisdiction would cause issues on the scale at which the Duggar household operated, the girls never received much cross training. If they didn't pick it up naturally though the limited involvement they had in another jurisdiction, they were never forced to learn. Jessa wasn't confident in her cooking. Jill has no idea how to manage laundry. Meanwhile, for most of us, our parents could allow us to struggle, fail, and learn a wide variety of skills. It didn't derail the whole show if as teens we fell behind on laundry or burned rolls. We also often had times of increased independence pre-marriage where many of us had to learn all the necessary skills to support ourselves. These both are great learning environments that SAHD from mega-families never had access to. The SAHD movement is simply a load of crap designed to hold women back by never providing them with high quality learning environments in the hopes that they will remain perpetually stunted. They sold it by wrapping it up in packaging that SEEMS like it would be true (they'll learn to be better housekeepers!), but they failed to account for the fact that running a mega-family is nothing like running a small family and that the secular form of allowing women to be adults before marriage is actually a more effective way of teaching them the wide range of skills needed to run a household rather than keeping them isolated in a household that likely bears little resemblance to the household they will enter after marriage.
  21. formergothardite

    JRod 94: What is Poly-Satin May Never Die

    Jill is behind the times even in the fundie world. The whole look freakishly different from the rest of the world is so ten years ago. Now it is all about dressing in normal clothes to make it harder to identify your horrible beliefs. Jill cannot adapt though, even though I suspect she wants to, because she has built her life around shrieking about worldly dress. She could surprise us and go the Kristina route and change while claiming she didn't actually change beliefs. Of course, even in the frumper years Jill would have stood out. Fellow fundies would have frowned on her tight clothing and heavy make up and Jill would just claim they were not as Christian as she is. It really is no wonder she has no friends and very few people seem to like her.
  22. tabitha2

    Meghan and Harry: Royal Baby

    They already have a Maud Windsor. She is the Daughter of Lord Frederick Windsor , goes to George’s school and was in Eugenie's wedding Richard and Alexandra are also in use but since those people are quite elderly it might not matter. Leopold is also being used in the family albeit by a very distant relative the Queens first cousins son.
  23. We've always just told the kids to behave like they are Canadian. Foe the last 3 years we have mostly traveled in Asia. Even my 9 year old can pick out the Americans from a mile away.
  24. LilMissMetaphor

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    I'm just here to ask why we are calling them boobs instead of breasts. Huge pet peeve!
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