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  2. And then she gets mad when they message her! I’m not sure why that bugs me so much but MAN, you set yourself up as an aspirational Christian mega-mom with a perfect life and publish a book and then when people want to know why it’s not working for them….go away, peasant. Ugh.
  3. I have never in my life seen an author disparage library use before, so it's absolutely shocking to me that she would publicly say that. And makes it pretty clear to me that she's not a library user herself, which is a shame for all her homeschooled kids. Not very Christian of her to be so obviously money-hungry, while also ignoring the fact that libraries do in fact have to *purchase* the book, frequently multiple copies. I bet she feels the same way about used bookstores, despite claiming to be an avid clothing thrifter 🙄
  4. In other words, "Alex got caught."
  5. AlmostSavedAtTacoBell

    Trump 57: Stealing Nuclear Documents And Pleading The Fifth

    Right here- this right here- is so accurate and such a great point. Gerald Ford was known for being klutzy. George HW Bush puked at a very public state dinner. George W Bush was seen as a bit of a doofus. Bill Clinton was viewed as a cad. But they were all respected and liked by other world leaders. If Trump had just been just a bit of a buffoon and an oaf, the rest of the world leaders probably would have chuckled a bit but found it endearing- kind of like "yeah, he's not very well mannered, but that's just Trump." But it was that his bad manners were rooted in rudeness, arrogance, and his "me-first, you-last" way of treating everyone else that made him both loathed and a laughingstock. He was (and is) also so clearly stupid but tries to act smart instead of asking questions and learning which makes him look even more idiotic. Nobody of any reputation or respect wants to be aligned with Trump. Angela Merkel had his number right away and others quickly followed suit. They tolerated him because, as allies, they had to keep good relationships with the US but their distaste for him was very clear. Once he was gone they were all happy and as your comment points out, not one respected leader (or former POTUS) is going to say a thing in support of or in defense of him. His dummy followers can't seem to figure out that the only one who has said anything at all "good" about Trump is Putin, and that was to have his state-controlled media tell his people that his puppeteering paid off.
  6. God help us. The queen has spoken. I am reminded of Seinfeld’s soup nazi…no sex for you! How about all men get vasectomies, to be reversed only when they are prepared to fully participate in a child’s upbringing? It so neatly eliminates many of these testy issues…but it doesn’t blame, punish, or control women. So what is the right’s real desire? To eliminate the need for abortions, or to blame, punish and control?
  7. Wifey4Lifey

    Baby Name Thread 4

    Katie and Travis: Piper Grace or Lilly Grace for a girl, Logan James or James Michael for a boy
  8. louisa05

    Harry & Meghan 10: Even Less Relevant to the BRF

    When famous couples have vow renewals, the divorce follows pretty quickly
  9. Today
  10. 47of74


    Someone trying to make some salad of the potaters


  11. This is a great theory. It would fit all the necessary boxes. Since it was already filmed I would wonder why they didn't show the episodes they had, but maybe that was contractual and they either couldn't since the Bates were hoping to show them at a later date with a renewal or didn't due to already having someone else lined up. Hmmmm.
  12. This is a really good parallel. I think the constant access to those "doing it right" - first via the Duggar/Bates shows and now via socials - also lets followers who are struggling keep aspiring. Like: when I have built my own home, it will be dreamy. Or if I have 11 kids, then, I'll be doing it right. Or whatever element they are lacking. And while we all know reality tv and social media is curated, the truly zealous hold themselves to the high standards of the ideal. It's so sad. And gross that JB & Michelle originally (and many of the older kids now) and people like Abbie tell themselves it's some sort of divine mission of service for them to lay these heavy burdens on other people.
  13. And goes right to the ol' racist standbys of but crime is soooo high in big cities. Give me a break. This from the asshole kluxer who said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and get away with it.
  14. Coconut Flan

    Harry & Meghan 10: Even Less Relevant to the BRF

    I hope this is more tabloid poppycock. Who renews their vows before alleged "friends" and only one family member after less than four years of marriage? Maybe they need it as Netflix fodder since they still haven't produced anything to fulfill their contract. https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1657005/meghan-markle-news-prince-harry-us-vow-renewal-royal-family-snubbed
  15. whitney37354

    Maxwell 54: Awaiting Some Daughter Marriages

    I appreciate that. I am very conservative in most aspects of my live, but even I don't understand the "fundie" mentality. I come here just to reassure myself that I'm not the crazy one.
  16. SoSoNosy

    Harry & Meghan 10: Even Less Relevant to the BRF

    Harry is getting no kudos from the news sites over his Nelson Mandela speech. I think it was NBC that said his connection with Mandela was the photo of Mandela and Diana that hangs on his wall. Nobody seems to know why he was invited to speak.
  17. GreyhoundFan

    The GOP: Not What It Used to Be

    You could not make this up:
  18. Randy Rainbow's latest!
  19. neuroticcat

    Jinjer 58: Going for the DMIN

    Agree. I imagine the house also came with some furnishings so maybe it's not necessarily representative of their style either?
  20. DalmatianCat

    Jinjer 58: Going for the DMIN

    To the last statement… I think they’re in a bit of a conundrum because their first several videos where of them “going on adventures” around LA which I’m guessing was interesting to them and things they wanted to do anyway. Their average number of views for most of those first videos seems to be about 30,000. The house tour (which neither of them seemed to be feeling) got almost 3x as many views in one day as their other videos did over several weeks. If the income for a video that gets 150k+ views is drastically different then a video with 30k, will they evaluate why their house tour got so many more views? What will they do about that?
  21. TFG seems panicked here. Good.
  22. That's a whole lot of crazy to pack into 37 seconds:
  23. It's amazing they have anyone left to be a chaperone with how many chaperoned attendees they must have. The ratio of abusers and pedophiles to those with acceptable sexual ethics in this place is so disturbing.
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