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  2. I would go to a gay wedding every day and twice on Sunday rather than sit even once through the nuptials of Lori and @KenAlexander. Pretty sure she didn't even love him when they got married... Completely OT, just super proud of him: Mr. Bonkers was selected to go to the Sergeant Major Academy in August! Because it's only a year-long course, the girls and I are going to stay back here on the East Coast and he is going to visit us when he can. This will mean they don't have to change schools twice in 2 years. Also, I have a job interview on Tuesday- so cross your fingers for me!
  3. Marmion

    Real Life Fundie Encounters: Part 5

    There are a number of such Mennonites , and even Amish , who vacation some ways away from where they usually reside . For example , here is a video made by a Mennonite YouTuber And speaking of Amish , yesterday an Amish man , who my father knows and works with , brought us a care package he collected , in the aftermath of my father's recent surgery . So I have seen firsthand just how thoughtful , and generous they can be to those they get to know .
  4. llg1234

    Mrs. Midwest 2: Full of WTF

    @Marmion I'm quite aware of all of this, but I'm not sure what is has to do with my point. I'm talking about how certain white alt-righters view Japan, not how Japan views itself or the reality of Japanese politics and society.
  5. Momma's In Charge

    Mills Family 5: YouTube Really Is Optional

    Thank you. I sometimes just lock myself in a room to cry. Overall, I think I'm ok until something triggers me and I just get so upset I feel nauseous. My mother and brother in law have taken on most of the caretaking. I live 2 hours away, so I feel incredible guilt over not being able to help more. My mom thinks it's her duty, even though she is in her 70s with her own health issues, and my brother in law feels guilty for not being able to do it all on his own. I've never heard of respite care. I'll look into that. Unfortunately, she's nowhere close to being able to come home, unless a nurse lived with them. My sister needs meds to fight infections, monitoring, and skilled nursing care. Their insurance will only pay for the palliative care at the specialty hospital she's in for a few more days, then she is expected to be able to handle more physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility or she will have to go to Hospice. My brother in law will have to pay for her care out of pocket if he wants to do anything else. No one in our families have near enough money to help him do that for very long, and we've already raised money via a GoFundMe in the past. Our friends and family have already gone above and beyond with their generous financial support. She did just get approved for Social Security Disability so we are hoping she will qualify for Medicare or Medicaid (not sure how that works). We hope they will help us with more ideas and options. Thank you for your kind words!
  6. Totally judging a book by its cover. He is creepy as. Total superior white make vibes!!!
  7. When 19 kids are coming in the next twenty years... gotta need a bigger pay check maybe?
  8. feministxtian

    Lisa Metzger: Homeschooling on Bed Rest with Your 14th Child

    I went and got the TDaP booster last week after telling my doc that I'd been vaccinated in the dark ages and we had a new baby (grandchild) coming this year. She was all in favor of a booster. I'm going back for an MMR and shingles. Want to keep my babies safe.
  9. lilah

    The Seven Sisters Continue Progressing

    I read this great book called "What is a Girl worth" by Rachael Denhollander who was the first Larry Nassar survivor to come forward and publicly accuse him. She also talks about surviving abuse in her church and how her experience with Christianity is that Christians tend to gloss over the pain and suffering over the abuse victims. She has become a very outspoken advocate for survivors in church and many pastors will enable abusers in the name of forgiveness and at the expense of survivors..
  10. I was speaking with someone who was on and on about how "gay marriage" would ruin marriage for the straights. I told them that I didn't think it was much of a problem since straight people have screwed up marriage anyway...
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yeah, burning down the Constitution and killing democracy is sooo yawn-inducing. /s
  13. FloraKitty35

    Maxwell 35: Choosing The Right Vest For an Extended Family Member

    Don't forget Killroy (in case Killjoy is a twin)
  14. anjulibai

    Maxwell 35: Choosing The Right Vest For an Extended Family Member

    They were asked if Elissa and Joseph are doing a theme, and Teri said she didn't ask. You'd think if they were doing a theme, this would come up. I mean, what do they have to talk about when they all get together?
  15. Exposedknees

    Carlin, Evan, and Layla Rae 7: Grifter in Utero

    "untrodden waters" should definitely be in the next thread title😅
  16. The US is geographically a lot closer to Europe than it is to Asia, so rich people from the US have historically had better access to European art. Most art ends up in museum through donations from private collections - the US National Gallery is largely built around donations from five families. Other museums in Washington DC do have art from other parts of the world, notably the Sackler (Asian) and the National Museum of African Art. Major collections on the west coast of the US have more Asian art. Museums in the southwest tend to have more Latin American art. The US is not the best at everything, but we also are not always the worst (and we definitely do not have a monopoly on racism).
  17. Calgon Calisthenic Killjoy
  18. apandaaries

    Mills Family 5: YouTube Really Is Optional

    My father passed when I was 21, and I still miss him. The most important thing I took from that experience is that we all grieve differently. I hated his funeral and was very much focused on the anger aspects of the grief spectrum. That was my personal response at that time; I’ve experienced many other emotions about his passing since his passing. Losing a life is world-cracking (if not braking) experience. My thanks to all that have shared about the devastating last days with loved ones. Death is guaranteed (even more so than taxes!) but that doesn’t make it any less painful. Death is where we all kind up, no matter how we lived our lives. (I’m also sadly more shocked and saddened by Kobe Bryant’s and daughter’s passing than I thought I’d be. Lots of mortality on the mind today.) Here’s hoping that we all spend some time with loved ones while we can. I despite clocks, but I love the time I was able to spend with those who loved me and whom I loved in return.
  19. fundiefan

    Maxwell 35: Choosing The Right Vest For an Extended Family Member

    In anything resembling a normal world, that would probably be likely. But, these are fundies. Abby was doing chore packs at 3 and "loved" helping mommy around the house. In other families, the Mortons for example - and Alyssa, specifically - for Norah's 3rd birthday, included in her birthday post is how much she "loves to help" and is such a good big sister taking care of the little ones. Not playing with them, taking care of them. I just can't see her not being a little mama's helper.
  20. I guess the House impeachment managers didn't dumb it down enough for the repugs: "Republicans decry impeachment as ‘boring’ in an attempt to swiftly dismiss charges against Trump"
  21. I propose a FJ Contest to name Jeremy's "show"...I'll start. OMG-Q Posh Preacher Souls or insoles? Fancy Foodie and Felicity!
  22. feministxtian

    Mills Family 5: YouTube Really Is Optional

    Caregiving was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It just plain sucked. Especially when he couldn't be left alone for a minute. Hospice was a godsend. They had the ability to order meds and necessities and they'd be delivered within hours. They also had an inpatient facility where he spent his final 3 days. At the time he was there, they had a low patient census so he pretty much had someone with him all the time when I wasn't there. He was given comfort care, monitored for any sort of pain response (he was in a coma), and at the end when he was struggling to breathe, they gave him meds to relax him. Admittedly, those meds would interfere with respiratory effort but well... He wasn't subjected to any more tests, blood draws, nothing. It was peaceful. I wasn't there when he passed, I had gone home to bed, but by the time I got there, he'd been bathed, had a clean gown on, his bed was freshly changed and he looked like he was asleep. So, the last time I saw him, he looked like he'd fallen asleep. It made it easier for me. By that time I was exhausted and a wreck emotionally. Now, almost 5 months out, I miss him like someone amputated half of me, but it's time to LIVE!!! I will always love him and he will always be my husband. I moved my wedding rings to my right hand recently. It just feels right.
  23. Marmion

    Mrs. Midwest 2: Full of WTF

    I see what you are getting at . To reiterate what I had hinted at before , Japanese politics runs a gamut from , on the furthest left , the Japanese Communist Party , which is the largest non-ruling Communist party in the world , to on the most extreme right such ultra-nationalist Uyoku dantai as even the National Socialist Japanese Workers' Party But yes , in contrast to countries such as the United States , and Canada , Japan is largely homogeneous , and views what it means to be Japanese differently than how we in the west would view ourselves , in terms of nationality , according to these videos I have seen , which were made by an American , and a Canadian respectively , whom have been residing in Japan , in the long-term . I hope that this helps to give a more complete , and nuanced perspective on such matters related to Japanese culture , and politics .
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