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  2. @FecundFundieFundusThe bible is the inerrant word of God, except when it isn't.
  3. Rachel is cooking #7. Kressant has...8? She is no doubt soon to be cooking #9. Being half a world away hasn't changed any of their breeding beliefs. By the end of 2020 both Kressant & Rachel can easily produce another human. Cleve & Lise are a bit slower than average Morton, but not slow enough to shake up the average. Alyssa had her 3rd fewer than 24 months after her wedding. Kennedy has 2 and although somewhat reasonably spaced, we can bet it's not by choice and #3 is in the works from all their best efforts. Martha has one, but either she discovered fattening foods or is pregnant again - even a 3 year span, given her age, over time, produces a ton of kids. Dorothy has larger gaps but is still very regulear; however they're doing it or it's happeneing, there are another 4-5 kids in their future. Addie is currently an unmarried co-parent, but she's still reproductively young enough to spring forth 2- 10 from her godly womb. John & Campbell haven't officially started yet, but come on...by the end of 2020 you know there will be a new Morton. They may even be well on thier way to a second by then...it's only February, after all. The two unmarried boys - Paul & Edmond? - have lots of sperm and tension built up. As soon as they're paired off, you can bet they'll be making' the babies. And, many babies at that. I think, overall, 100 Morton grandchildren is not at all out of the question. The only one who is - temporarily -out of the equation is Katie. But, come on, these are fundies. When the chance comes along, who doesn't know she'll be married off and making more babies? She's in her 30's, having already birthed 8 kids, she's prime for more. She's clearly fertile. And, too much thought to other people's sex lives....none of them leaves jack shit up to their god. They bang on the regular - not because it's fun or feels good or is a way to pass time or bond or just plain enjoy life - but because it makes new human beings.
  4. Howl

    Pavel Manafort's Trials and Tribulations

    Paul Manafort! Men wanted to be him; women wanted to be with him. Now poor Paulie Walnuts is just sittin' in a cell, eating bologna sandwiches on white bread, wondering if he'll ever get a pardon. Meanwhile Trump's already distanced himself and forgotten about Manafort entirely.
  5. FecundFundieFundus

    JRod88: Better Kierkegaard than Kardashian

    But I thought the KJV is the literal actual non-figurative word of god? I'm interested to hear how wine is evil and forbidden totally since Jesus makes wine and I think explicitly drinks it...
  6. Comments like this guilt trip moms who go back to work after maternity leave and some end up with PPD. Sexist and misogynist comments need to be called out. How about women do whatever the hell they want after having a baby and not be judged for it? The SAD part is that IF 19 year old Josie WANTS to keep working, she probably won't because of sexist comments telling her to "wait until the kid is 3" and that "time with a newborn is so fleeting" (AKA how dare you consider going back to work).
  7. We all know that Jesus turned the water into grape juice. The wedding guests were surprised that the best grape juice was saved for last. The servants (probably women) had to carry the water containers to Jesus, so he didn't have to do any heavy lifting. Or something like that. ETA It won't stop snowing here in northern Nevada.
  8. JingerSnaps

    JinJer 47: Sparking J-O-Y

    I’m in Indiana so I’m sure we have very similar church profiles. The Missionary Church denomination seems to like the ambiguous names as well even though they are not really non-dom.
  9. I believe she had two miscarriages between Ellie and Callie. The other two happened at another point - I want to say around the time Jud and Jeb were born, but I can’t remember for sure.
  10. SilverBeach

    Southern Baptist & Decades of Sexual Abuse

    The average churchgoer doesn't know Calvinism from Calvin Klein. Arminianism, Calvanism, those theological differences go over the head of many. I've not seen any church with either term in their name. I know that reformed denominations usually follow Calvinist theology, even though some are really quiet about it. There were a lot of genuinely nice people at my reformed church. Many Christians are smug because they are "saved" and accordingly, are very special snowflakes.
  11. Captain Obvious

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 6: They're More Frightened of Her than Ashamed

    Chelsy posted a pic on Insta of her and Ax-Max at the nursing home church. So there goes the hope that she and John would find a regular church to go to. She must be committed to demonstrate her assimilation into the Borg if she’s forgoing a big church with lots of friends, and where the pastor was a friend of hers, in favour of hanging around with the same family members she sees every day and listening to Steve drone on incoherently about how great Maxwellism is.
  12. HarryPotterFan

    JRod88: Better Kierkegaard than Kardashian

    I immediately thought of DRod and now I may never stop barfing
  13. Chocolatedefrauded

    Measles on the rise worldwide

    I’ve had the measles vaccine at least 4 times because my titers never show immunity for some reason. First as baby, then pre-college, as an adult & when pregnant at 40. I think I had it again a few years ago. It never bothered me. My Mom had German measles when pregnant with me so they told her to would be born deaf. Nope. But her brother became sterile from the mumps at age 14. Anti-vaxxers don’t understand the repercussions of the diseases. Delay the shots or spread them out - sounds good but I heard a lot of people don’t keep up with the shots later.
  14. seashell1025

    JinJer 47: Sparking J-O-Y

    Same here. the majority of non denominational churches here in my neck of the woods in Michigan are either pentecostal or baptist. majority baptist especially if you go to the "Bible belt" of the state-- Grand Rapids is the spot for Baptist rooted nondenoms!
  15. SilverBeach

    JinJer 47: Sparking J-O-Y

    Nothing like that good ole' Christian unity!
  16. Oh, I HAD to watch the "wine is bad" video! I don't even like wine. No particular reason, other than I think it tastes bad. *Jill is very very busy, as is the whole fam-damily, but she saw a free moment and instead of doing literally anything else, she decided to take the time to go on facebook live and rant about drinking. *Jill's bangs are really long in this video. I almost can't see her eyeshadow. She says she had an uncle who drank (and "claimed" to get saved. I find that word very curious) all the time. Literally all the time! Jill has no memory of him not drinking! Jill's dad is really healthy (Jill mentions it's probably due to Plexus) but this uncle, his younger brother, died because of his lifestyle choices. *Jill keeps stroking her hair. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Her lipstick matches her shiny, purple shirt. She reads the bible about drinking. I admire her judgmental way of reading the Bible. I like her best that way--au natural. *She says Christians are getting bad about drinking a glass of wine socially. That is not okay with Jill. She just reads the Bible forever. It goes on and on. Is this life now? Is she going to read the whole Bible? Why the hell am I still watching this video? Thankfully Jill gets distracted from her bible reading with an anecdote about a lady that she saw in the parking lot earlier--she was sister Lisa's old teacher from New York! OMG NO WAY! This is the best story ever!!!! Thank goodness Jill tore herself away from the Word of God to give us that aside. *David comes to the RV door wanting Jill to do something, so she says she needs to listen to him and wrap up her shitty video. Jill says we should be filled with the Holy Spirit instead of wine. She tells a story of some men at the restaurant drinking "strong drink". Or maybe it was wine. But probably "strong drink". I wonder what the heck she thinks strong drink is. Moonshine? Absinthe? Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill? Anyway, their drinking really bothered Jill. Jill talks about a little girl dancing happily and how sad it was because it was just so sinful and terrible. *In conclusion, Christians, social drinking is NOT OKAY with Jill or God. You will burn in hell for your fleshly desires. *Someone in the comments really lays it on Jill for being judgmental and says the Bible only discourages drunkenness, not drinking. I expect that comment will be deleted shortly.
  17. allthegoodnamesrgone

    JinJer 47: Sparking J-O-Y

    The nondenominational church I attended was heavily influenced by the Baptist church, and frowned on Pentecostals. Much in the same way in sure Pentecostals look down on Baptists.
  18. I'm guessing a middle name of either Kristine, Kelly, or Kellyn if it's a girl. No idea on first names although if she liked Brooklyn I'd guess something like London, Madison, Kaitlyn, or Aubrey.
  19. So, I've thought about this too much, and I did a general estimate of how many kids each Morton might have total, based on how much fertility the women likely have left (with 43 as the cut off for last child). I also assumed Adeline wouldn't have any kids and Martha would only have Zandry (which is looking like it might not be true). Based on this, and I did try to be conservative, I've got: Katie: 8 Michael: 12 Cleve: 6 Wesley: 12 Dorothy: 9 Adeline: 0 Martha: 1 Andrew: 12 Samuel: 12 If John, Edwin and Paul have 10 kids each, that gives 102. Then I did a more mathematical estimate of a max and min number of kids over the remaining fertility years. The min number was based on the longest time between births for a woman, or, if the woman hasn't given birth, 24 months. The max was based on a couple of things, depending on the woman: a general estimate based on how many months between the last several births, the average amount of time between births, or mean of the average time of superfertile Michelle Duggar and Kelly Bates. I tried to be conservative when picking those times. This is what I got (min, max) Katies: 8, 8 Michael: 13, 15 Cleve: 7, 8 Wesley: 13, 14 Dorothy: 9, 10 Adeline: 0, 0 Martha: 1, 1 Andrew: 12, 16 Samuel: 13, 17 John: 11, 16 If Edwin and Paul both have 10 kids each, this gives a total min of 107 and a total max of 125. I, obviously, have way too much time on my hands.
  20. Let’s talk about ALL the Rods dancing at the Jill photo shoot, err, renewal. Couple dancing, with siblings. So much more appropriate than a little girl’s heathen dance on the beach. Hypocrisy.
  21. JingerSnaps

    JinJer 47: Sparking J-O-Y

    Many of the non-dom and/or ambiguously named churches in my area seem to be off shoots of Pentecostalism, although we have quite a few of the Baptist varieties as well.
  22. Have we already covered David dancing just about naked and the water into wine at the wedding festival? Or are we beyond reason by now?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Jill has to use her son's misfortune for attention again, I'm glad Tim is ok and hopefully he gets his car fixed soon. I feel sorry for Tim he seems to be a hard working young man and is trying to do well for himself, Jill and David should be telling him to keep the money he has and stop sending them gifts. He reminds me of Lawson Bates using his own money to buy groceries for his family, even the other children always use whatever money people give them on their parents, Jill and David seem to guilt them into doing it.
  25. CrazyMumma

    Meghan and Harry: Royal Baby

    I don't know if this has been mentioned... but Prince William dated with Kate a lot longer... I believe it was 7 years? To allow her time to adjust to the Royals.. From memory Prince Harry was a lot quicker down the aisle with MM. I kind of think that Will's approach to it might have been a lot better then Harry's.
  26. OhNoNike

    John David and Abbie 7: Happiness Continues

    .... are there any Murderinos here?
  27. I did a screen-grab so I could zoom in and examine the pentagram. It’s purely decorative and looks to be 6-7” tall and wide and is hung with some other tchotchkes. Does she think it’s the Star of David and that she’s showing support for Israel? It’s a pentagram. If it had a circle around it at least it would be a pentacle, but Jill is straight repping Baphomet. Now we know why Satan is always around!
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