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  2. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 46: Chief Fuckopotamus And #BunkerBitch

    This is how a president should sound:
  3. There is also a Josh Helferich that owns a "Quad Brothers Construction" company in Mountain Lake: https://www.bbb.org/us/mn/mountain-lake/profile/construction-services/quad-brothers-construction-llc-0704-96559941 I would suggest that Alison always wear a seat belt. Here's another male Mountain Lake Helferich who had an accident: https://www.mankatofreepress.com/news/local_news/driver-injured-in-st-james-crash/article_b1c1e2ee-96a3-11e8-9789-df1030a641c9.html
  4. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 46: Chief Fuckopotamus And #BunkerBitch

    I'm surprised he has never ordered one of his lackeys to write and publish a special Drumpf Bible:
  5. HerNameIsBuffy

    George Floyd Protests

    https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/6/1/21276963/chicago-protests-looting-george-floyd-live-blog A list of the more major points from Chicago yesterday. Most importantly CPS is going to resume distributing lunches. Over half a million kids in Chicago Public Schools are low income and for many the free lunches being distributed constitute their main meal of the day. They suspended this yesterday due to unrest. Unfortunately many of the kids who need those meals are in hard hit neighborhoods currently without what few grocery type stores they had. Out in the burbs by me we had national guard at our Menards, and there was some looting which seemed to be stopped quickly and a lot of places closed Sunday to send workers home.
  6. JermajestyDuggar

    Where in the World is Doug Phillips (Who is a Tool)? Part 11

    But they feel uncomfortable seeing black avi pictures! Why don’t you care about their poor wittle feelings?!
  7. Walking Cat Bed

    Bro Gary Hawkins 13: What's the other one, Becky?

    I just found this database: YALSA is the Young Adult Literary Services Association (part of the American Library Association), so they know their books. The downside is that it's limited to books that are written specifically for young adults (teenagers), so it's not going to include all of the classics, but YA is a decent starting point for fiction. (I'd suggest scanning the Coretta Scott King and Excellence in Nonfiction award lists.) And even if her school's curriculum whitewashes history, her school librarian (or the teen librarian at the public library) could have a few more specific suggestions.
  8. Today in Intentionally Misunderstood Bible Verses, Drama Edition: Pharisees: You should wash your dishes and clean your hands before you eat. Jesus: Nah, it's not a sin to have bad hygiene. Gwod: Jesus said that junk food is healthy, so there. I have had a bad food poisoning so pretty sure Jesus was wrong and the Pharisees were right. Wash your hands. And your cups. We live in a pandemic. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark 7&version=NIV
  9. JermajestyDuggar

    Bontragers/Bowers 5: It Is Really not Okay to Date Your Brother

    Personally I would have been completely shocked if she had chosen someone from a more progressive family. The Bontragers May have preferred candidates like Cruz and Santorum, but it’s very likely they will be voting for trump come November.
  10. Entitled white woman much? But so not surprising that Justice would think this is OK.
  11. Oh my f*cking gOd. That tRump love is strong, and delusional. The scurge of America - people who follow without thought. It's never been more apparent than in the last almost 4 years. Also, they've been totally duped & used - - those of the evangelical christian persuasion - and they keep choosing for it to happen.
  12. JermajestyDuggar

    Bontragers/Bowers 5: It Is Really not Okay to Date Your Brother

    Chelsy also doesn’t say court. I don’t think the Bontragers are big into “courting” even though their dating probably looks similar to courting.
  13. I’m just happy for her because she is so clearly miserable touring on that bus all the time. I think that knowing it’s her last time doing it will make this tour a lot more bearable for her. also, she specifically says dating, not courting. That’s interesting as I don’t recall other fundies doing it.
  14. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 46: Chief Fuckopotamus And #BunkerBitch

    The only thing I might thank twitler for anything is if he leaves the earth and takes his sycophants with him.
  15. anachronistic

    Kendra Tierney: A Martyr for Catholicism All Year

    I just came across this article, which explains in greater detail what we all knew: that the way a Kendra raises her kids, and especially babies, is so, so wrong and will seriously impact their abilities to interact positively with the world. https://www.janetlansbury.com/2013/03/no-way-to-treat-a-baby/?fbclid=IwAR3JtoIdn3sJDKUXQA_Zu82i2fdOpzFzOZagGO7WIjnDH2mFpWqsamSfNkE
  16. lexiloumarie

    Mortons 2: Fascist Theocratic Scum with a MAGA Hat on Top

    I can't believe we're at the point where Gracia and Edwin are a possibility. I've followed these people too long. ETA: She looks somewhat embarrassed so definitely something to watch.
  17. JermajestyDuggar

    Bontragers/Bowers 5: It Is Really not Okay to Date Your Brother

    Sure I take my husband’s likes and dislikes into account. But damn, I would never change up my whole look for him. It’s most important for me to feel comfortable in my own clothing and if my husband liked me in pleather and chains, then too bad. If she is wearing a flannel to her proposal to please him, then it makes me a little sad. I don’t remember her being huge into flannels before.
  18. I wonder if he has a brother Isaiah Helferich? Found one on FB who lives in MN that strongly resembles Jeremiah and is married with a couple kids. Looks like his wife definitely is not skirts only, nor does she double layer her shirts. They are big Trump supporters. Mountain Lake MN has a strong history of Mennonite settlers. Wonder if Jeremiah is Mennonite?
  19. I would also like to live in a warm country in winter and in a fresher one in summer. I suppose I should have graduated in evangelism instead of law!!!
  20. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 46: Chief Fuckopotamus And #BunkerBitch

    Some first-hand accounts:
  21. Yeah, I think she was appealing to his likes; I also don't think she was surprised one bit.
  22. From back when we had a real President and not a BunkerBitch Fuckopotomus
  23. HerNameIsBuffy

    Black Lives Matter

    I do not know why people insist on drawing this comparison as if for Trump to be malicious then Clinton needs to be innocent. I am so tired of the pass that sexual predator gets just because people want more ammo to bash Trump. You don't need more ammo. Trump's own actions provide enough fodder for several hundred lifetimes.
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