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  2. Maybe Tori and Bobby’s first daughter will be Kori. It’s like Tori, but with a K 😑
  3. Insightful

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 10: Hanging onto the Wine

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Also... Ummmm...isn't that the point, going so that I can play the game. If not, why am I going??????
  4. CTRLZero

    Ernst and Young Royally Fornicated Up

    That masculine/feminine score sheet was really something. 😒
  5. JermajestyDuggar

    Mrs Midwest

    Poor, poor Cait. Maybe it’s just me, but she comes across as so spoiled.
  6. therulesofjinx

    M is for Mama 4: S is for Shaving Shiloh

    This makes me so ragey
  7. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Dillards 80: Everybody take a shot!

    I absolutely love Darius's voice, and have since the initial HATBF album back in 1994. I recently saw him in concert with/as Hootie and he seems to have a hard time modulating/controlling his voice live, and didn't sound AS good but it was still a great show, and as the show went on he got his voice control and it improved. I could give this a pass if he was a 20 something singer, but he's been doing this for 30 years, he SHOULD be able to sing better live, and it wasn't the sound system as Bare Naked Ladies were on stage before him and they had no issues whatever. But I still love to listen to him sing.
  8. justoneoftwo

    Dillards 80: Everybody take a shot!

    In an emergency networks don't matter, but you may have to argue that it was an emergency
  9. sableduck

    Dillards 80: Everybody take a shot!

    I wish we had a choice. Every ambulance company in my area has gone to high deductible plans. My husband and I are both paramedics and our place of employment has only one plan offered, and it’s a $12,000 deductible. I’ve checked into the Obamacare plans and they are similarly unaffordable for us. We max out every year due to two kids with special needs. Health insurance is a huge strain on our budget, but our income is too high for any help but that $12,000 and then 20% co pay until we hit a $20,000 out of pocket max is really difficult for us.
  10. 47of74

    Bike ride adventures

    Yeah it's only about three miles from either Chevy dealer to my work so I could do it in about 15 minutes. Of course I checked the weather beforehand so I wouldn't face the possibility of getting soaked on my way over. I've been doing the same thing with the park and ride at work since it takes five minutes whether I take the bus or ride up and I'm not dependent on the bus schedule for heading back to my vehicle at the end of the day. If I get in before the butt crack of dawn I can leave pretty early and get back to my car nice and early. Of course I do a bit more of a ride going back to my vehicle if I'm not planning on doing a long ride somewhere else.
  11. savannahhmarie

    Mrs Midwest

    Life working from home is getting too stressful for Mrs. Midwest! When Responsibilities Become Burdens
  12. clueliss

    Ernst and Young Royally Fornicated Up

    Welcome to the world of accounting.
  13. Definitely think it’s likely but it’s really early for her normal schedule right? i think it’s also funny that she posted on Sep 8 about how good of a dad David is to their “four children.”
  14. viii

    Meghan and Harry 2: Now with Archie

    I think Harry and Meghan have done a lot of things either without permission, or ignoring advice, and so I'm not really surprised that the BRF has taken a step back. If they are determined to be their own voices, then they can speak for themselves in the good and the bad times.
  15. JermajestyDuggar

    M is for Mama 4: S is for Shaving Shiloh

    Now I guess it should be B is for Backyard Beagle Breeder 🙄
  16. theotherelise

    Dillards 80: Everybody take a shot!

    I think in general though, we need to be careful about a "too bad, so sad" mentality towards people who struggle with medical bills from unexpected medical events, even if they have insurance. And even if they chose a plan with the lower premium because that's what they could afford. In my community, many employers are switching their insurance options so that you technically have a choice between a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a High Deductible Helath Plan (HDHP), but the only choice that makes financial sense is the HDHP. My husband's workplace is like $200/month for HDHP for himself only with a $5000 deductible and $12000 out of pocket max. Their PPO option is over $600/month premium for himself only and the deductible is still about $2500). They also give you $750 in your HSA if you go with the HDHP. At my employer, my HDHP option is $0 premium for myself only (354 for me and spouse; 213 for me and kids; 611 for family). My deductible is $2800 (5600 family) and my out of pocket max is $5,000 (10k family). My employer also puts $1500 in my HSA or $3000 if I'm covering family. My PPO option is $17 premium for myself only (387 for spouse; 239 for me and kids, 658 for family). Deductible is still $1500 though or $4500 for family. And out of pocket max is $4000 for single, $12000 for family. Plus you don't get the HSA contribution or ability to save into an HSA. So yeah, even people with insurance can easily find themselves with $10k or $12k or $20k in medical costs. PLUS, those were all in-network costs. Jill had an emergency situation and if they had a network, it's not unlikely that either the hospital or anesthesiologist or doctors were out of network. Insurance is freaking expensive and you still can find yourself in deep debt.
  17. catlady

    Maxwell 33: Managers of Their Vests

    @HereticHick, yes! Jesus did turn water into wine, or at least Pepsi into Rum-and-Pepsi!
  18. Well that post was fun. The commenters are bashing Catholics, Jews, other Christians. And each other. Lori is debating with menz (!!!!??) tell me again how this is all “teaching Bibical womanhood?”
  19. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Princess Beatrice is Engaged to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

    I'm not condoning Andrew's behavior in ANYWAY, especially the "alleged" sexual assault of a minor sex slave, I've long though he was a spoiled arrogant slime ball. That said, when you look at his position in the BRF, as the 2nd son, or "spare heir" from an anthropological view it is kind of fascinating to see his how his and Harry's lives have a somewhat similar path. As I've said in other threads can you imagine living your childhood and young adult life as the spare son? Knowing you main purpose in life is to prepare to ascend the throne in case your brother dies before he has a legitimate heir. Andrew was bit more sever because of his age, in the 60's royal protocol was much more strict, and he was a child of the sitting monarch, where as Harry was/is merely the grandchild of a sitting monarch. However both boys/men were treated as the "spare heir" by family and media, they served no real purpose as their older brothers were very healthy and not likely to die before producing an heir themselves. They had to work extra hard to prove their worth not only in the eyes of the media but also in the eyes of their own family. The difference with the queens other children Ann & Edward, these two were never going to be Queen/King and they knew it, they were not trained in the protocols of a potential monarch like Andrew and Harry. So Andrew & Harry had that extra training that extra, taste of importance and connection to being royal, where as Ann & Edward were always just decoration and minor parts of the family, they were raised to be in their place and accept it. A & H were not, so all of sudden to be faced with having your title, your life style tossed out the widow at the whims of your brother/father can because for resentment, and acting out. Harry had the added trauma of his mothers death when he was only 12 years old, she was his lifeline and his world, Charles was much more interested in Camilla and showing William his place in the world than he was in being a father to either of the boys, but especially to Harry, Harry lost, essentially, his only parent during his adolescents, that is an extremely influential time in human development. Now I will give Charles a little credit as he did pull his head out of his ass and became the parent Harry needed, but it may have been too little to late in Harry's mind. Now you add Harry's wife being treated a bit like his mother was by the press, and all he's seen of history from others POVs about what caused her death. He is INSANELY protective of Meghan, almost to her detriment, He is reflecting his fears about his mother onto his wife, as he fears losing her the same way he lost his mother. I do think this is something Harry needs to get help for, there is a little PTSD there I believe. TL:DR pt 1- Being the 2nd son of a sitting monarch or future monarch is a shitty birth position and can cause you to act like an asshole at times. It doesn't however allow you to be a child rapist, or a rapist of any kind, or hang out with known sex traffickers, or waste millions of tax payer funds on being a spoiled brat. TL:DR pt 2 - As for Harry, there is a lot of rational fear for his wife, but he is acting irrationally in how he is handling this, and that is causing MORE bad press, He needs to slow his roll a bit and let all the PR people who work for the palace deal with the British media's disgusting treatment of Meghan.
  20. freethemall

    Alyssa and John 4: SOTDRT Next Generation

    I just went through her Instagram and counted over 25 matching outfits. It's cute now and then, but I'd prefer seeing the girls Express their own unique personalities. Although is that even allowed?
  21. IMO, white trash has little to do with one’s economic status.
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