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  2. BeccaGrim

    Josie and Kelton 1: Here We Go Again

    The Stewarts are big time Fundie royalty. They're celebrities with all that singing.
  3. In the latest episode, the Bates have the kids riding bikes in South Carolina without helmets and Up Network has a big thing on the bottom left hand side of the screen saying not to ride without helmets. So the Bates themselves do this. LOL. On screen.
  4. Jill’s outfit looks fairly modest to me. Not too modest for a fundie, but modest for the general population. This is what most people wear here (just with shorter shorts)
  5. OK folks, they done past out all they're fliers and is having a ice cream. (sic) (not snarking on ice cream, that sounds good about now). Just posting cuz I think it's funny that they passed out however many hundreds of flyers with their name misspelled. LOL (Still practicing my spoilers @Jellybean! <3 )
  6. I'm not 100% disagreeing with you @VBOY9977. But, I think Kelly is the one who controls the Bates IG account. I say this because she often writes in the comments things like "Granny loves you" or addresses Gil directly as his wife. So she has actually posted quite a bit about it, calling it the best day ever at one point.
  7. These are the same people that let their kids ride bikes without helmets in the past episode so of course, they'd have this ratty old trampoline.
  8. MargaretElliott

    JinJer 39: Waiting to Meet Their Baby Daughter

    I dunno, I may be an ex-Catholic agnostic who hasn't studied the bible well enough, but wasn't Jesus's whole deal... to be kind to others? Love they neighbor, turn the other cheek, though shalt not be an asshole kind of stuff? To me, that's what social justice is- treating others with basic respect and dignity, regardless of their race/gender/sexuality/etc. Seems like he would have been into it. But what do I know, I was once akin to a devil-worshipper and now I'm just a godless heathen.
  9. Why do people think only KJV is right? I've never understood that about conservative Christians, like, did they think that anyone before 1611 (?) was reading the wrong bible and went to hell when they died? And why is King James so special, was he even religious?
  10. Ok, against better judgment, I'm going to attempt to disseminate this tweet. Invade? You mean they're coming with an army? Or they're coming in great swarms? Sorry, but the numbers contradict that. There are no swarms of people overrunning the borders, no matter how much you repeat that. I know you don't read, but this article shows that the numbers of people crossing the borders are actually in decline: Border Crossings Have Been Declining for Years, Despite Claims of a ‘Crisis of Illegal Immigration’ '...with no Judges or Court Cases...' In other words, without due process, without the rule of law? Your mask is slipping, presidunce dear, and your authoritarian, dictator-wannabe predilection is showing. '... a mockery to [...] Law and Order...' Eh, that Schrödinger's cat in your brain is at work here, isn't it? This is a complete contradiction to the previous sentence. Law and Order means Judges and Court Cases. You can't have one without the other, no matter what that cat is mewling to you. 'Most children come without parents...' Even if this is true (and it's not) what are you saying here? That because kids come without parents it's totally acceptable to put them in detention camps? Or it's totally acceptable to 'bring them back from where they came' (a sentence by the way, that does not make grammatical sense) without due process?
  11. Illmarryyoujana

    Erin and Chad 3: Welcoming Baby Everly

    I was thinking the same thing this morning!!
  12. Wow, you weren't kidding! They didn't actually sound too bad but WTF was he doing with the phone?? Just set it down in one place, and quit changing the orientation. @Jug Band Baby it's great to have you here on this thread! I'm laughing at all your comments. I wish my husband thought Bro G was as funny as yours does! I have to sit here and laugh by myself.
  13. This is how Lori REALLY spends her days as a "godly older woman". All of these posts were made in approx. 48 hours:
  14. Yeah, I agree Like the customer included scripture using a version of the bible other than the one TRUE word of gawd... ya know, the King James version... lol
  15. I definitely get the vibe that the situation Carlin and Evan are in, is much more similar to Michael and Brandon than any other relationships. Michael and Brandon were courting for over a year (I think maybe even closer to two years) as Brandon worked to finish his schooling and ensuring he has a job and is ready to support Michael. In that time, I feel like Michael developed her stills as well. I can’t remember if she finished school before or during the courtship. I feel like the delay is a Carlin/Evan proposal has nothing to do with Gil and Kelly at this point, and everything to do with Evan preparing himself for the headship and provider role (thus proving how responsible he is |sarcasm|). His quitting the receptionist job to fulfill a much more lucrative electrical trade was step one. Carlin wanting to (or being forced to) finish school may be a move better situate them for the future together. After college she would be able to homeschool not only their kids, but possibly the other Stewart grandkids (I know at least 1-2 of Evans sisters have spawned). Also, Carlin has seemed a bit more subdued in the last few months, like she’s trying to outgrow her squeals and the interrupting... And, of course, keeping a joyful heart.
  16. My headship seems to be mildly entertained by my fundie stories. He would never actively participate in the snark, but he doesn't object when I blather on. He does get confused by the different Jills though. I've had to explain, "No, that's Duggar, not Rodrigues" a couple of times.
  17. Thanks for that recap! Bolding mine. Isn't that just classic Jill (classic fundie really)? TV is ungodly, a terrible, dirty heathen influence exceeeeeept *insert mental gymnastic routine... stick the landing* for Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days(?) some Disney- (but not Pixar apparently? lol) etc. etc... because *insert holier-than-thou reason* (aka: face it *everyone in this world loves TV and even us, better than you, "christians" need something to plop our bazillion blanket-trained *broken* babieeeeeeez for jaysuz in front of while mommy and daddy #minister #sweetsweetfellowship #fuckforjaysuz) *yes I know not everyone loves TV and many legitimately don't watch much if any, but Jill and many of our fundie friends here doth proclaim a bit too much the "evils" of TV while clearly providing evidence that they do, in fact, watch quite a bit of TV. Judge Judy anyone? How about some Judge Joe Brown? (I think that's his name? While I definitely do watch the evil evil TV, it's not courtroom dramas lol.) American Football? Also, did y'all know Jill has always been a peacemaker with such a sweet, sweet spirit? She's not tellin' y'all to brag... she's just passin' along her precious papa's words to the world about HER... sweet, sweet, precious Jill. *snort* Jill... JILL... JILL NOYES RODRIGUES a peacemaker?! HA... I think NOT. There's no way she's anything but a whirlwind of chaotic energy buzzing around at all times (except 4am to noon while she slumbers). Final thought, I'm glad I'm almost caught up with this whole accident/grifting fiasco so that my eyes may rest after all the strain of my SEVERE eye rolling the last few days!
  18. My headship sighs heavily whenever I share my hot goss, but he no longer says I should get a new hobby. He said that when I just followed some of the Teen Mom trainwrecks, then I found the Rods and Naugs. He's worried what I'll come up with if I do find another hobby.
  19. This made me unreasonably happy because TICKS ARE SO DANGEROUS AND DESTROY LIVES Y’ALL!!!!! @Gillyweed It is SO hot here in Florida. The other day it was 97* and i don’t even want to know what the heat index was. I live in a not so fancy area (to say the least) and the only way I can mildly function in my apartment is blasting the shitty AC, always having a fan on, light blocking curtains in the bedroom and black garbage bags and curtains on all the other windows. It. Is. Miserable. Forget going outside ::blech::
  20. I don't have a headship, except perhaps my cat, but none of my family or friends know of my FJer-ness. The executor of my will is going to find out, because I have a list of sites and passwords so they can deactivate accounts, etc. I'll be beyond embarrassment then
  21. llucie

    Josie and Kelton 1: Here We Go Again

    Well i dont agree, the Bates have married daughters to men with bad paying jobs before. Brandon and Michaella first lived in a super tiny rented apartment, and looked rather poor. Bobby was living in a camper when he married Tori, and working in a temporal job that Chad got him. Its not like they already had everything figured out at the time of the marriage. Even their own son decided to become a police officer after his wedding, and was in the academy when he already had a son. Evan had a job that i dont see why it was considered worst than Chads for example. And he is even trying to improve himself getting a trade. I dont know the reasons, maybe they dont agree with him on religious matters or something, i know his sisters work and use pants, maybe they are not fundie althought they definetely are very religious, but whatever the reason they are not using the usual standards for him.
  22. She seriously just made ANOTHER post (on FB) about going VIRAL! Lori, you pathetic woman, go see to your mother. Stop begging (and paying) the internet for attention. It's making you look silly.
  23. Today
  24. I'm not sure where you live but here in the Bible Belt that outfit it Sunday church worthy...especially if paired with nice Sandels. It's finger tip length, wide shoulder straps, and has a collar bone neck line.
  25. mamallama

    Branch Trumpvidians

    Apparently she sells weed for dogs.
  26. Anonymousguest

    "RadicalFemininity," a treasure trove of fundie cliches

    I can't figure out what that next symbol is, but I doubt that would be the photo Hannah would use to eulogize her FIL if he was wearing a coexist bracelet. Would be funny though.
  27. To be honest kids shouldn’t really even be using trampolines, particularly small children. Their bones are too fragile for it. It’s why when I take my kids to the doctor she always says “and no trampolines.” I used to work as a gymnastics coach and kids would get hurt on the trampolines pretty often. I imagine if a regular trampoline is unsafe it’s hella unsafe for the Bates kids to be using that piece of junk. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/473488001 http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/130/4/774
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