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  2. Bad Wolf

    Grandma Mary Died

    I love when the thread drift has our furbabies/brats.
  3. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Grandma Mary Died

    Dis is Moo, she don't give no fucks about nothing, she can't hear you (she's deaf), she doesn't like you, but you better feed her and pet her when she wants you to, or you will hear about it until your ears bleed. She does like my daughter, which is fine, because she was my daughters Christmas present about 4 years ago, but she only likes my daughter, and my daughter LOVES her, and her bitchy cattitude, they are a perfect match. She is perched on my daughters bed.
  4. Is John truly bragging about his father telling church kids to “shut their face”? And then crowing about “put[ting] them in their place”? Wtf, John? Was Jesus known for lashing out verbally at children? I must have missed that part.
  5. I think we all did. Including his mother Jodi and poor Esther. It was ignored by John, at least publicly. Instead on May 13 John was busy perseverating about the memory of an unspecified attack by Satan 4 years ago. And then he was working other people really hard preparing for his men's conference with Bro. Ted.
  6. allthegoodnamesrgone

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    She lied for Jesus Trump, so its fine, God the GOP doesn't mind lying when it suits their needs. It's even in the RNC manual Bible.
  7. onekidanddone

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders version of covfefe

    Or who ever Junior is cheating with on Kimmy. No way he can stay faithful
  8. EmmieJ

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    Responding to this post before I've read all the next 4 pages, so I might be repeating what some other poster has already said, but when I went to college in the 1980's, it was wayyyyy more affordable than it is today. I was able to work full-time during the three summer months, and that would provide me with my tuition for the following school year. I also worked part-time during the school year, which helped to pay my rent (after my first year in the dorms, which my dad paid for, I shared an apartment with 3 other students and I think I paid $250/month plus expenses). I also got a student loan of approx. $2,500 each year which also helped to pay for books and other expenses. I didn't own a car (so no car insurance, no gas, no maintenance costs), the city bus was free to ride for students, and I think I may have had one credit card (so a little credit card debt but very manageable). And I was still able to go out practically every week-end with friends because it was a college friendly town with lots of student deals for cheap food and beer. $20 would definitely take you through the night. It feels like there is some force that is trying to take away opportunities for the average person. Housing costs, college costs, healthcare costs (speaking of which, I also maintained my Kaiser coverage on my own during my college years - I could afford to pay 3 months at a time, and it averaged around $35/month!), everything. Why did everything have to go up? What happened in so short a period of time that now makes a college education put so many students into heavy debt? It's really sad!
  9. NoKidsAndCounting

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    I figured the camera belonged to his cousin as well. Maybe?
  10. @keepercjr I automatically assumed the camera was Joel's. But whoa at the ticket prices.
  11. Hi Folks, @TenYearOldJezzie has verified with me. I'm comfortable saying she is who she says she is, but at always it's the internet. Carry on
  12. HeadshipRegent

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    Of course the Father’s Day has a picture of David and Jill instead of David and the kids. She somehow makes it all about her.
  13. Alisamer

    Ken Ham has a sad

    Also don't forget the bus tours full of elderly people. My parents saw the Ark Encounter on one of the bus trips they go on. Between youth groups, buses full of the elderly and fundie megafamilies, I can see it getting some business, unfortunately. They didn't tell me much about it as I'd mocked it mercilessly before they even left to go there. Same with the Museum of the Bible - call it "the Hobby Lobby Museum of Stolen Antiquities" once or twice, and they'll skip that part when telling you about their trip. (I don't THINK my parents are young earth people, though I've never discussed it with them. I am certain our history-loving, father of a science major pastor isn't, however. Why does Jesus get to speak in parables but Genesis has to be 100% literal?)
  14. Today
  15. Petronella

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    I'm desperately hoping that he was borrowing his cousin's GoPro, and maybe that even the cousins paid for the amusement park. Hoping.
  16. Glasgowghirl

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    Trump's tweet calling Charles the prince of Whales and Elizabeth Queen of England, produced the most hilarious memes and while it was good for a laugh, it is sad that a head of state can't use the correct title for a head of state and diffentiate between a mammal and a Country. His ignorance is right up Jill's street.
  17. keepercjr

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    One of those roller coaster videos says it was shot with a gopro HERO7. They cost $350. I am wondering if the go fund me $ was used to purchase it. I can't imagine him having $350 extra cash especially since he was begging for $ only a few short months ago. The theme park ticket was $50 too. If I was trying to scrape up some $ to pay for flight training and college I don't think I would have spent even that. This fits exactly in line witt the spending habits of his parents though. Any extra cash is immediately spent. And spent on wants, not needs.
  18. It bugs me that the girls have to hang onto someone in family photos. Why can’t they just stand there like the boys?
  19. HereticHick

    Grandma Mary Died

    Met this bunny last week in Switzerland...
  20. So SiRen’s Father’s Day post. Publicly congratulating a guy who won’t meet his first kid for months on his stellar parenting is too weird for me. Thanking the guy for being a great support during pregnancy, or excited to be a future father, would be nice, but this just seems like more of their Instagram ministry testifying that 💕life begins at conception💕
  21. Glasgowghirl

    Seewalds 41: Christian Hero Ivy Jane

    My family had a tradition of all the oldest son's being called John. When my parent's had my brother they broke that tradition. My dad was officially called John but his parent's always called Ian, he didn't know his real name was John until teacher's were calling him that when he started school.
  22. So John just picks some proof texts and repeats them over and over until the menfolk have memorized them? I can't think of a worse way to spend a day unless it's listening to PP scream verses at you until you have them memorized or possibly listening to Lori Alexander for any length of time. I hope these men are at least getting a meal out of this torture.
  23. justmissedquiver

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    From my personal experience of leaving a fundie situation, Tim will probably need to be pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms that he is being a total fuck twat. He will then need to decide whether to go totally back to fundieville, or forge ahead and figure out how to fit in. My situation was different in that I made the decision to cut-off the dysfunctional system I was in and didn't look back. But that doesn't mean my entrenched ideas disappeared in the same moment. I did try to fit in, but the kool-aid is hard to shake-off. Attitudes and behaviors are ingrained and knee jerk reactions don't simply go away because you've decided to leave a cult. He doesn't know what he doesn't know and acquiring a new mindset takes a great deal of time. I would give Tim until at least 23-25 years old, to understand and accept a new, more inclusive outlook. He is probably functionally illiterate, unable to see from multiple perspectives and an anxious mess. My guess is, even if he gets through this, he will feel insecure socially awkward for the rest of his life. I feel for Tim right now, I really do. I see so much of myself at that age. Edit: I just want to add that all of the above was predicated on the idea that he chooses a different path than his parents. Because he still has a lot of contact with "mama," it will be a more difficult path than the one I took.
  24. VelociRapture

    Amy and the Pickle 5: Trekking to TLC

    She’s back to following most of them, including Jill and Joy. I’m guessing Amy either got over her feelings or they worked whatever issues they had out privately. I’m not really going to judge based off who’s following who though because that can be hard to keep track of if you follow a ton of people, as Amy does.
  25. Petronella

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    And he has all of those senior pictures RIGHT THERE. It's not like this was the only good, recent pic he had to hand. Whichever one of them chose the profile pic, it's just inappropriate.
  26. FunFunFundie

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    I mean, I know Jill is a parody of herself but Timothy, a 19-year-old (20-year-old?) college sophomore (freshman?) has his own social media account, finally, and the profile picture includes Jill. She's so in love with herself she doesn't have any sense that this is weird. Why doesn't she, a grown woman, have her profile picture be of her and her mother? Because if she thinks it's normal, shouldn't it work that way for her, too?
  27. NoKidsAndCounting

    JRod 100: Praefulgeo Ergo Sum!

    I've been on vacation for a week and didn't check on the Rods as much, but I missed a lot in just one week! Jill posting that awful "Let's Take Back the Rainbow" post, Tim's post, the Father's Day kiss behind bars. Haha! Boy! I've had to catch up big time. I didn't like the tone of Tim's post, but I still want to have hope for him. He really hasn't lived much beyond his Mama and her way of talking and thinking. They have absolutely hamstrung all of these kids including Tim. My hope for Tim is that he is open to meeting new people who don't believe that all women must wear skirts and read the KJV. I just want one mentor to come into his life that he trusts and one who might show him how the world really works - teach him that people who follow different ways are not terrible sinners. It's also interesting that David and Jill picked a state like WV that seems to not have a very strict approach on homeschooling and graduation requirements. I thought Jill and David were both from NY state. Hmmmm.....(Please understand I'm not trying to disparage WV.)
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    • nst


      I start my new part time job today in a non profit company. 
      Not nervous because it's part time. 
      I am so glad I am no longer with the professor. 
      I just want to be a ray of light and service 
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    • LittleOwl


      Apparently I am trying Bouldering on Saturday.  With the upper body strength of a flower, this can only end well... right? 
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    • OyHiOh


      Went to a writer's group meeting yesterday.  First time I've gone to this group's meetings.  Different from other groups I've participated in - this one was a series of prompts and exercises.  I was in a bit of a mood going in - Father's Day weekend for a recent widow is no laugh matter; several social/annoying things happened at Shabbat service in the morning, and one of our service leaders made a "somebody really should" statement of the writing variety and once I hear someone say "someone really should" I usually can't unsee the idea until I've had a try at it.  We did a word association map for one exercise, then wrote something based on part or all of the word map.  I picked a section of the map that had some references to knives and fancy dress balls to write from.  I'm pretty proud of what I wrote in 15 minutes but it's pretty clear that I was in a "mood."
      The night of the long knives came and went as a plague on the first born of the land.  Men perfectly healthy went to bed only to be jerked from sleep with knives against their throats.  Here were the leaders of men, thrust against walls at the point of a stiletto, there the young men only following their orders, and over there again the family men who didn't exactly plan to pursue this path but perfectly content where they'd found themselves.  At the end of a blade, deep in the depression years, taking their payslips home at the end of the week feeling they'd done a good job, and a little extra for mother in the kitchen. The years of children, church, and kitchen. The good women. Most of them not owning a fancy pair of shoes or a party dress, for who had time?  The children needed their mothers at home, the men away at work.
      The children of course, were not silent.  Soldiers burst into their homes, dragged their fathers out of bed.  Mothers clutching their husbands, children wailing for their papas. The ones who understood left quietly, reassuring the children on their way out - it's a special exercise, I couldn't know about it beforehand, otherwise I would have told you.  Hush child, I'll be home in a few days. They knew they'd be lucky to make it to the end of the block, of course, but let the children hope for a little bit longer, before all hope fell away and their eyes opened to the hatred their own fathers had taken part in.
      Others didn't understand, resisted and fought against the soldiers who came into their homes.  They'd believed in the banners and flags, they'd stood and cheered, they'd enjoyed seeing fear cross the faces of those who understood.  Now they themselves fought back in fear. Fear of losing their lives for who could possibly know what comes next? Wagner wrote of Valhalla, their wives faithfully attended church; surely there was something to greet them when the heart stopped quivering, trying to pump blood flowing onto floors, and truck beds, and sidewalks.  
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    • Dreadcrumbs


      I'm hooked on Duolingo. It's more helpful than I initially thought.
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    • mollysmom


      Almost lost my little dog Molly today  Thankfully she seems to be ok but the next 24 hours are crucial. My ex husband came home to find her blanket wrapped around her neck real tight and she was just laying on the floor. He got her untangled and the blanket had blood on it and she had pooped and peed (probably so scared while it was happening) She started coughing up blood and her one eye is all bulged out and bloody. He called me and I told him to get her to the nearest emergency vet and I would meet him there. They said she's really lucky to be alive. They said to keep a close eye on her breathing the next 24 hours but after that if she's ok she should be fine. They sent her home with eyedrops and an anti-inflammatory medicine for her little neck. I'm so happy that she is ok but man, my heart is broken just thinking about how terrified my poor little baby was! I really really hope dogs have short memories so she doesn't remember this but even thinking about how she was most likely struggling just breaks my heart. I know she's "just" a dog so this is probably silly to alot of people, I totally get that, but she is my baby. I never had children. Molly is my baby. Everytime I think about how she was probably feeling I just cry. But I'm so glad she's alive.
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