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  2. Coconut Flan

    Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Pool Attendant

    I met Falwell Sr back in the 60s/very early 70s before he tried to take over the evangelical world and he seemed like a normal, friendly rather gregarious SBC minister. He appeared to be down to earth and sincerely interested in people. The key for me was SBC as I'm allergic to becoming a Baptist, but I made several visits to a friend from college whose family attended his church.
  3. Don'tlikekoolaid

    Bro Gary Hawkins 9: He still makes my dinner come back up

    IKR! Becky is making chocolate covered cherries and peanut butter balls in the kitchen of a house they are house sitting. Becky says she’s just happy to have a kitchen! Gary you are an asshole! That woman should have her own kitchen!
  4. singsingsing

    Dillards 70: Their Behavior Is Always Pretty Weird

    I have no reason to believe that Derick isn't intelligent enough to graduate law school or pass the bar. I'm sure he is. The question for me is whether he has the self-discipline and patience to get through the whole program.
  5. truthseeker

    LIving Whole

    Yeah - there's a fair bit of background there! 😱
  6. Aine

    Finnish-Australian Vegan Doomsday Cult Family of 12

    I am lactose intolerant and there are so many options for dairy free ice cream these days, even in small town Walmarts in the Deep South. Ben & Jerry's even make some of their flavors in dairy-free now (Side note: Ben and Jerry's do it so well because they mix coconut milk and almond milk and it even manages to have a great texture besides flavor. Those Halo ones are like cardboard in comparison). My advisor is vegan and his mother-in-law makes him boxes of snacks, like rice krispy treats, in which she uses a vegan gelatin alternative. He also eats like a child so this is necessary 😛 He is vegan for strong ethical reasons but he seriously lives on the vegan alternatives of a picky child (vegan "nuggets", fries (he does air fry those, I guess), vegan "hamburger patties", his MIL's home made treats, and I'm not really sure what else. This vegan pizza alternative? Oh and he eats vegan "cheese sticks". I make fun of him a lot but at the very least, he is true to his ethical beliefs and moral compass.
  7. JermajestyDuggar

    Gwen Shamblin 4: Lick the Fork

    I think Gwen is taking our hair and makeup advice. She doesn’t look like she coated her face in baby powder, she has color on her lips, and her hair is slightly less enormous.
  8. VelociRapture

    Jinjer 46: Felicity and Her Hair Coverings

    Quoting myself. I took one for the team and tried listening to part of the abortion sermon (found on YouTube here) after I put my daughter to bed (no way was I letting my innocent baby listen to this crap.) And when I say “I took one for the team,” I honestly mean it. This was vile. It starts with a video that was played to the congregation prior to the sermon. It begins with the end of a speech by a guy named Peter Heck (pretty sure he’s the absolute winner who created this lovely website here.) He has people close their eyes and listen to what he claims is, “the sound of little babies striking the side of a tin can.” It sounded more like rocks or marbles hitting a tin can, but I’m no expert. Each sound is supposed to represent 10,000 babies or something. In between he states a new war or conflict like, “World War I,” probably because he’s trying to demonstrate just how horrible the baby killing is. There’s a photo of a mom holding her sleeping baby’s hand on the screen during this: The sermon begins. Jeremy speaks emotionally. I don’t think he’s really that great a speaker to be honest, but I’ll do my best to pay attention. There are actually people present, which kind of surprises me since I was kind of hoping that Jeremy was just preaching to Jinger (as she quietly shops online or something) and an unmanned camera. He calls the day the “tragic anniversary” of the day that SCOTUS decided “it was determined that a woman had the right to take the life of a child in her womb.” He claims hundreds of millions of childrens lives have been ended due to this and that the people gathered in the room with him are well educated on the destructive nature of abortion (someone please help me up? I fell on the floor laughing at the thought that anyone in that room is actually educated on the subject.) He then claims he conveniently saw a “friend” that morning who had been pressuring his girlfriend to have an abortion for months, to which I call buuuuullllllshit! He says he spoke with him for 50 minutes (only 50 Jeremy? Really?! Did the unborn babies not deserve the full hour?) about what abortion is and how everyone in the room where he’s preaching has been affected by abortion simply by living in the US. We are now only 5 minutes into the 55 minute long sermon (HOW THE FUCK ARE WE ONLY 5 MINUTES IN?!?!) He quotes from Psalm 106:37. Screenshot of the basic idea of what he quoted here: He says abortion is foremost destructive to the baby, but is also destructive to the polluted land and that “we” live in a polluted land - meaning the USA. Which is true, but only because Republican politicians are literally allowing companies to pollute the land. Around the 6 minute mark is where he starts in on how abortion is destructive to the women who commit it. He claims that in August 2011 that the British Journal of Mental Health published a study on abortion and mental health - specifically, whether women who have abortions have greater instances of mental health struggles (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, etc.) I’m assuming here that he’s purposely twisting whatever the findings were to lend himself an air of credibility. He reads a few lines - I’m not going to type those out because it would take forever and because I’m pretty sure it’s jist the author covering her ass to avoid being accused of any bias, but anyone curious can start listening at the 8 minute mark to hear. Ten minutes in. He quoted 1 of the 22 studies used to compile this overall analysis - something about how some official sounding survey/study found abortion leads to a higher instance of depression and self harm. He keeps repeating over and over that this is scientific and empirical evidence and all that stuff because he wants to drive home the point that this was a legitimate scientific study - again, because he wants to sound credible to anyone listening. At around 11:15 he gives an 81% higher figure for women to suffer from depression or self harm if they’ve had an abortion and then states this absolute gem of wisdom: “Its true what God says, isn’t it? The wage for sin is death.” He then immediately mentions murder and conscience standing as a testament to our guilt. He states it’s destructuve to the women, the providers, and those who pressure or influence women in getting abortions. He claims that the scientific community agrees a child is a child within the womb and then immediately states that organizations like PlannedParenthood agree with that statement. We’re a little past the 12:00 mark and I’m officially done. Sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to continue listening to this manipulative asshole. Anyone still think Jeremy is a nice, normal guy who is going to set Jinger free and allow Felicity to make important decisions for herself without healing a maintain of shame and judgement on top of her? And in case anyone is still harboring the hope that this was from his pre-Jinger days and he’s done a complete turn around since then - it’s not. He preached this on January 22, 2017 (the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade), over two months after he and Jinger got married. I didn’t see her face because the camera was pretty focused on Jeremy, but if she wasn’t in a pew nodding along in agreement as he spoke then I’d honestly be ridiculously shocked.
  9. Their most recent live was so... awkward.
  10. AtlanticTug

    Dillards 70: Their Behavior Is Always Pretty Weird

    He'll probably pass. Their pass rate isn't bad (about 80% in Arkansas, 100% in Missouri last year and in the 70s in Texas). People have the wrong impression about the bar exam. Some states do have low pass rates but it's because they have a large number of people from out of state writing the bar which will necessarily drag down the numbers. They also have a million terrible law schools whose students barely scraped by to get in and without being offensive, just aren't the best and brightest. The T14 and a further down the T1 to the schools that are still considered "national" notably do NOT essentially spend 3 years on bar prep. They teach law generally. The lower ranked schools whose graduates end up largely employed in-state or regionally basically have a 3-year bar prep program designed to have a high bar passage rate. That's because it's easy to teach for the bar when most of your students will be writing the bar in that particular state. That's also their selling point as a matter of competing for students. They can't attract top talent who will go to the top schools so the second, third, etc tier students will look closely at bar passage rates. Nobody cares what YLS's bar passage rate is (tip: very high) because that's not why you go there in the first place. You don't need to be a genius to pass the bar, you just need to have a good memory and/or devote a lot of time to studying for it. If he flames out when it comes to employment I think he'll go down the route of "a law degree is very versatile, and many people who work in government, politics, consulting, etc, have law degrees but aren't lawyers." So he could justify it that way.
  11. Imrlgoddess

    Supernatural Season 14

    I'm really not OK with the lack of music in these episodes. I mean the story is cool, the characters are staying fairly consistent.... but the tunes man! Where's the tunes?!
  12. The HOAs that are psycho about trash cans being seen are hilarious. Oh no! People have trash! It’s not like there’s trash all over the place. They just want your trash cans completely hidden from view.
  13. Briefly

    Gwen Shamblin 4: Lick the Fork

    But of course, she does not read here. At all. It just happened that we've discussed her having so much. Just a coincidence. Right. (Insert sarcasm emoji here!)
  14. FloraDoraDolly

    Maxwell 26: The Toothbrush Thing Is Real

    I doubt they will pick anything unusual, because their other kids all have normal names. I can't see them introducing their kids as Abigail, Bethany, Christina, Andrew, Benjamin, and Girl With Weird D Name.
  15. Wonder what, if anything, Bro wouldn't eat.
  16. AliceInFundyland

    What are you Reading (Part 2)?

    I was “looking forward” to Educated. But I had to stop. And I read all the memoirs of assorted people we all read about too. That just didn’t work for me. Meanwhile, I keep finding memoirs of children who grew up in the Nazi Youth programs. This is a kick I need to get off. Also, Sundown Towns. Another epic, fascinating, depressing sociological examination of something I didn’t know about. Racial exclusion was written into town and county codes nationwide. Not after the Civil War, later. Google the term. Long range implications of this are compelling. I enjoyed Elevation. That was Stephen Kings Halloween novella. He can be much better in short form. I have noticed a recent uptick in his inclusion of stronger female characters too. Character development is one of his strengths. And, well, he can be a bit dated. And I frequently wonder about his female relationships. I appreciate an effort to try and improve himself and his writing. At his level - he can coast. I’ve been trying a Kindle unlimited too. There’s a lot of dreck there. @CTRLZero “best of” is a good idea
  17. I think there are two categories of neighborhoods with enormous homes. One are the McMansions occupied by the middle class. Some of the people there can afford them, but many are stretching themselves and very much over leveraged. Sometimes it's because they want the status of a larger home, sometimes a better school district. The other are the upper middle to upper classes. They live comfortably and can more than afford the homes they're in.
  18. Me too. Was it a run of the mill persecution email (e.g., a reminder) or is there some sort of special persecution going on?
  19. I think you may be right, it makes perfect sense. So many of them seem to get pregnant so fast. With the way that women are basically considered property and baby machines, it really wouldn't surprise me that everybody else would know her cycle and make her decisions for her.
  20. The hell? My Camry is a 2010 and I'll be damned if any HOA would tell me to incur a car payment when I have a perfectly good paid for vehicle.
  21. Black Aliss

    Bro Gary Hawkins 9: He still makes my dinner come back up

    I can't be the only FJer hearing this sung to Bohemian Rhapsody, can I? That looks nothing like the Carolina bog that I've had. It's also a photo borrowed from another website (https://lifemadesimplebakes.com/2016/06/one-pot-chicken-bog/). That said, I'd totally eat this but I really like the versions with lots of vegetables (bell peppers, celery, onions, tomatoes)
  22. Briefly

    Lori Alexander 59: The Oracle of California

    We're pretty much in the school of my car/I drive, his car/he drives. If it's a long trip, he usually drives. No particular reason, but I do enjoy the unlimited crochet time. But since I've always had the "good" car and he's usually driven a project car (it's a 76 El Camino at the moment), we usually take mine and that also means that we put a huge amount of miles on my car. Not so much now, but since the El Camino does not have air conditioning, a radio or sun visors I still would rather take my car even if I have to do the driving! I'm pretty sure he's not feeling emasculated because I drive, I think he probably enjoys being chauffeured.
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