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  2. Smash!

    Trump 44: The Nightmare Continues

    He cares about the evangelicals not being registered but makes it as hard as possible to vote for everyone else and especially those who won't vote in his favour. Fuck fuck you 45!!! Alexandra Chalupa's answer is worth mentioning. This woman sees right through it. No wonder she gets death threats.
  3. Melody Bannister's children are aged 13, 12, 11 (the girls) and 7 (boy). So not quite so young. I agree, I don't know quite what to think either, but there are a few things that lead me to be wary of her story. First, I don't understand why she would file for child custody in Alabama, which is a state she's not resident in, and somehow expect to get a custody change there. That's not how it works. You can't just remove your children in violation of an existing court order and expect to get a favorable hearing in another state. And then disappear to another state and yet another and another and then expect your Alabama case to continue. The only thing Alabama is going to do if Melody and family shows up at this point is arrest mom and take the kids into custody. Second, her story is vague. There are names but no places or dates. And she loops readers in by first accusing her husband, then her father-in-law (not sure if the marriage is still intact) but as you get in, she also brings in a pedophile gang. Again, she names names, but no dates or locations. I am not saying this isn't possible, but without concrete evidence that can be followed up by law enforcement, there's...nothing. And that's basically what happened. The police and child protective services investigated and found nothing. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/northern-virginia/authorities-search-for-virginia-mother-4-kids-she-abducted-in-june/2186883/ I would feel more comfortable about this situation if Ms. Bannister reappeared with the children and let them be interviewed by the police and child protective services without her in the room. The three girls are old enough, I think, to articulate what may have happened. I'm also going to admit that some of Melody Bannister's supporters creep me out with their talk of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which has been entirely discredited.
  4. Smash!

    Democracy is officially dead

    @fraurosena Glenn Kirshner shares your sentiment. I just fear he puts too much hope into the people plus he doesn't take into consideration that the elections will be rigged. In other words we're most likely doomed [emoji20] I take comfort in that here in our politics subforum we all saw what was coming and did the best we could. We stand on the right side in history.
  5. Idlewild

    Josh, Anna, M'Kids 21: This Thread Can Drink Now

    Did Anna always tag Josh’s twitter account in her twitter bio? Or is this part of reintroducing him to society?
  6. Today
  7. I remember @DomWackTroll linking Melody's old blog awhile back, in one of the Doug threads. The abuse she alleges is.... really, REALLY horrific. Warning, this stuff is SUPER graphic. Use extreme caution in clicking the spoiler tabs or the link below if reading descriptions of abuse are triggering for you. https://millstonesofjustice.wordpress.com/part-3-sadism-in-a-red-barn/ Melody thinks the children were drugged, and possibly herself as well: I hate to say it, but it all reminds me a little too much of those weird stories of Satanic Ritual Abuse back in the 80s. And even if she and the kids were drugged, the type of abuse she alleges surely would have left some obvious physical trauma, wouldn't it? I don't question that abuse may have occurred, and I can't imagine going on the run for six months with four young children without a damn good reason. It's just all pretty far out there, and I really don't know what to think.
  8. fraurosena

    Trump 44: The Nightmare Continues

    The only thing Trump is good at is bullying people. And even that never exceeds the level of a not very bright five year old. Although it is fitting that draft-dodging Cadet Bone-spurs is so obviously afraid of Purple Heart recipient Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.
  9. Hane

    Mrs. Midwest 2: Full of WTF

    The fact that she seems isolated or estranged from her family of origin is cause for concern. One of the indicators that I’d have to end things with my second husband was the time he casually said, “I wonder where we’ll end up living when we retire.” I just said something like, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I plan to stay around here, where my family and friends are.” He didn’t have any friends, and his family relationships were tenuous at best. There was no way I wanted to wind up isolated with him.
  10. scoutsadie

    Maxwell 34: Vest Management While Climbing a 14er

    Ah, but that is obvious - he can be assured that the Maxwell sons will teach the correct theology and run their families the correct way... random fundy Christian men could lead his daughters astray.
  11. Regarding Lori’s “Days of the House Dress” post: what’s keeping her from wearing dresses every day? She acts like since ALL women don’t wear dresses, she can’t. I mean, just throw away the short shorts and put on the dresses. Don’t wait for everyone else to do it, if you feel it’s the proper way to dress. I actually love wearing dresses and often put one on just to run errands or go out to dinner. The baby doll style works well for me because I carry my weight in my stomach. Most of my dresses have pockets so I feel extra sassy in them 😉. I especially like wearing them in the winter with leggings and boots. I’m not sure my dresses take me from a “4” to a “7” but I like them.
  12. grammyj

    Maxwell 34: Vest Management While Climbing a 14er

    Well yes, kpmom, Grampyj does allow me to read Steve's Corners. And what has happened? Well, some days I forget to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush before he goes to bed, or I might even go to bed before the hour he has designated and consequently cannot pray aloud with him while we drift off to sleep because I am already sleeping. Once I went to Costco alone, without asking him first. I watched the Beast there for awhile. I really enjoy those heathen Natl Geo programs. It's a slippery slope, I tell ya, and now I read freejinger--religiously (cause only I have the password to the internet searches, hehehe). He will be so disappointed with me when he finds out how ungodly I am. I know he will weep and pray over me, like forever. He will accuse me of lacking meekness and humility. But of course grampyj will blame himself for not holding his umbrella of protection up higher over me. I guess I deserve hell for my sinful deeds. So that's what's in store for you if you cast your eyes upon the Mens' Only Corners. Heed my warning.
  13. haroldtheyrefundies

    Josie & Kelton 5: I just see babies having baby showers!

    Kelton explained what happened during his and Josie's courtposal episode. He talked about how his mom died during childbirth and how hard his dad tried to raise Kelton and his siblings after his mom's death. He said that the hard times they went through together made him and his dad closer and that he tells his dad everything. I guess he didn't really go into detail about his mom's death but I feel like that's something that doesn't need to be explained in great detail. I know I wouldn't want to explain exactly how my parent died on TV.
  14. I can imagine, within a year or two, that a smiling teenager from a Duggar leghumping family will come to help out at the Sirens. The teen will provide adoring company and domestic help for Lauren while Josiah spends lots of time working and otherwise not being home. When together, they'll do their best to get along and be kind to each other. Their children will have two loving parents. Appearances will be maintained.
  15. Gussie

    Mills Family 4: Playing Magic for Jesus

    Ironically, I fear less for the little kids, and more for the older kids who will give themselves to the nurturing of their younger siblings, only to be left resentful, and anxious and disadvantaged when later facing the world. It is pretty clear that the situation is overwhelming for the dad in the family. The boys seem to understand the situation, but that Thomas is moving out (he never ever said that while his mom was alive. He planned to stay home till he could afford to buy a house in cash. Now he will be gone in a matter of months.). The next older boys are not ready for this challenge. The littler kids will grow up completely wild. I am sure there are other people who have experienced this, and who have managed somehow to turn it all around.
  16. I agree, what Jessa did by having another home birth is incredibly ignorant and irresponsible. She could bleed out and die in minutes for all the reasons listed above. There's no time for calling an ambulance much less getting to a hospital. At the end of pregnancy at any one point 20% of her blood flow is going through her uterus.
  17. *sighs* it’s really not Michael. I see tons of women in dresses. And I just love how it’s about a woman being attractive instead of being comfortable. It’s all about the male gaze. One woman in the comments said her girls go out in only skirts to “avoid the appearance of evil”. The Fuck? I wear dresses and skirts a lot, especially to work. I’ll go a whole week without wearing pants. However, I often do it because skirts and dresses are easier of my stomach. Tighter pants make my GERD worse. I also wear yoga pants and such so it’s more comfortable. It’s also a personal style choice because I like the look. However, it’s getting super cold out and wearing dresses all the time simply isn’t practical in snowy, icy weather. I went to a private school in Wisconsin. Every Wednesday girls had to wear a skirt or dress for chapel. Luckily they were smart enough to realize it gets fucking cold in Wisconsin and let us wear dress pants during the winter.
  18. Lori on dresses? I thought that at one time, she tried dresses and skirts only, but only lasted a couple days. I may be mistaken. We all know Lori’s a big hypocrite. Has anyone watched her latest YouTube video asking if she’s unkind. She really is thin skinned. She thinks that she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, because her friends tell her that? Can anyone imagine what she would do if they told her that she was a hypocrite? 😂 she’d publicly shame them in a post or video. Better to keep the shrew oblivious.
  19. JermajestyDuggar

    Botkin Alert. They are back on the conference circuit!

    I did like this one part of her blog from a couple years ago when describing Doug and Beall in pseudonym. They are good fake names for them:
  20. formergothardite

    Mills Family 4: Playing Magic for Jesus

    I really don't see how celebrating holidays is hypocritical. Or playing magic the gathering. Or whatever the game is they play. It isn't like they preach those things are evil and then go and do it. In the scheme of things, the magic games is pretty harmless compared to Andrea and Tom teaching them racism and hate. What sin is he using scripture to justify? If it is treating his kids like shit, I agree, that is dangerous.
  21. Cleopatra7

    The rise of fundamentalist Catholicism

    I’m always fascinated about non-white SSPX supporters, since that subculture is so aggressively Eurocentric. In the case of the Japanese group, I can kind of see the appeal, since Japanese Catholics had to practice underground for centuries: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakure_Kirishitan In this case, I can see how the minutiae of Tridentine Catholicism would take on special meaning. But then, I noticed that the Japanese SSPX priest’s religious name has a “de” in it, which makes no sense in the context of Japanese language or culture. It’s not even like his name is something like Louis de Montfort, a reference to a historical saint from a particular place and culture. Adding the “de” seems to be an affectation found in SSPX circles, where Catholic aristocracy and monarchism is fetishized contra the modern ideals of equality and the like.
  22. I saw a lot of what my older siblings went through with dating & marriage and consciously made different choices, even before I left fundamentalism. I can see the younger kids doing the same thing because of the couples like Lauren & Si. They’ll either marry after a long time of real one-on-one dating (with no accountability partners* overseeing any texts or emails, either) or not marry at all. * I misspelled it initially and my phone suggested “probers.” Not what I was going for but certainly accurate!
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