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  2. That was on their blog and I think it is saved in one of the FJ threads. All the kids are in big trouble if there is an accident in the RV. Jill doesn't appear to put any of them in seat belts while they travel, so even just an event where David had to slam on breaks could send children flying along with all that stuff in the RV. Jill and David really don't care about child safety, though.
  3. LittleOwl

    If you could question a dead ancestor...

    I fell down a family history rabbit hole today. I have spent a lot of time researching my mother's family history because very few people bothered. Anyway today I looked into something on my father's side. I stumbled across a death certificate for my great grandmother's sister, aged 12. Died in 1911 of heart failure in a workhouse infirmary. The rest of the family in the same census are listed as boarders in a notorious slum area of Nottingham. I would love to talk to my great grandmother who was about 8 at this time. What happened? Did you think of your sister? I found a picture of the courtyard in 1910... did you know these children? Are you in this photo? I guess your story is my new mission. I look forward to discovering more about you.
  4. BlessingsVonFundiePants

    Maxwell 25: Pies, Cakes, Tarts, and Tortes

    Giving the gift of a day off is not really a gift if you dictate what they have to do with it. A normal grandmother would just say “I’m taking the kids for a day - you go and do whatever you want to with that time”.
  5. Let's not forget, that so-called "pastor" who built the cage for them shares responsibility. He should never have agreed to do that!
  6. That is the first time I've actually seen the cages, they are worse than I imagined. I have a soft spot for Sadie because I have a Sadie as well. My heart shattered looking at her in that cage. Seemed that Jill was proud of the cages, when in actuality, she should be ashamed. Those things are a death trap!!
  7. zeebaneighba

    Meghan and Harry: Royal Baby

    What's wrong with Albert? It was the Queen's father's name. I know Victoria insisted on having Albert in every male descendant's name, but it's been quite a while. ETA, whoops, never mind, I forgot about that. Maybe if they forego the title of prince it would be ok?
  8. Sky with diamonds

    Sky with diamonds

    It's stage 4 that my father has. Esophageal cancer which has spread to his brain. 

    1. Coconut Flan

      Coconut Flan

      I'm so sorry.  Hugs.

  9. My rabbits' cages are bigger than those so-called cribs. I just cringe at the thought of them sleeping in there while the RV is moving. If they were in an accident, those poor babies would go flying and get hurt. What if the RV rolled or something? Those kids would be trapped in there! Ugh. I haven't seen the baby cage pics in awhile and they make me so angry!
  10. Pecansforeveryone

    ZZ and PP: Pee-pee, wee-wee or Church of Lies

    Zoo is definitely as entitled as any fundie we snark on. She's such a never ending puzzle to me with having some degree of education and mainstream upbringing. Has she mentioned anything painful in her past that would make fundamentalism appealing? I ask only because I know fundamentalism likes to prey on vulnerable, hurting people. Case in point would be Michelle Duggar after her miscarriage.
  11. @CyborgKin, you are a saint for suffering thru that. May Rufus bless you. My head was spinning and my hands shaking at all that "Biblical application", the main thing I hated about very Evangelical Bible study I ever attended.
  12. It's probably somewhere between "hopes" and "expects", if we're being honest. After all, this is the woman who writes posts on how important it is for people to kiss up to the pastor's family.
  13. NakedKnees

    Dillards 67: It Came From A Can

    Hahahaha, that's fantastic, but you overestimate my skill level 😂
  14. Don'tlikekoolaid

    Bonnie - Babies, White Privilege, and Other Nonsense

    I know right. Impressively educated by whose standards? Her own probably.
  15. As far as I know, everything featured in that post was at least at one point public. The only picture I can't say with certainty that I've seen before is the sleeping Sadie picture, and that one I believe I have seen before, I'm just not positive. So it should be fine. It's a great rundown on the babycage situation.
  16. BachelorToTheRapture

    Dillards 67: It Came From A Can

    Ugh, I can't handle when people do that!! There's something about eating the thin slices that makes it taste better, it just isn't right served that way in appearance or texture. (Yes, I am ridiculously picky about minor details of my eating habits)
  17. NakedKnees

    Bonnie - Babies, White Privilege, and Other Nonsense

    How petty to be so up-in-arms about his comment. The nuance of what was meant is clear. Even looking at what was SAID rather than what was MEANT isn't even that bad. What really gets to me about this type of uproar is how much time and space is dedicated to accusing others of hating kids, family, religion, women, educated women, whatever, when really this whole perspective just boils down to an obsession with traditional* gender roles and the pro-life movement. If bloggers like Bonnie could just admit that that's where they're coming from on this, I'd almost have less of a problem with it, but instead it's wrapped in all these layers of indignation. They know that's more sympathetic than the truth, which is "I don't believe women should have control over their own fertility." It's a bit painful for me to type that because Bonnie has wanted and possibly still wants control over her fertility. She just wants to be a martyr even more. * I should maybe say "traditional" in quotes. I think we know well that women have always worked outside the home and taken measures to control their family size to various extents, but that's not how fundamentalists (or even just moderately conservatives worldviews) use the term "traditional."
  18. Are they part of the subset using the Rapture as a retirement plan? Or just the larger subset going with "God* will provide"? *God may well be the kids, churches, etc
  19. ViolaSebastian

    Bonnie - Babies, White Privilege, and Other Nonsense

    Never fear, folks. Kendra wants you to give money to a Ugandan school that educated both boys *and* girls. No word about how keeping a girl in school for an extra 10+ years will decrease the number of kids she has, but here’s hoping, anyway.
  20. PennySycamore

    Asthmatic cat- litter recommendations?

    @SuperNova, that's a great point about the size of the box. Jackson says that ideally the litterbox should be 11/2 times the length of the cat. They do make litterboxes that are bigger for Maine Coons and other large kitties, but that cement mixing tub sounds wonderful!
  21. Agree. I think she hopes the members of their church will come & do the work for them.
  22. libgirl2

    Dillards 67: It Came From A Can

    I make a dish when it gets cold out which I love..... fresh chicken cut in chunks, a bag of frozen mixed veg, top with cream of chicken soup mixed with sour cream (or in our case plain yogurt), I top it with Stove Top and bake. I could eat the entire pan of it. Its comfort food and isn't so bad since the chicken is fresh and the veg is frozen.
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