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  2. I cannot watch, but he is doing a Live now. Something about a somber walk to visit Andrea. Has he ever visited her grave, or purchased a headstone?? I don’t think so. Has he ever gone for a walk, much less in the darkness of night?? I don’t think so. He’s a pos. Must be running low on funds, again. Throwing a pity party for his brainless followers.
  3. Gwen, see a doctor about whatever makes your ass hurt: And, besides Adam and Eve, Snow White gets in there at about the 8 minute mark.
  4. Yup! There's a hot spot in Florida currently with over 30 cases in something called The Villages -- retirement folks and assisted living facility.
  5. anjulibai

    New season: Meri, Meri and more Meri

    It occurs to me how much upheaval Robyn's older kids have been through. They've had two dads, moved multiple times, and still don't have a stable living situation, and they have a sea of adoptive/half siblings they have to compete with for attention from their second father. None of this can be easy on them, and neither Robyn or Kody are doing anything to make it better. @ifosterkittens Thank you for doing these recaps - they are very much appreciated! Can I make a request? Can you break up the paragraphs more? It's hard to read walls of text. Thanks!
  6. I know. In and of themselves, a number of things they say arenʻt bad but telling people to look for medical information on YouTube? JFC. ETA: What got me was the story about Mike Pearl "postponing" a heart attack through deep breathing. Sure, if you think youʻre having a heart attack, just breath deeply and then drive 45 minutes for medical care! 💀☠️😠
  7. Wow she looks so much like Carlin from that angle.
  8. If someone is driving a rental I’m sure if they get pulled over and explain they’ll be allowed to go home to RI if they live there. There will always be exceptions to every rule, that shouldn’t keep people from making rules if they make sense the vast majority of time.
  9. So I wonder how many more people this baby will be exposed too?
  10. Dang. Guess that's out as a coping strategy during all this.....
  11. HerNameIsBuffy

    NYT on Christian Health Care Cost-Sharing Ministries

    It’s infuriating. When I’ve had pneumonia I was advised to breathe deeply, which I was reluctant to do because it hurt and made me cough, but it was important to have a productive cough and get the mucus out. Moist air and steam is also helpful, and an herbal tea bag does make it more pleasant. when I had pneumonia before I was admitted lying on my back would have been impossible. I was sleeping in a recliner because going even close to flat made me cough continually. Im currently having a weird issue when I breathe deeply but I think I’ll skip asking these monsters for advice.
  12. I'm uncomfortable though with vehicles being targeted just because they happen to have New York plates. A few years back I rented a vehicle here in Iowa for a trip to Minnesota. Car had New York plates. Your guess is as good as mine as to when the car was actually in New York. I've also rented cars on other occasions that had Texas license plates. I have never been in Texas in my entire fornicating life. Just because a car has plates on it from a certain state that doesn't automatically mean the occupants are from that state and the occupants probably didn't have a choice. It was likely take the car with NY plates or fucking forget it. And Joe ain't having none of Donald Fuck Face's horseshit.
  13. Eden’s February was shown today. It made me wonder whether Rachel Day’s husband knows that he may be helping to foot the bill for Eden’s many gifts from Rachel. If I’m not mistaken she’s been sending multiple birthday gifts for each child. I could see a token gift, but Rachel and her husband’s offerings do stand out since she has made it her mission to know everything about each sibling.
  14. Today
  15. Donʻt think they use Scamaritan, but Debi Pearl and Shoshanna Pearl Easling have put up a You Tube video on how to prepare your family for the coronavirus. Among other things, they make the following points: According to Shoshanna, itʻs not the virus that causes pneumonia but a secondary, bacterial infection. As prophylaxes and home treatment for infection, they advise taking zinc, vitamins C & D3, garlic, and breathing deeply. According to Shoshanna, Mike Pearl stopped a heart attack completely by doing some deep breathing, which slowed his heart rate down, raised his oxygen levels, postponed the heart attack, and allowed him to drive 45 minutes to his doctor who was JUST AMAZED. If you do become infected with COVID-19, Debi says, keep your lungs moist. Breathing in the steam from herbal tea & breathing deeply are great things to do. Debi says pneumonia comes from just laying still. Itʻs much better to get up & move around, or shift positions in bed. So, when youʻre sick with pneumonia, get up and move around as much as possible. If youʻre well, just move around a lot. Shoshanna says that if you end up in bed with pneumonia, lie on your stomach. This is much better than lying on your back. Debi says to use this time to learn scripture, start praying, enjoy your family, and get to know the Lord. Pray for all these different countries -- not for them to get well but to be open to the gospel. If you need more medical information, check out YouTube! Not one.fucking.word. about social distancing or washing hands or doing your best to avoid exposing vulnerable folks to infection. Not one word.
  16. Good for RI. I think that New York State should be quarantined. Nobody(except truckers) should come in or out.
  17. I've noticed it too and I don't usually look at him when he's on television. What are they trying to cover up? Or does he actually think it looks good?
  18. "Desperate for medical equipment, states encounter a beleaguered national stockpile"
  19. Has anyone seen Rachel on a live since that person pointed out that Tom thinks she is a crazy stalker? LOL! I watched about 5 minutes today (couldn't stomach any more than that) and didn't see her.
  20. thoughtful

    Has anyone seen Ghouliani sober?

    I was wondering when we'd hear from Rudy about Covid-19. Why am I not surprised at what he said? Go hug Trump, Rudy.
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