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  • Summary provided by: C Potter-Pirbright


    Kidist Paulos Asrat or Kidist P. Asrat as she likes to be known in her professional ventures, is the blogger behind cameraluc.blogspot.com and kpasrat.blogspot.com , beautyforbodymindandspirit.blogspot.ca and has contributed to the American Thinker.


    Kidist was born in Ethiopia and identifies herself with the Amhara people and considers herself to be Caucasian. Kidist and her family fled Ethiopia around 1974 after the fall of Emperor Haile Salassie. At the time Kidist was roughly 11 years old, the family moved first Paris and then London, and the United States after which they finally settled in Canada. Today Kidist lives in the multi-cultural hub of Toronto, a fact in itself that is baffling with her views.


    Kidist works at a clothing store; however there is speculation that she must have family money or support to fund her lifestyle and travels (mainly to NYC).


    Kidist is a firm believer in belief that her blog is an intellectual treasure trove, dealing with high-class fashion, architecture, art and social issues affecting North America (Canada & The United States). Not only is her work of a very high quality but greatly appreciated.


    However her blog reads far more as her own personal diatribe against, Gays, Muslims, Liberals, Women, Asians, interracial couples and immigrants. Kidist is all for equal opportunity hating.


    Kidist's Greatest Hits/WTF Moments:

    As a child Kidit presented flowers to the Emperor, this memory is clearly very important to her and has possibly allowed her to build up her elite status in her mind now that she lives in a world far from that of her childhood.




    Kidist is not of the opinion that Asian's can understand or play classical music or dance in the ballet. Her expertise in the matter is the fact that she has studied, violin, piano and sung in classical choirs in her youth. The fact that the National Ballet had Chinese principal ballerina, performing in 'white roles' appears to cause her much rage.




    Kidist is creepily obsessed with the child of her neighbors, a young white couple they have a child who is approximately three years old. This little boy has a Chinese caretaker/Nanny. Kidist is not pleased by this arrangement and is constantly spying on the child and caretaker, and approaching the parents to 'warn' them. She is also very worried that the caretaker is attempting to lure the child into accepting other races to the point where he will marry an Asian woman.




    Not understanding the presence of Native American's in the Thanksgiving Parade.




    Immigrants of the Asian/ Muslim persuasion

    Kidist has a lot of pent up rage for immigrants, these range from delightful complaints that they are spending more money that herself to the fact that they bring their own language and culture to Canada. Women who dress in their native attire and speak their own language trying to ruin the real Canada (not the native Canadian's mind you). Immigrants ruin the prices of homes and bring with them their own food and scents changing the landscape. Multi -cultural Canada will be the death of Kidist.




    Kidist enjoys attacking the Obama’s (everyone including Bo is fair game), apparently The President is incapable etc and Michelle and the girls have appalling clothing choices.




    Kidist occasionally ventures an opinion on movies and award shows. Popular Movies = bad, especially if they have a tinge of race to them. Oh and Tina Fey has a potty mouth.


    Kidist is friends with Lawrence Auster and Laura Wood (The Thinking Housewife), and keeps in touch not only by email but has visited them. She treats their words and thoughts as high intellect and quotes them regularly.




    Kidist also goes out of her way to not only stare and complain about interracial couples to people serving her in restaurants but does the same for Gay couples. The lack of response she receives from others is perceived by her to be agreement and she appears to be convinced that Canada is full of people who like her are appalled by interracial couples, gays and immigrants but are too cowardly to say so publically and need her to speak out.


    Kidist doesn't allow comments on her blog. While you can email her, she is very quick to threaten to report you to the HRC ,the dissonance is strong with this one. You are however encouraged to contribute to her endeavors at publish a book.


    Notable Kidist threads include.

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    Free Jinger's Kidist Discussions

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    • Stormy


      9 hours ago, MrsTruth said:

      It is obvious this is planned to avoid commenting the current events. She had an Instagram story about going on a country drive with her husband the day before the protests got big in Michigan and she deleted it and suddenly had personal issues.

      At least she wasn't as cringey as an influencer named Aaryn Williams. For context, in 2013 she Aaryn (nee Gries) on the reality show Big Brother and was caught making multiple, consistent(!) racist comments during her time in the house and got a lot of backlash for it. (For those that watch, you know the written disclaimer that's shown before the start of each episode that states that housesguests' statements and opinions do not reflect that of CBS? She's the reason that's there.) Years later, she reinvented herself as a YouTube mommy vlogger and influencer and has avoided any mention of her past.

      Fast-forward to this week, and, like many public figures, she received comments asking her what she thinks of the situation or requesting that she use her platform for awareness. Aaryn decided it would be a good idea to straight up block and delete people who did so, and, while she technically doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to, it was not a good look. (Also note that most of these are fans that are either unaware of her BB stint or have forgiven her for it!). Enough people got pissed enough to start dragging her on Twitter and posting her incriminating TV clips from years ago. She's since posted several Instagram stories about about how she knows she's "part of the problem" and that she's "always believed black lives matter" while wearing a white t-shirt and looking like she's about to cry. This specific thing is less interesting to me than the fact that she'd gone mostly unconfronted about her past during her whole time as an influencer until now; all her fans had to do to find out was a quick Google search. I think that says a lot.

    • older than allosaurs


      Well now, CBE International is a nonprofit promoting egalitarianism in the church:

      "CBE International (Christians for Biblical Equality) advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class.

      CBE, a 501c3 nonprofit, is supported by a community that believes the Bible, properly interpreted, calls women and men to lead and serve as equals, based on Scriptures such as Galatians 3:28."

      RC, on the other hand, co-wrote this with Doug Phillips (who is a tool):


      We emphasize the importance of biblical patriarchy, not because it is greater than other doctrines, but because it is being actively attacked by unbelievers and professing Christians alike. Egalitarian feminism is a false ideology that has bred false doctrine in the church and seduced many believers. In conscious opposition to feminism, egalitarianism, and the humanistic philosophies of the present time, the church should proclaim the Gospel centered doctrine of biblical patriarchy as an essential element of God’s ordained pattern for human relationships and institutions.


    • GreyhoundFan


    • GreyhoundFan


      We are living in a rejected SNL skit.

    • 1 hour ago, Marmion said:

      Imagine my surprise when I saw how hot this old thread had become .  I had wondered why I all of the sudden had gotten a a thank you reaction to the post in this thread I had made , from @AnnaSofia . Thanks , by the way . I really appreciate it .  Now , on the topic of defamation of character , which is what I think is the legal term that @Lucinda is trying to grasp at , while I am not allowed to give official commentary on this , as I am merely a certificated paralegal , and not a liscenced attorney at law , I am permitted to cite articles from those whom are bona fide lawyers .  So that's what I'll now do .  



      Oh no a licensed paralegal!! No college degrees required to be a licensed paralegal and your just so knowledgeable! Thank you so much for your input - I am sure your law office is so proud of you - what is your real name and address so I can thank you personally with a nice letter 

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