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    Welcome to Free Jinger. Before you dive in, here is a little bit about what this site is all about.

    Free Jinger is a free speech zone. We do not moderate based on anything other than hate speech. If you don’t like what someone is saying, challenge them. We prize logic and reason here, as well as thoughtful debate. We do not believe in deleting content, except in very rare situations. In other words, the internet is forever, so think before you post.

    If you found us from a Google search of "Duggars", you should know this is not a Duggar fan site. So what specifically is discussed here at Free Jinger? The main forum is Quiverfull of Snark. Primarily Free Jinger is used to discuss the ways of extremists and fundamentalists, mainly religious fundamentalists, and the impact that has on our society. We also have quite a snarky side. Sometimes the discussion is very serious, sometimes it is humorous. The discussions can get quite heated, and may even border on venting so please, no grammar or punctuation policing. 'Text speak' is not allowed. If topics religious, feminist, or reproductive will harm your psyche, consider carefully before you wade in.

    On this site we also have forums to discuss misogyny and other issues going on in the world. And for when you're in a lighter mood, there are a few fun forums for discussing entertainment and hobbies.

    If your viewpoint tends to the “traditional,” you don’t need to leave – in fact, you are welcome, because otherwise we’re just a bunch of hens agreeing with each other – but you do need a nice thick hide and the intellectual ability to defend your thinking. “Because Mama and Jesus told me so” is not good enough.

    Please read our Guidelines, Terms of Use (ToU), and Welcome New Members pages.

    You have been warned.

    Welcome :D

    (updated November 19, 2016)

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    • Lisafer


      10 minutes ago, kpmom said:

      Is it possible Ellie did have puppies last year and Sarah got enough deposits that she didn't update the web site?

      I kind of doubt it. I know they strictly curate what appears on the blog, but it seems like there would have been some mention of puppies, or a photo of Ellie pregnant (and we've seen her in several pictures throughout the year with no visible change). Also, a photo of the first litter would be a good selling point on the pup website as proof that Ellie's fertile. 

      I do wish they'd spay her. It would be better for the poor thing. 

    • lizzybee


      I think the thing about that modesty question that was kind of awkward was that they couldn't decide if they should sit or stand, and then Michelle launched into how sinful and horrible SHE was and what sort of background she personally was coming from. It seemed like to me at least that she wanted everyone to know that this was something that she personally felt led to do because of how she felt about her sinful background. She never actually got to the point about what she thought about her own daughters wearing pants because honestly I think she forgot the actual question. She came close to getting back to the point of the question but never got there. It was the most disorganized they were in the whole video right there. Even the interviewer asked them afterwards to concentrate on answering the actual question (haha). I was really hoping she was going to explain her ideas on why she had her daughters dress modestly (skirts) too once she got to the point, but unfortunately she never managed to go back to talking about anyone but herself. I personally didn't think she was shading anybody and JB really wanted to stress he never asked or expected her to dress in skirts only. But if you want a little Duggar shade, I got a video for you. You'll have to make a free month's Embassy Media account, but Jim Bob actually references how his daughters now have to listen to their husband over him. 

      Priscilla: I thought this was the most articulate I've ever seen Priscilla. She always has come off to me like a pod person but this was like an actual human being talking and she's very knowledgeable about her cult and it's beliefs. The more and more I think about it the more uncomfortable that makes me. She's drank so much kool-aid she's started to dissolve in it but there's actually a thinking person in there that is so sold out that there's nothing there but the cult. Really jarring, tbh. 

      David Waller can quote the bible like no one I've ever heard, good grief, he's got a bible verse ready for anything. 

      Michelle mentions at the end that Grandma Mary had two strokes over Christmas but seems to be doing relatively okay. 

      Lastly, when they're talking about not being able to wait and needing to get married ASAP, Michelle looks so sinister and forbidding when she launches into her spiel about not making provisions for the flesh I felt a little scared of her. Some of the questions and answers were pretty revealing, I came away feeling like I knew a little more what it must be like having JB and M as parents. I'm so used to the jokey smiles of CO that to see them so serious answering these questions really illuminates them in a way you don't usually get a glimpse of.  

    • 47of74


      Yeah I was on a child’s account until I was 16 then we moved it over to a regular account so I wouldn’t need parental on to withdraw money.

    • Walking Cat Bed


      5 hours ago, danvillebelle said:

      SOUL SISTER.  🙋‍♀️

      We have a lot of blankets.  A LOT.  OF BLANKETS.

      We love plush ones.  We have lovely vintage quilts.  And I've crocheted around 20 over the years.  

      If there's ever a deep freeze in East Texas, we're covered (har de har har). :dance:

      I survived the bomb cyclone in Colorado last week because I have ALL THE BLANKETS. 


      And the kitties were inclined to cuddle for warmth, so double cozy.

    • Glasgowghirl


      I have had my own bank account since I was 14 and my parents had no access to my account, the account was a child's account that you could only withdraw £50 per day and needed a parents permission to withdraw more but they couldn't just check my account without my permission. I barely used it until I got my first job at 17. Jana and all the other adult Duggar's should have their own accounts without Jim Bob and Michelle being able to access it, I understand having other people accessing accounts when it comes to vulnerable adults but not as a method of control.

      • I Agree 2