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    • Sarcastically spinster


      20 hours ago, Eleonore Peyrac said:

      She's a blogger here: http://joyouslessons.blogspot.com/ (and IG) and a Fundie Catholic Mum with 1O children, some are adopted... and a homeschooler.

      My brain merged that url incorrectly into "joyless lessons" and I feel like it would probably have been more accurate. 

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    • Coconut Flan


      Fentanyl is currently legal.  Yet we have tremendous issues with illegal use and sale of fentanyl.

      Alcohol is legal and marijuana is legal in many parts of the US, yet they aren't covered by insurance and provided free at whatever dose someone wants.  I believe some cancer patients can get a form of marijuana by prescription, but that doesn't obligate insurance companies to cover it.  

      Saying make drugs legal and that will solve the problems doesn't seem to be born out in the real world.  

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    • Mama Mia


      21 hours ago, Bastet said:

      This is the behavior of addicts when drugs are illegal.  If it were legal you could get a higher dose if that’s what your addiction demanded, and there would be little motivation to buy or sell your methadone on the street if it and other drugs were legal and available. 

      So you’re suggesting that the drugs are not only legal, but provided free of charge at whatever dosage people want? For every drug? How would that not just increase the number of people who die? And even if you get your drug of choice for free - you still need money for basic necessities - where does that come from if you’re so high you can’t function? Or what about the many drugs that can make people aggressive and paranoid and violent? 

      I live in an area with extremely minimal drug enforcement, with free needle exchange and with a large variety of social supports. 

      I worked directly in drug treatment, I worked in social service programs with a large percentage of people struggling with addiction, and I have a lot of personal life experience with the impacts of addiction on my family. Respectfully, There seems to be kind of an idealization of what social services, treatment, and decriminalization can do. 

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    • thoughtful


      3 hours ago, clese said:

      I watched him on  YouTube today.

      Oh, those off-the-cuff Gary videos are where the real craziness happens. I'll have to recap that one when I am done with the 7/3 second service. In the meantime, here's a screenshot, because hat:



      2 hours ago, Xan said:

      His message on yo-yos is pure Gary.  I bet he came up with that "are you a yo-yo" and thought it was perfect.  Rolling along and preaching to himself in that truck, he felt that he struck a chord.  In reality, it makes no sense.  He doesn't have verses that support it and probably doesn't even understand how yo-yos work. 

      The yo-yo sermon is one he's done before (it's hard to forget that title!). And you're right - there is no way to tell how he means "yo-yo." Gary also uses it often, seems to take real pleasure in just saying it, and I've never been quite sure if he's referring to the movement of a yo-yo or just using the term to mean crazy or inconsistent.

      2 hours ago, Xan said:

      I also wonder if he's slamming Mormonism now because Romney is saying bad things about his beloved Trump.

      From what he's been saying ( @Joyster posted about it when it first came up, and Gary just said it in the two messages I listened to), it comes from an actual encounter with some Mormons. He says he talked to them for 2 and a half hours.

      I want to know how he met them. Were they competing for proselytizing space somewhere outdoors? Did Gary knock on a door and find Mormons? Did Mormon missionaries knock on a door wherever Gary was staying?

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    • BabiesForBucks


      I keep thinking the Maxwell women might have vowed to not get married until Roe vs. Wade is overturned. I feel like they are this crazy.

      To them marriage will always lead to children and much like some het celebs refused to marry when same-sex couples would not be allowed to do so I see them arguing that they would not want to have children as long as other people's "babies can legally be murdered".

      I feel sick creeping into their minds like this, but not as sick as Anna channeling a Holocaust victim to illustrate the feelings of an aborted fetus.

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