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    • MariaariaM


      I know it isn't the point of this post but I can't get past "horderves". I don't really mind youngish people messing up spelling - it clearly isn't a priority anynore and I'm not even sure I disagree with that sentiment - but Heidi is easily old enough to have been taught differently. Horderves...

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    • Ozlsn


      14 hours ago, TrueRebel1 said:

      I mean, probably the most mature choice they could make is to be unmarried neighbors with benefits.

      I really wonder if this is what will happen in some way. Either Eric or Lauren as the neighbour.

    • JDuggs


      Joy posted a video about Gunner choking on a piece ham and rushing him the hospital. He had already thrown up before leaving for the hospital, but he seemed so out of it, they thought something still might be wrong. They were at Austin’s parents’ camp so they were an hour away from a hospital, so that’s why they didn’t call an ambulance. He’s fine now.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      This fundie dad tried to have the bio parents of 5 of his kids killed because they were becoming a problem. I hate how this article makes this fundie couple out to be these perfect Christian savior parents. 


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    • usmcmom


      17 minutes ago, Xan said:

      Wasn't there a Facebook post a couple of years ago where Lori talked about taking a walk with Ken and one of the granddaughters wanted to go along?  I think the kid had her bicycle but somehow couldn't keep up.  Lori didn't want to coddle her and insisted she'd be left behind if she didn't speed up.  After that, I couldn't understand why any of the grandchildren were ever left with them.

      Yes; something like that. Twice in that post, Lori mentioned incidents in which her granddaughter “lost it,” and denigrated her for her responses. One might have been about wanting to go home that same weekend. And the one about the walk, I think the little girl somehow got scared she was being left behind. If I remember correctly these both happened during the same weekend visit. 


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