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    Welcome to Free Jinger. Before you dive in, here is a little bit about what this site is all about.

    Free Jinger is a free speech zone. We do not moderate based on anything other than hate speech. If you don’t like what someone is saying, challenge them. We prize logic and reason here, as well as thoughtful debate. We do not believe in deleting content, except in very rare situations. In other words, the internet is forever, so think before you post.

    If you found us from a Google search of "Duggars", you should know this is not a Duggar fan site. So what specifically is discussed here at Free Jinger? The main forum is Quiverfull of Snark. Primarily Free Jinger is used to discuss the ways of extremists and fundamentalists, mainly religious fundamentalists, and the impact that has on our society. We also have quite a snarky side. Sometimes the discussion is very serious, sometimes it is humorous. The discussions can get quite heated, and may even border on venting so please, no grammar or punctuation policing. 'Text speak' is not allowed. If topics religious, feminist, or reproductive will harm your psyche, consider carefully before you wade in.

    On this site we also have forums to discuss misogyny and other issues going on in the world. And for when you're in a lighter mood, there are a few fun forums for discussing entertainment and hobbies.

    If your viewpoint tends to the “traditional,” you don’t need to leave – in fact, you are welcome, because otherwise we’re just a bunch of hens agreeing with each other – but you do need a nice thick hide and the intellectual ability to defend your thinking. “Because Mama and Jesus told me so” is not good enough.

    Please read our Guidelines, Terms of Use (ToU), and Welcome New Members pages.

    You have been warned.

    Welcome :D

    (updated November 19, 2016)

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    • nolongerIFBx


      12 minutes ago, Daisy0322 said:

      How different are they really though? 

      I think that all are going to believe the fundamentals of the faith; the differences are mostly external. Only one of the pastors I knew while in IFBX-dom were against birth control and I don't think he preached against it but people were aware that he personally was against it. Dress is another external difference all the way from pants on women/ shorts on women and men are fine, one piece bathing suits are fine, to dresses only for women/long pants only for men, all shirts must have collars/ no T-shirts, jeans for work only, if you choose to wear a straight rather than a full skirt, the slit has to be sewn up, regular clothes for swimming, for women, nothing lower than an inch below your collar bone, no keyhole blouse/dress closures, nothing sleeveless. Bible versions KJV only to some other versions are okay, especially for study at home. No TV/never set foot in a movie theater to TV in the home is fine as long as you are careful what you watch, same with movies. No alcohol at all ever to alcohol in moderation is fine. No dancing ever to line dancing is okay. Absolutely no touching, 6 inch rule to holding hands is okay after engagement to hugging/kissing is fine just no sex prior to marriage. Music could be only hymns with only piano and organ accompaniment to a drum in the orchestra was okay as long as it was used sparingly to a full-out worship band. If you were at church any less than Sunday School, Sunday morning service, Sunday evening service, Wednesday evening service, Thursday night soulwinning, Saturday bus calling and youth activities you were less than to Sunday AM service with small groups or studies throughout the week to home church.

      I could go on but I won't, LOL.

    • xenobia


      For some reason I watched the episode. Only interesting thing, imo: John-David is actually a really good singer. 

    • OrchidBlossom


      13 hours ago, subsaharanafrica said:

      Yes. Public interest usually just means you’re not getting paid much if anything for what you’re doing because the people you’re doing it for are broke. The public interest clinic at my old law school basically helped people with things like evictions and domestic law—everyday areas where people come into contact with the legal system and might have a very winnable case but will lose because they don’t have the cash to press their claim in court or otherwise defend themselves. 

      As a public interest attorney that isn't how I would define the area of law at all... it doesn't "just mean" you don't get paid (and I do, by the way) but rather that we focus on areas of law which disproportionately affect underrepresented communities and/or litigate on matters related to the public good.

      Though, yes, some Christian nonprofits could passably be considered public interest, many wouldn't. 

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    • nolongerIFBx


      On 9/20/2020 at 6:48 PM, louisa05 said:

      Yep. “Imagine if you were at that (bar, restaurant, party, etc...) and decided one drink of alcohol was okay and you walked out the door and...”.  

      My personal favorite was the fresh grape juice sermon at Christian school chapel. Jesus changed the water into fresh grape juice and Jews in his time loved really fresh grape juice which is why it kept the party going.  We would all really love really fresh grape juice too if we had it.  It’s the best thing ever.  And saying it was actually wine “mocks God” as does drinking wine or any alcohol. God mockers are immediately punished (perhaps you’ll be hit by a bus when you leave the restaurant where you had the alcohol).  
      I once shared this one with an old Irish Catholic priest who was a close family friend. I never heard a priest laugh so hard.  

      Okay- my favorite was when someone was preaching about the woman at the well and how Jesus said, "If you drink from this Well (meaning Himself), you'll never thirst again." So the whole message, the preacher kept yelling, "Drink, Drink." The irony was, he was preaching at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago to people of whom a large percentage (with all my sympathies) were quite likely to be homeless due to alcohol (their own alcoholism or someone else's). I'm not sure it was the best audience for the message! "Drink, Drink!"


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    • Daisy0322


      6 minutes ago, nolongerIFBx said:

      Gothard has his IBLP/ATI variety. Vision Forum is another variety. Then you have IFBx "camps" (some of which may also be IBLP or VF) somewhat broken up by colleges Hyles-Anderson, Bob Jones U., Tennessee Temple U., Landmarkists, Ruckmanites, Bob Gray, Sr. of TX, Bob Gray, Jr. of TX (both influenced by IBLP), Golden State, North Valley, etc. ;and then IFBxxers like Steve Anderson; non- Baptist but fundie like Pensacola Christian College; and IFB who want nothing to do with the legalism of the aforementioned IFBx or xxer churches but are still independent churches who hold the fundamentals of the Baptist denominations. Then you've also got Reformed Baptists. And Church of God Holiness. Etc., etc.


      How different are they really though? 

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