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    • Cam


      41 minutes ago, Coconut Flan said:

      Forward your email to the diocese.  They need to know what the priest is doing and saying.  I'm so sorry you encountered a jerk.  

      I’d definitely do this.

    • Mela99


      Off topic a little, but:
      Does anyone else think that due to Josh being in prison when M7 is born, Anna will suck up and name her Michelle? 


      What he’s gonna beg the judge for.
    • 1 hour ago, HoneyBunny said:

      I know we’ve kind of gotten away from the discussion about Catholicism and its traditions and rituals, but I was still too torn up to discuss this in the last thread, so I will put this out here now. I guess I just need to tell someone and the FJ community feels safe.I

      I find the stories on this thread about people’s experience with the Catholic Church to be insightful and helpful. Where I live, if there are those who turn from the church or from religion, you don’t really talk about it because most around here attend church.

      Wow, that priest you mentioned! Totally disgusting! He’s the type who, when told a list of the former President’s sins, sticks his hand in his ears and says nananananana! He can’t even set aside his political agenda for one day to honor women on Mother’s Day? It’s an outrage, selfish and brainless.


    • Marionette


      On 5/7/2021 at 1:50 AM, indianabones said:

      Does this include the Cranes? Madison Crane recently made a post on social media referring to how her family "Moved across the country for companionship".

      (She's my favorite fundie self aware wolf.)

      Yes, it does. They used to go to the Bateses’ church in Knoxville, and then moved here to be near the Duggars and/or go to Lighthouse. Not sure where they go now... Madison went on Instagram and called IBLP a cult (I feel like it was for shock factor), but she’s still heavily involved in Freedomists/PragerU, so her ideology hasn’t changed much. 

    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      3 hours ago, Howl said:

      Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) bought the 130-acre property where the Allosaur was found and gifted it to Answers in Genesis

      Edit: this is incorrect. Answers in Genesis BOUGHT the property from Mark Meadows on a monthly installment basis and they did complete all of their payments to Meadows. 

      Edited by Howl
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