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Found 25 results

  1. Continuing on from: Last Updated 1 December 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  2. Bethella

    Fundie Divorces

    People have requested a divorced fundie list. Let me know if you see something missing on the list. Last updated 9 November 2019
  3. There has been a suggestion to start a list of fundies and their scandals. Here's the Fundy Walk of Shame: List Updated 20 May 2019 March 23, 2017: I don't know if there's enough brain bleach in the world to handle compiling this list. My emotions keep swinging back and forth between rage and crying. This is horrid. March 20, 2017: This list is obviously incomplete. I know there are a couple of cases listed by the victim's name rather than the perpetrator but I can't take any more nastiness tonight. I'll come back to it in a day or two. Please post if there are people I'm missing or if you see anything that needs to be corrected, I don't know all of these people/cases.
  4. Continuing on from Lists last updated 15 September 2020 Single Fundies In a Relationship Recently Married
  5. Continuing on from Last Updated 29 July 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  6. Continuing on from Last Updated 6 April 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth This is a PEZ candy dispenser for those of you who aren't familiar with the candy.
  7. Continuing on from Thanks to @justmy2cents for the thread title! Lists last updated 22 February 2020 Single Fundies In a Relationship Recently Married
  8. Continuing on from Last Updated 28 November 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  9. Continuing on from Last Updated 23 September 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  10. As requested by @FundieFarmer and @Four is Enough, here is the Grifting 101 list. last updated 20 April 2018 I don't have a ton of time to research this right now, so if you see something that's wrong or needs to be added let me know and I'll add it later.
  11. Well the Rapture must have happened because John David Duggar finally got married to Abbie Burnett. I just couldn't resist using it as a thread title. Continuing on from Lists last updated 13 July 2019 Single Fundies In a Relationship Recently Married
  12. Continuing on from Last Updated: 27 June 2018 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  13. Here is a list of the sponsors. I am writing to them all. Who is with me? I want the specials stopped in its tracks. This madness has to end. Think about it, if JUST 10 people from FreeJinger write to each of the sponsors, it will make a BIG impact! Just 10 people! Please PLEASE think about setting aside a few minutes today and writing to a few... WE can help bring an end to this insanity! Sponsors Choice Hotels, Crayola and King’s Hawaiian. Allstate Insurance, Behr Paint, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy Dean, Party City, Pizza Hut, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Ricola, Sherwin-Williams, and Walgreens. Ace Hardware, David’s Bridal, and Payless. ConAgra Keurig H&R Block CVS The full list is here http://www.inquisitr.com/2449404/duggar ... o-refuses/ In addition, I got this from Buzzard. Thank you, Buzzard! (The ones listed in red are the ones that didn't pull out when the child molestation scandal came out so they are URGENT)
  14. Continuing on from Last Updated: 28 February 2018 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  15. Continuing on from Last Updated on 24 November 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth Thanks to @VelociRapture for the title, taken from http://www.freejinger.org/topic/29834-a-totally-accurate-and-in-no-way-sarcastic-duggar-cheat-sheet/?page=4#comment-1432730
  16. Continuing on from the previous threads: Lists last updated 17 October 2017 Single Fundies In a Relationship Newlyweds
  17. Continuing on from Previous threads: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/27257-upcoming-babies-five/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24686-upcoming-babies-part-4/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Last Updated on 23 August 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  18. Can we have a thread to share/discuss newcomers to the fundie blogosphere? I've been thinking lately about how a lot of the bloggers we discuss have scaled back their internet presence, and who is replacing them. I know we've discussed some more recent writers like the GirlDefined sisters but I wanted to know who else is out there, so I spent some time going through linkups/blog comments looking for newer, active sites. I'm sure I probably missed where a few of these have been mentioned before. crownofbeautymagazine.com-- slick online mag that recently ran an interview with some of the Duggar girls sendthelightblog.wordpress.com-- friends with the Crown of Beauty founder. A number of really cringe-inducing political posts. chosenbythepotter.blogspot.com-- features a lot of interviews with other bloggers (in between posting flowery poetry) apinchoffaith.com/blog-- a modesty-obsessed stay-at-home-wife ourwoodhome.com-- similar to the above redheadmom8.wordpress.com-- super-smug homeschool mom who believes compulsory education is the root of moral decline godzgeargirls.blogspot.com-- Australian stay-at-home-daughters. Punctuation-challenged. Any others you've been reading?
  19. Continuing on from here http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24686-upcoming-babies-part-4/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Last Updated 31 March 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  20. SpoonfulOSugar

    Upcoming Babies Five

    Continuing from here: Part 1 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Part 2 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ Part 3 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ Pregnant (updated 13 November 2016) Recently Gave Birth
  21. Part 1 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Part 2 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ Part 3 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ Since fundies (mostly) seem to breed like rabbits, we all find it hard to keep track of all of the women and their due dates. In this thread, we keep a list of all of the pregnant fundies we follow, their due dates, and their newborns. If there are any updates or discrepancies, post them below and I'll update the list! Pregnant Esther Shrader (Due in Spring) #10 Lydia Jeub (Due in spring) #1 Mica Serven (Due in March) Katy (Little White House) (Due March 9) #3 Jacinda (Growing Home) (Due in May) #5 Julie Knox (Due in May) #3 Zsuzsanna Anderson (Due in late May) #9 Abi Wissman (Due in May) #3 Jasmine Holmes (Due in late spring) #1 Whitney Bates (Due June 25) #2 Norma Gilligan (Due in June) #1 Valerie Waller (Due in June) #2 Sarah Burnett (Due in July) #1 Kennedy Morton (Due in July) #1 Anna Marie Maxwell (Due in July) #4 Erin Paine (Due in Summer) #2 Priscilla Waller (Due in October) #3 Monica Brown (Due date unknown) #5 Blair Tsantles (Due date unknown) #5 Lauren Zimmerman (Due date unknown) #5 Recently Gave Birth Bambi (Nursery of the Nation) - Sharlotte Hosanna (Born in December) #10 Bobye Holt - Scottlen Cross (Born December 14) #11 Julianne (Between the Lines) - Beckett James (Born December 21) #1 Alice (of Alice's Baby) - Rosalie (Due December 28) #8 Bonnie Engstrom - Thomas Emil (Born December 29) #6 Robyn Brown - Ariella Mae (Born January 10) #5/18 Hettie Brewner - Addison Marie (Born January 20) #5 Rachel Busenitz - Kendrick Alan (Born January 25) #1 Hannah Dornink - Ransom (Born in January) #2 Melissa Sanford - Name Unknown (Due in January) #2 Karen Alexander - Benjamin Seth (Born February 1) #8 Kelly Crawford - Zane Emory (Born February 1) #11 Lise Morton - Carolina Elise (Born February 4) #3 Dorothy Sanders - Edwin Gianavel (Born in February) #3 Updated March 5 by SunnySideUp
  22. teachergirl

    List of Unmarried Fundies

    Okay, I think we can all agree on how depressing it is when the fundies reproduce and the speed at which they do it. I was thinking about their 200 year plans, multigenerational bs, etc. I take comfort in knowing some of them are still single and their chances of passing on their hateful beliefs diminishes each day. Let's make a master list of single fundies from prominent families that are of marrying age. I wish them love, just not the kind they have raised to believe in. Please add on when I have forgotten someone/don't know their names. Alexander: Elliot, Oliver Arndt: Paul, John, Mark, Luke, Jude, James, Philip, Seth, Jacob, Nathan Bates: Nathan, Lawson, Tori Baucham: Jasmine Beasley: Anna, Esther, Philip Bontrager: Chelsy, Allison, Mitchell, Carson Botkin: Elizabeth, Anna Sofia, Noah, Luke Bradrick: Stephen, Cecily Bringe: Peter (friend of Kevin Swanson and the Seppis) Brookshire: Emily Rose, Breezy Brown: Claudia Burnett: John-Clay, Caleb, Abbie, Charity Campana: Nick, Alyssa Coghlan: Kaitlyn Crawford: Bria Damming: Elizabeth, Erica, Corissa, Heidi Darnell: Nathaniel, Mercy, Simon Duarte: Miss Raquel Duggar: Jana, JD, Jinger, Joseph Fambrough: Jean Marie, Kimberly Flynn: Amanda, Lydia, Anna Girotti: Hannah, Jonathan, Sarah Gothard: Bill Grady: Rachel Hartono: Jonathan, Jennifer Holt: Kristian, Karessa Hope: Lauren, Joseph Howard: Olivia Jeub: Cynthia, Lydia Keen: Sarah, Thomas Keller: Nathan Kellum: Rebecca, Annah Kendall: Christiana and Hunter Kowalchuk: Jevenn, Aleita Lavin: Jennifer, Jaimee Long ("Treasures from a Shoebox"): Stephanie, Emily, Haley Maxwell: Sarah, Joseph, Anna, Jesse, John Mally: Grace, Sarah, Stephen Moore: John Robert ( filmmaker) Morton: Addie, Andrew, Sam Mueller: Heidi, Kimberly Munck: Elizabeth, Rebekah Neely: Kathryn, Jessica Noor: David, Nawelle Paine: Tabitha, Nate, Abigail, Hannah Phillips: Joshua, Justice Query: Amanda, Heidi, Amara, Peter Rehm: Thomas, Rebekah Reins: Andrea, Kelly Reith: Sarah, Lindsay, Emily Grace Richardson (Seven Sisters): Jessica, Leah, Susannah, Cassia Roberts: Edgar, Willie, Marty(F), Daisy Sanders: Abbi and Rebekah Seppi: Victor, Jodavid, Melody Serven: Benjamin, Lydia Smith: Madara Smythe: Sarah Staddon: Donald, Michael, Esther, James, Daniel, Jonathan Stetzel: Hannah, Sarah, David Thomas: Melanie, Matthew, Micaiah Torres: Andrew Turley: Samuel Valenti: Joe, Molly Vernier: Charles, Ellen Voeller: Johanna, Justin, Jared Waller: Derrick, Sarah, Samuel Webster: Victoria Weiss: Peyton, Skyler Wilson: Allison, Lana, Luke, Jacob Wissman: Ruth, Stephen, Elizabeth, Matthias, Hannah Wilkes: Jennifer, Daniel, Sarah, Kenan Courting: Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald – September 2013 Michael Bates (F) & Brandon Keilen – December 2013 Bria Crawford & Kyle (?) – June 2014 Engaged: Tayte Alexander & Martha Morton – November 2013 Thomas Paine & Dakota Young – March 2014 (September 20) Norma Roberts & Adam Gilligan – May 2014 (September 13) Jacqueline Bittner – May 2014 Sarah Serven & Cody Winton – May 2014 R. Campbell Sproul & ? – May 2014 Jasmine Baucham & Phillip Holmes – June 2014 Newlyweds: Erin Bates & Chad Paine – November 2013 Zach Bates & Whitney Perkins – December 2013 Priscilla Bittner – December 2013 (?) Hannah Grady & Samuel Hutchins – January 2014 Megan Valenti & Joseph Froemming – January 2014 Lance Seppi & Megan – April 2014 Lourdes Torres & Nolan Manteufel – April 2014 Darby Sproul & Chris Stouffer – March 2014 Betsy Grady & Matthew (?) – March 2014 Alyssa Bates & John Webster – May 2014 Jessica McDonald & Jacob Guenther – May 2014 Isaac Botkin & Heidi Roach – May 2014 Adalia (Baker’s Dozen) & Ben (?) – June 2014 Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard – June 2014 Last updated by SunnySideUp 7/11/14
  23. Soldier of the One

    List your favorite wackadoodle religion or cult!

    In an alternative universe, I would have loved to become a specialist in 'fringe cults and religions'. One of my more eclectic hobbies is hunting the Internet for strange and intriguing philosophies and faiths. Of course, the Internet is an unlimited source of the crazy. I believe that peering into the souls of counter-cultural faith groups can tell us a lot about our own cultural priorities. In a sense, they hold up a mirror to ourselves. What's your favorite wackadoodle religion? My first contribution are the Raelians. They are your run-of-the-mill Space Age alien cult but strangely well-organized (by comparison, of course). Founded by a French Jewish (!) journalist in the 1970's, I think, the Raelians have a mission for all mankind. And it includes human cloning. rael.org/home Who's next? [Edited to break link]
  24. Deleted04

    Quiverful Brits Documentary

    http://documentaryheavendotcom/deborah- ... nt-of-god/ (The ending is WEIRD) A documentary about 13-year-old Deborah Drapper, who, unlike other British teens has never heard of Britney Spears or Victoria Beckham. She has been brought up in a deeply Christian family and her parents have tried to make sure she and her ten brothers and sisters have grown up protected from the sins of the outside world. Deborah is a bright, confident girl who has big ambitions for her life and the film spends a summer with her as she ventures out in the world to see what life outside her family could be and starts putting her beliefs forward to a wider audience. Here are some more fundie related docs http://documentaryheavendotcom/the-virgin-daughters/ http://documentaryheavendotcom/louis-th ... istianity/ http://documentaryheavendotcom/the-tria ... d-haggard/ http://documentaryheaven.dotcom/the-fundamentalists/ http://documentaryheavendotcom/friends-of-god/ http://documentaryheavendotcom/america% ... in-crisis/ http://documentaryheavendotcom/why-i-am ... christian/
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