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    • Summary provided by: StacyW

      Background and courtship information are from http://www.davidlovespriscilla.com

      David's Background

      David's parents married in 1974. His father was educated as an electrical engineer and his mother as a nurse. When his oldest siblings were in first grade, the family decided to homeschool the kids. David realized his sinful nature when he was 3 years old and gave his live to Jesus. He is the 5th of 10 children, and was born around 1986 (exact date?).

      His father worked in various jobs and the family moved frequently during his childhood. When David was around 15, the entire family started doing mission work. They spent a year saving money for a 2005 trip to Mongolia. During this trip, David's brother Isaac developed cancer and, after about a month of illness, died at the age of 25. This motivated David to live life more purposefully.

      The family returned to the US in 2007, and his Dad returned to his work as an engineer, while the older children volunteered at The Institute in Basic Life Principles  (usually referred to as IBLP, covered in many places on FJ including http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15041).  David met Priscilla Keller at IBLP's Journey to the Heart in 2008. David felt stirrings of love, but wanted to dedicate himself to God at least up to the age of 25, the age of his brother's death, before pursuing a relationship. Once he reached the age of 25, he thought maybe he should wait until he was 28, the age at which his father married, before reaching out to Priscilla.

      David was keeping a daily journal, which he shared with his parents, and in which he wrote about his feelings for Priscilla. In 2011, his mother told him he should quit stalling and go for it. He said that he still wanted to wait until he was at least 25. He remained in contact with Priscilla, because both were involved with Journey to the Heart.

      He finally requested the phone number of Priscilla's father from Josh Duggar. David called Mr. Keller, and they had a long conversation about this and that before finally getting around to the subject of Priscilla. Pa Keller said it was up to Priscilla, but he wanted to make sure that David was okay with the full quiver concept, and was not addicted to the Internet. Keller said he would get back to David within 3 days with Priscilla's decision. The VERY NEXT DAY Mr. Keller called him back and said Priscilla had assented to the courtship. They began their courtship in September 2011.

      Priscilla's Background

      See Keller Family info (http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=15285). Priscilla Keller was born around 1986 and raised in Florida, and is the 4th of 8 children. Father Keller was a welder before being called to mission work, and became a full-time prison missionary in 1996. The Keller parents educated their children with ATI materials. Priscilla gave her life to Jesus at the age of 10. Like David, she felt that life was a race, and she wanted to get the most out of it by focusing on saving people.

      Priscilla and her sister Anna went on the first IBLP Journey to the Heart in 2007, after which she became a Journey to the Heart leader. At the IBLP headquarters, she noticed and admired David Waller, but didn't feel like she should do anything about the attraction except pray, and tell her parents about her feelings. She was excited when her father called her to tell her about David's interest in her. The first meeting of their courtship was a four-hour conversation reviewing their life stories.

      Courtship and Marriage

      Their courtship was distinguished by David's romantic and elaborate gestures, such as giving her notes on paper with hand-burned edges. After two months, he got down on one knee and proposed to her, at a park in Florida. They got married in Florida in March, 2012 after a four-month engagement. The wedding was live streamed, and the recording is at davidlovespriscilla.com/2012/03/ ... ing-video/. There were many snarkable moments in the wedding, such as David turning around in the middle of the ceremony and conducting a musical piece. Another highlight was David shouting to the camera to announce his first-ever kiss with a girl. Priscilla became pregnant within a few months of their wedding.

      Blog Highlights

      David, and sometimes Priscilla, record their lives on their blog at http://www.davidlovespriscilla.com/blog-2/.
      Priscilla is pregnant! Pee stick video (davidlovespriscilla.com/2012/09/ ... n-the-way/)
      Pecan gleaning (davidlovespriscilla.com/2012/12/ ... can-story/ and starting on page 6 of the David and Priscilla updates thread)

      Why We Care

      David's personality is quite unusual. His style of writing and speaking suggest that his audience is composed of 5-year-olds. Frequent snark subjects are his reluctance to begin a courtship with Priscilla, his giddy affect, and the couple's matching outfits. The "pecan gleaning" episode resulted in pages of additions to their FJ thread. There are some signs that Josh Duggar envies David's accomplishments and athletic abilities (see http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12469&p=393003&hilit=+josh+david+tennis#p393003)

      Priscilla appears to not be all there. She seems childlike and easily guided.

      Relevant threads

      David and Priscilla Updates http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14172
      Esther Schrader (Anna Duggar's sister) living in a pop up http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10779
      When is sister Suze due to deliver? http://freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14690

      External links
      David Loves Priscilla blog:http://www.davidlovespriscilla.com

  • Update 5/30/2014:

    David has continued in his role as administrative director at IBLP ( http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwwaller ) during the resignation of Bill Gothard and subsequent investigation ( viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21260 ), and he and Priscilla announced her second pregnancy in a video recorded at a Chick-Fil-A parking lot ( http://davidlovespriscilla.com/2014/04/ ... g-brother/ ). David and Priscila travelled to Australia during her first pregnancy, and continued to travel after baby Paul was born. It seems like their travel is associated with David's work, but they also visit family across the country. Compared to other fundies we follow, David is rarely overtly political.

    You can keep up with them on the Quiverful of Snark thread viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21494 . David's Twitter is https://twitter.com/DavidNCil .

    Free Jinger's David and Priscilla Waller Discussions

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    • feministxtian


      28 minutes ago, just_ordinary said:

      This irk of fundamentalists have created several subsets of believes and rules that have no real ground in the bible anymore, that’s why even mainstream Christians are at a loss with them. They give certain words a different meaning, so we basically don’t even speak the same language at some points. They also have left the pure religious sphere and have created a confusing mix of religion and politics- but that’s a very US thing for Christians I am afraid.

      The fundamentalists here in the US can be loosely described as "Dominionists". They are looking to establish a Theocracy here in the USA, something to do with the US being the "promised land" or some stuff like that. It's a bastard marriage of Christianity and far right wing politics. Ted Cruz' father is a Dominionist along with others. It is my understanding that Bill Gothard and company were part of this belief system.

      Here's some info:



      Here's the Google search string https://www.google.com/search?q=dominionism&rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS904US904&oq=dominionism&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i512l3.9714j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    • just_ordinary


      2 hours ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      That is not the same dress. Josie’s has a collar and cuffs.

      I think the poster knew that, but wanted to show what “normal” people would wear if they choose such a dress (short, no collar, no cuffs). Hers is like the version with the modesty panel. 
      I like the colour. There is nothing else nice about it though. It looks like a modest version of a 90s get wasted and laid clubbing outfit.  And the porn shoes definitely don’t help. 

    • just_ordinary


      12 hours ago, Melbelle said:

      I'm curious, I live in a heavily blue/liberal major metropolitan area in the US.  Yet it's super easy to find places to eat, drink, explore, where vaccine rules, mask rules, etc. are not followed/enforced.  Is this not true in Europe?  

      They were sitting outside though I think. It’s not always clear which rules are followed atm and I many countries the cities/states differ from each other depending on infection/hospitalisation rate. It could be that if you show a 24/48h negative test you can be outside to eat, while sitting inside requires recovered/vaccinated. And yes, in private shops/restaurants you have more chances of not being asked. And in Rome there are enough restaurants to just walk a bit till you find one. 

      7 hours ago, HereticHick said:

      I totally believe that Lawson's horse will be involved in the ceremony.

      And I'd recommend that all Residenti a Roma stay inside this week, because sometime in the next few days, in some public place (the Forum? the Pantheon? the Spanish Steps?), Lawson, cameramen in tow, will appear with a guitar and "surprise" Tiffany, serenading her with a song and proposing. Its going to be gross. And she will be shocked!  Happy tears will flow! 

      My money is on either INSIDE the Pantheon, in Piazza Navona at sunset, or in front of the Trevi Fountain.

      I totally expect him to be IN the fountain, all wet showing if his abs. She maybe too, but that might not be modest enough. And then spending the night in jail. Re-United in the sunrise….. that will be a great photo love story 🤢🤮

      You now, love makes you do crazy things…..

    • just_ordinary


      I don’t know much about Amy’s side of the Duggar family, but I thought the red might come through her husband? I don’t think any Duggar truly had red hair ever?

    • just_ordinary

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      There's living through bad things and intentionally doing bad things. The first is usually a "shit happens" thing, or maybe being irresponsible or doing something stupid. Then there's the intentional doing bad things. The way I understand it, sin is choosing to do the bad thing when you know you should not and it's compounded by not being sorry for it or choosing to do that again. The fundies presume to know what God is thinking at all times. I'm not so sure about that. There's plenty in the New Testament about things like saying "Lord, Lord" and God saying "I never knew you" or about the "elect" (saved people) being deceived (See TFG). I have no doubt that Josh Duggar is not sorry for what he did, he's sorry he got caught, just like so many other "conservatives" (see Jan 6 defendants). 

      I'm not saying I'm perfect...I am SO not perfect, but these fundies get much of it twisted and I think many of them will be surprised when the time comes. 

      That’s how I understand it. “Being saved”/“accepting Jesus as Saviour” brings you into the position to UNDERSTAND that you are sinning and gives you the freedom/power to do better. That’s why heathen sinners can be loved, while the sin is damned from an “enlightened” position. The “forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing” phrase goes into the same direction. That’s why the heathens need to be saved and be brought to Jesus. People can do the right thing but it doesn’t come from the right reasoning without Jesus their reasons are weak and somewhat arbitrary. 
      People like Josh and how to deal with them are harder to explain. 
      Saved sinners know better. So if they repent they repent for the right reasons. They should have the tools to be stronger. But they also get attacked more by Satan than others? It’s a bit weak.
      As I said it’s harder, but nothing Fundie logic can’t do I am sure. This irk of fundamentalists have created several subsets of believes and rules that have no real ground in the bible anymore, that’s why even mainstream Christians are at a loss with them. They give certain words a different meaning, so we basically don’t even speak the same language at some points. They also have left the pure religious sphere and have created a confusing mix of religion and politics- but that’s a very US thing for Christians I am afraid. Most hardcore fundamentalists in Europe don’t even vote (even if they did, they are so few it really doesn’t matter) and live very isolated. They rather set themselves apart than trying to take over. Even though it seems in some countries they start to grow and become more powerful. It’s still very very far from comparable.

      Edited by just_ordinary
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