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  • Hi Friends,

    As you know FJ is completely free for both members and guests.  We are able to provide FJ for free due to ad revenue.  I'm not going to start forcing people to see ads to look at the site like some places do, but I am going to ask that those of you that enjoy FJ and use it routinely to turn off your ad blockers while you visit us.   

    I have kept ads to a minimum (3), unlike many sites and I don't feel like any of them are intrusive.  If you visit us every day and turn your ad blocker off several times a week while you are here that would be a help.

    Contrary to some opinions, FJ does not make tens of thousands of dollars a month.  Keeping ads to a minimum and not requiring members and guests to turn off their ad blockers means we make enough to cover monthly expenses with a small buffer for those times of year we have extra expenses like taxes.

    If we come to the point where we are no longer able to sustain FJ at the level we are currently we will be forced to cut expenses and thus site performance or force people to turn off ad blockers while visiting us.   I would really rather not do either of those things, so if you can please remember to turn off your ad blocker a few times a week, we would all appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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