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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Reviving This Blog... The Harpers (Sims 4)! Chapter One: Early Days



I fancied doing another Fundie Sims family. Meet Hugo and Verity Harper! This will mostly be from Verity's POV, until the kids are old enough (so when they're children). 


I was so excited to finally move into a house of my own with Hugo. The wedding had been and gone, and now it was time to really begin our adult life together! The house in Henford-on-Bagley was fairly basic, but with lots of potential. It had a large garden area, too.


One thing Hugo and I had in common was that we both fancied being as self-sufficient as possible. With this in mind, I headed over to the nearby Finchwick Market to purchase some seeds to grow plants with. I was looking forward to being able to create tasty meals with delicious home-grown produce.


Another thing I enjoyed doing was playing musical instruments, particularly as I knew it pleased the Lord! Unfortunately we were not able to afford a piano. I discovered that there was an art gallery in the city of San Myshuno that also happened to have a "music room", where members of the public were allowed to play the instruments available there.

How generous! I thought. I headed over there immediately to experiment with the keyboard.


I decided to start a prayer and Bible journal as a way of keeping track of what I wanted to pray for, and to note down the Bible verses that particularly spoke to me.


Hugo had decided that he wanted to be a full-time preacher. Part of me wondered if I would be able to earn some sort of income, too. Growing up, my father had been the main breadwinner, although my mother had also contributed to the household income by selling hand-knitted clothing. 

"Hugo... is it OK if I earn a little money for us, too?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. I know many women who live Christian lives like us who bring in money to their families. As long as you're able to do any work from home, then I don't mind. We may not be blessed with children right away, so it will give you something to do."


I tried to make sure I spent time in God's Word every morning. 


One day, as I went outside to take care of the garden, I noticed an adorable bunny rabbit! I offered it a freshly-harvested carrot which it seemed to like. I also started talking to it; I felt a bit silly, but no-one was around to hear me...


"So... why don't we see if the Lord will bless us with a child?" Hugo asked one evening.

"Ok," I said, not entirely sure how to react. 

Unfortunately, that occasion turned out to be unsuccessful. I was a little disappointed, but tried to keep my spirits up. After all, it did sometimes take a while... I resolved to pray to the Lord about it.


On Wednesday evening, we headed over to Newcrest Baptist Church for a religious gathering. We spent a lot of time fellowshipping with the other churchgoers. 


On Thursday morning...

"Hugo! We're going to be PARENTS!"

"Oh, wow! I'm so excited!" he grinned.


I decided to form a Ladies' Bible Club, where we could all fellowship and discuss the Bible together. I knew that not everyone had the same modesty standards as I did, but I chose to not let it bother me. I didn't know these women all that well yet, and didn't want to alienate them. 


With Hugo's words about me being able to bring some money into the household ringing in my mind, I decided that one way to do so would be to write a book. I decided to write a short story compilation, titling it "An Expectant Mama".


When I reached my second trimester, Hugo and I went to get an ultrasound done. I was ecstatic to learn that I was expecting twin girls! I was so excited, imagining a pretty pink nursery for them both.


On Monday evening...

"Ooh! I think I've gone into labour! That's a contraction!" I gasped at the kitchen table.

"Ooh, I'm going to be a father soon!"


In time, I gave birth to our sweet girls. I named the older one Martha and the younger one Rachel, two names I liked and that were Biblical. 


As time went on, I got better at being able to tell the twins apart. I had read that it was a good idea to "colour code" twins. I knew some people dressed their twins identically, but I felt like it would be much easier in the long run to *not* do so. Even if they were identical, they were still two different people. So, I dressed Martha in pink and Rachel in purple.


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    • KWLand


      1 hour ago, dawn9476 said:

      3 babies in 4 years of marriage. Yikes. At least Alison is going to be 30 next month and not like 24, I guess.

      Nurie Keller will have 3 in 3.5 years.  Married July 2021 and baby 3 is due sometime between August and October 

    • dawn9476


      3 babies in 4 years of marriage. Yikes. At least Alison is going to be 30 next month and not like 24, I guess.

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    • justmy2cents

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, postscript said:

      There are a lot of babies due in the July through October window - Priscilla Waller, Nurie Keller, Tiffany Bates, Katie Bates Clark, Esther Bates, and now Allison. I think I’m missing. a few. 

      That makes one of the three rumored upcoming Bontrager grandkids. The other two must be among those not on social media.  

      There's also Kennedy Morton, Sierra Dominguez,  and the first Arndt grandbaby.

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    • GutenbergGirl


      I lost a baby at 24 weeks, back in 1989, when I was 14 years old.  Back then, there really wasn't any real efforts going on to save 24 weekers.  (I delivered at a small, rural hospital.  There probably were efforts made at larger hospitals in cities.)

      I would give almost anything to have pictures of him, and pictures of his dad and me with him.  It's been almost 35 years, and I still grieve for him.  It's not as devastating or as sharp as it was at first.  But, every time I hear of someone having a miscarriage, or stillbirth, or a baby who died shortly after birth, it brings my own grief for my baby to the surface again.  

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    • SisterCupcake


      3 hours ago, KSmom said:

      A couple of things: Mike Bickle is no longer associated with IHOP, they parted ways a few months ago. That’s doesn’t change how disgusting it is that the leadership that remains thinks that it can just rebrand itself and go on. Among many disgusting things about the whole thing this quote got me, “He said IHOPKC accrued “some pretty significant financial challenges,” with expenses outpacing revenue by about $500,000 a month.” Referring to the past 6 months since the scandal broke. That is sooo much money! My husband and I do community development work in KC and what we (and other community organizations) have to go through to fund food pantries, after school programs, etc.  It is like that everywhere I know, I just have zero tolerance for these charlatans.

      Read more at: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article287727480.html#storylink=cpy

      This is actually a really good article!

      I find it interesting that the organization thought about continuing on without Bickle but couldn't because "It’s very connected to who he is, and the anointing that is on his life...And those things are very inseparable." Yeah dude, it sucks when the church is really just one person. I have no use for any religion, but I have even less use for a "church" that was so all about one person that it falls apart when that one person leaves.

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