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  • Blog Comments

    • JeanieCat
      Happy Birthday, Thor! Time has certainly flown!😻
    • Dreadcrumbs
      I'm not doing a part 2 because it would be pointless. It's just extra footage. I still stand by my belief that this film is meant to double as a political statement that is laughable because PP doesn't care about others, and doesn't have the critical thinking abilities to take on a subject like a geopolitical conflict in any meaningful way. I think we all know that already, though.
    • Walking Cat Bed
      He is NOT! You adopted that tiny babycat last week!
    • HarryPotterFan
      He’s three??? Time flies!
    • Imrlgoddess
      He's got that one down pat   Several times a week there's a rogue noise and "dammit, where's he at!!??"
  • Recent Status Updates

    • lemonhead


      I'm baaaacccckkkk guys!
      I thought I'd take a little break from the interwebz. Three years later, I could no longer resist the siren call of my fundie snark buddies. I've missed you so much! sniff.
      · 2 replies
    • MayMay1123


      daughter is being induced...i don't want to do this
      · 4 replies
    • AliceInFundyland


      When you have an anxious client do not say, "I didn't say that."
      Multiple times now. Bad customer service... This lady is out of touch with my current reality.
      I was going to attempt to navigate straight around her but alas, manager is doing a mountain to coast run.
      Damn. If I can't get out of here then problem solve! Find strong people to move the toilet out of my functioning shower and I will be able to use it! 🙄
      · 3 replies
    • mango_fandango


      Someone is sitting on top of her house, watching me. 

      · 1 reply
    • AmericanRose


      Very tempted to get a large rug & air freshener, and say nothing about the carpet.
      · 2 replies