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    • 47of74
      Thank you!  Now it's 90° out.  AC works pretty good.  I have it set to 76° so I'm wondering now if my sister in law and my nieces would be grumbling that it's too warm at my place.  Parents have the house set at 76° and last summer my sister in law said that was too warm so I snuck it down to 73° and the girls seemed to be happier but mom grumbled it was too cold then.  I might actually turn it up a few degrees because it almost seems too cold in here. I think I actually inherited my mom's
    • FiveAcres
    • 47of74
      My watch says it's 88° out right now.  Finally broke down, closed the windows, and turned the AC on.  Only the second time I've run it for any length of time. 
    • Cartmann99
    • 47of74
      Had a FB friend say that it was 90s in upstate New York the other day.  Of course I had to go tell her what the weather was like in Minnesota.  Expressions of dislike ensued. When my sister and brother in law lived in St. Charles, Missouri (St. Louis area) my brother and I went to visit them one spring weekend.  Temperature had dropped in less than 24 hours from close to 90 down to the mid 30s.  We froze our hind parts off at a Cardinals game.  We went to another game the next evening and t
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    • VooDooChild


      The colonoscopy prep drink is absolutely disgusting. 
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    • SillyDillys


      Sooo. I turned down the new job, realized I've been scammed.
      Also today I'm 26 and drunk right now. My amazing husband took me to Chicago to a rooftop bar and I'm so glad my mom is here to babysit and I pumped enough to last her a few days
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    • 47of74


      Yeah looking at you Twin Cities drivers...

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    • feministxtian


      My former JW stepdaughter has just come out as pro-choice!!!
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    • petrushka


      With the fall of Roe v. Wade, now would be a great time to start taxing religious institutions so we can increase funding for women's and children's health and education services.  Males 18-25 still have to register for Selective Service; how about adding a DNA database to that requirement to help track down impregnators and hold them responsible for their part?
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