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  • Blog Comments

    • catlady
      he's such a handsome little boy!
    • Gobbles
      Okay, screw the UP. It only has "Automated Manual Transmission" and not a "Direct Shift Gearbox". So back to the one I like the most, the VW Polo. (A bit more expensive though.)
    • mango_fandango
      Congrats on your wedding!! And I sniggered when I saw the Nathan Bates thing. That guy sounded like such a douche for saying that. Props to Tori for wearing her hair how she damn well wanted!!
    • precious blessing
      I'll admit that since I officially joined FJ, I like to read your posts even though I have no idea what's going on, lol (huge simmer... basically learned to read by playing TS1) I'll also admit that upon reading your posts, I made a fundie family in TS3. Haven't played too much. I set a lot of... restrictions for my sims? Like, I feel really guilty about letting the mother listen to music while she's alone at home... they aren't allowed jobs, the mother grifts via social media and the father dumpster-dives and saves the difference. I thought about basing them in Moonlight Falls just to vastly exaggerate the... ungodliness of their neighbors. Imaginary friends are also ungodly! I wish I could play TS4; I bought it on Origin and played a bit, before realizing my laptop didn't have the specs and doing irreparable damage to it :'D haven't played TS2 in awhile, but I was just thinking about it the other day.
    • mango_fandango
      What I particularly find funny with Sims giving birth is that, in amongst their moaning and groaning, they always go DOONOOWAHNOOBOO! which sounds like "do not want nooboo". Nooboo is the Simlish for baby.
  • Recent Status Updates

    • lawlifelgbt


      This is a month of weekly prep along with some dinner ideas! Every weekend I prep four meals for lunch at 310 calories each (spinach or mixed greens salad with feta cheese and dried cranberries and a mini Babybel cheese, or a whole wheat wrap with turkey, 1 slice cheese, greens, and either light ranch or hummus, mini cheese). I alternate salads and wraps. Could use nuts or dressing instead of dried fruit to reduce the sugar here.
      Each morning is yogurt or breakfast biscuits at 150-210 calories, so breakfast is 260-320 calories once I add coffee creamer and energy drink.
      Snacks: various fruit, vegetable chips 130-140 calories a serving, hummus, high-protein reduced fat ice cream.

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    • Gobbles


      Going to a car dealer later today. Just looking to see if I like the car model, no test drive as I obviously need a license for that, but I can test sit it. We will check out at least three different models during the next weeks. VW Polo, Toyota Yaris and the Honda Jazz (Fit in other parts of the world).
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    • lawlifelgbt


      I have lost 57 pounds slowly and healthily since last December. Would people be interested in seeing my weekly food preparation for breakfast, lunches, and snacks? The food is pretty much all from Aldi and available year round so it would be a way to get healthy budget ideas.
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    • polecat


      I think I've hit my emotional rock bottom. I can only go up from here, right?
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    • EmiGirl


      Trying to ignore "the growl" and stay upstairs so o dont anything!
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