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    • 47of74
      Not that I know of.  I have been in vehicles with her on road trips where she was sitting in back and I was up front and I reached up to turn on the air conditioner and immediately get informed of the need to turn it off since she is cold. 
    • Cartmann99
      Does your mother ever ask your dad to get ice cream in the summer, but then wants him to turn the car heater on  because the ice cream made her cold? If so, we might be long-lost cousins!
    • FiveAcres
      I have a close friend who lives in a concrete block house here in Colorado. I've been trying to convince her to, at least, get a contractor out to bid on retrofitting her house with air conditioning. As she gets older, she is suffering from summer heat worse each year. When she first moved to that house, over twenty years ago, overnight lows would cool down the house enough that there would only be a few hours a day that were overly warm.  We lived in the foothills for 25 years without air
    • 47of74
      I grew up in a farm house built sometime around 1880 with parental units who resisted putting in an AC for years.  So I know what it's like to not be able to sleep cause of how fornicating hot it was in the house, even with fans going full blast.  Around 2000 mom finally broke down and got a window unit for the living room.  Then about 15 years ago they put a geothermal system in so we have climate control in the house now.  I have to use a window unit in my room cause the way the system was des
    • Cartmann99
      @47of74 said: *nods* Staring at the ceiling at 3am because it's too hot to sleep is not fun. 🥵
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    • PoppyPeace


      I am wondering, is there a #FreeBritney thread?
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    • HarryPotterFan


      The awkward moment when you pretend to be an expert on religion and say “sexual immortality.” At least I stopped myself from saying,  the “New Amendment.”  
      But onto a religion I DO know about, I wish a meaningful fast to all those who are participating 
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    • Destiny


      I'm proud of you CA! Congrats on everyone who did their part on yesterday's group project! ❤️
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    • Destiny


      Californians, you have one job today. DO NOT BLOW IT! The rest of us are counting on you.
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    • 47of74


      I've got something in my eyes now.
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