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  • Blog Comments

    • Destiny
      I am going to lose a beloved family member to cancer any hour now. I agree. I'm glad you are back. You have been missed. <3 
    • thoughtful
      I am just catching up after over 2 years away from FJ, so my thoughts are late but heartfelt. RIP Arete. Cancer is a vicious thief.
    • Someone Out There
      I'm sure as you get your driving experience up you will feel more comfortable driving faster with more traffic and understand the flows and are able to anticipate other drivers actions better.  I remember being nervous after returning to driving after not driving for a few years (and not really having driven all that much before that).  I only got really comfortable with driving a month or two after buying a car and driving it around regularly.  I am comfortable and relaxed at 110 km/h now (the maximum speed limit for the good highways/freeways around here,  the only place I know of that has a higher speed limit is 130 km/h for some roads in the Northern Territory). Good luck with it all.
    • Saltymaiden
      Best of luck with your exam Gobbles!
    • victoriasponge
      @neurogirl haha I'm housesitting at my parents' right now with no gaming PC, but maybe when I get back to it... Honestly, I'd pick Elsie, she doesn't have as much of a creepy fundie stare/smile going on.
  • Recent Status Updates

    • SamiKatz


      Sunday morning:  sipping tea while listening to the rain outside.  Had a cat on my lap but he left.
      If I had a lakefront view, this would be perfect.
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    • mango_fandango


      This is possibly the best score line in a World Cup match that England has ever had. 
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    • Destiny


      Having a singalong to Moulin Rouge with with my best friend. Life is good. 
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    • EmiGirl


      Is there a nice way to tell my in-laws of almost 9 years that I did not change my last name? I'm so incredibly tired of getting mail with my name hyphenated or mr and mrs husband'slastname or husband and emi hislastnane?
      · 2 replies
    • feministxtian


      The great apartment hunt is OVER!!!! We found a place,
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