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    • Black Aliss
      If I may, I'd like to recommend finding a clinical social worker (usually an MSW, but some have PhDs). In my experience, psychiatrists are great if you need meds in addition to talk therapy and psychologists are great if you want to delve into how everything came to be. But if you are looking to change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change, in my experience (5 decades-worth of therapy on and off) clinical social workers are the ones who are the most solution-focused. Researc
    • clueliss
      I read the book circa 1989/1990 or so.  And I love this movie.  
    • PumaLover
      I haven't been there in years but I did actually hear about that. I will have to try them.
    • Maggie Mae
      It was a nationwide change. They still have all the same stuff to make a 7 layer burrito and you can still do the "sub beans" or "make it fresco" or "make it vegetarian" but the potatoes are gone. Pretty much all the fast food places used Covid as an excuse to pare down menus. California has Del Taco, though, so that could be an option? I think they have a vegan menu. 
    • PumaLover
      Is this really true? It's literally the only fast food place I eat at and it's come in handy many, many times. I don't eat meat and I spend a lot of time in rural towns. I'm over Subway at this point and Taco Bell always comes through with a hot, cheap and filling meal. I'm in California and last I saw they had an extensive vegetarian menu, so maybe it's different where you are. But man I will be sad if that happens here. I'm in a big food rut at the moment and on the days I don't cook I ju
  • Recent Status Updates

    • candygirl200413


      I am gutted.
      · 0 replies
    • 47of74


      Now on to pumpkin spice coffee, beer, food items, etc etc...
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    • clueliss


      I spent an hour this morning at a cat cafe.  All but two of the cats there are available for adoption.  I needed a bit of kitty time and it was a wonderful way to get it in.  I miss my spook but I’m not ready to take a new at on quite yet.  Granted, on juvenile cat of a Siamese sort crawled into my lap three times and it is very tempting to snatch him up.  
      I also donated leftover, unopened cans of the Rx k/d (kidney care) cat food the rescue.  I had contacted the, a week or so back.
      · 3 replies
    • donnal


      My guy had to go out of town yesterday and I'm home alone until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Day 1 was fun, but now I'm over it and bored out of my mind 😭
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      It's happened.  I've lost all pleasure in food.
      I still eat every day, still eating clean...I just no longer enjoy eating anything.  It's just fuel.  
      · 4 replies
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