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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Spending Sunday buying new tires.  If I were a Duggar this would be accompanied by very flattering selfies and hashtags about #QualityTimeAtTheMallWhileWaiting.
      if I were a Maxwell it would be accompanied by a self-congratulatory blog post on how self sufficient I am.  And a bible verse.
      Since I’m an fjer instead mine included a stop at the food court to eat overpriced burgers with my son and some whining about how things that aren’t fun to buy, like tires, shouldn’t cost so much!
      coming at ya from outside Hot Rags where my son buys a shirt and I am slowly smoked like a brisket with patchouli incense.
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    • AliceInFundyland


      Bohemian Rhapsody is fucking amazing. Watch it before the Oscars. Can be rented.
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    • nastyhobbitses


      I ran 13.5 miles and now my knee is really hurting. Not fucking good. Really not fucking good. I have a little under 3 months left of training so I can take time off to recover but nononononono
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    • fransalley


      I can't remember who it was that posted about the Amber Alert where the little girl was found dead.  Was this the story you were talking about?  

      I remember when an Amber Alert went off in the middle of church.  I think it was the first time that the new alert system had been used (with the loud, "obnoxious" beep), and afterwards, our minister explained what it was.  The sound is attention-getting, and isn't that the point?
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    • Bethella


      Caffeine, Snow, Sled-dogs. http://www.up200.org/
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