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    • bea
      PUPPY!  PICTURES PLEASE!! I had a Sheltie when I was young and she was just the best dog - she had a fairly pronounced underbite, so she wasn't show quality, but she was AKC registered and FLUFFY.
    • meep
      Yes a female Shetland Sheepdog puppy! Bi-blue color. It is funny, she has a mostly white face but some black markings around her eyes, so it looks like she has a really aggressive eyebrow over one eye. 😂
    • FiveAcres
      So you are getting a female Shetland Collie puppie?
    • meep
      I miss reading these!
    • 47of74
      The range isn't as much as it is when it's warmer out, about 180 miles when full during the winter compared to about 260 or more in the warmer parts of the year.  Charging can take a while longer too.  But due to the extra weight of the battery the Bolt has a lower center of gravity and handles pretty well in the snow.  I try not to tempt fate too much going out in bad weather but if I do have to go somewhere as long as I take it easy I can be reasonably assured of getting there.
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    • mango_fandango


      It’s not supposed to be mosquito season right now but I still appear to have been bitten twice on the side of my foot. Bastards. I know I shouldn’t scratch but it’s so tempting… 😑
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    • Therapy Outside the Box

      Therapy Outside the Box

      I'm brand new to this forum. It was suggested to me by former and outspoken Remnant Fellowship member (Natasha Pavlovich) that I join this forum and put out here what I do. She also warned me that no one on here trusts, or trusts easily, and that I'd likely be assumed to be a Remnant plant or spy until vetted and verified as not that. Fair enough. 
      In short, and in truth, I'm a psychotherapist with 25 yrs experience in Franklin TN (less than three miles from RF incidentally) with a special interest in working with people formerly associated with cults, cult-like or any and all high control intitutions. I'm especially interested in working with those desiring not only deconstruct, recover and learn to thrive post-indoctrination, but those desiring to recapture or cultivate an authentic sense of theology without walls, or spirituality with borders. 
      To date, I've worked with former Amish, Mennonite, LDS/FLDS, FOG, and a those representing a whole slew of evangelical, fire and brimstone fear/shame/guilt-inducing institutions.
      I am especially interested in working with former Remnant Fellowship and Scientology members. I view RF as basically Scientology without the budget. 
      I'll leave it there. Much more can be gleaned about me through my website: therapyoutsidethebox.com or IG: @ therapyoutsidethebox
      Chris Hancock, LCSW
      Franklin, TN

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    • Kiki03910


      I have a friend with untreated autism and ADHD. I've tried so fucking hard to help. He refuses. It's a mess. I'm really really tired.
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    • Kiki03910


      Making Jill Duggar's brownie recipe because why not stay up late.
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    • 47of74


      Party on aisle 15....

      Also no interest if fully paid in so many months.
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