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    • HerNameIsBuffy
      You are so strong and have been through so much.  I couldn't be happier you are in a place to grab this and own it.  I've said before, many times, that I'd love to work with you not just because I like you, but because the work style you so beautifully communicate is one I respect and is most compatible with my own.  I suspect there would be many times I'd be the annoying co-worker you'd like to vent about on FJ,  but I have nothing but respect for your focus on compliance and audits.  As Tom Ha
    • Howl
      This is bringing back an informal and saucy Nixon-era campaign slogan:  Vote for Nixon in 72! Don't change Dicks in the middle of a screw! 
    • clueliss
      @PennySycamore - by the time he resigned/left office -  we had moved and my parents were divorced.  74 was a defining year in my life for many reasons.
    • 47of74
      It's why I think the pardon power needs a real going over to prevent abuse like we saw with pcff.  I think it should be locked down so that it's not a get out of jail free card like it was with pcff.  And no President should ever be allowed to pardon a predecessor.  That should be left up to Congress.  Maybe if Ford hadn't pardoned that SOB Nixon we wouldn't have had all these problems because Presidents would have learned that they were not above the law.
    • PennySycamore
      I was glued to the Watergate hearings and an active member of the Committee for the Impeachment of Richard Nixon at UGA.  I  recall the day that Nixon resigned very well.  I was at work at my summer job doing phone interviews about Georgia public tv for my sociology prof when we heard the news that Nixon was resigning at noon the next day.  A bunch of my friends and I went to the Spaghetti Store in Athens to toast Nixon's resignation at noon.    Ford should definitely not have pardoned Tric
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Imperfect Foods - have anyone tried them?  
      I'm getting my first box today.  I've never done a subscription box of any kind before, and I'm disproportionately excited.
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      But it's still Friday so there's that!

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    • Kailash


      Side note: This is a special To Do list, as it’s @Karma’s last weekend before her surgery so please join in with your plans and well wishes for her. ❤️
      Hey Friends! It’s Friday here, and I’m on a three day weekend, two of which I’ll be without my car. So I have no excuse not to get things done! Join me in grandiose ideas of productivity or even realistic goals. 😀
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    • finnlassie


      Ended a toxic relationship. Last nail in the coffin was calling my dad about this yesterday, and him immediately listing reasons why he didn't like him. Yeah. I trust his judgement more than anyone else's. QUARANTINE SINGLE TIMES WOOOOOO!!!!
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    • Destiny


      Tonight's attempt at making delicious tofu is in the oven. Early results seem promising so far.
      I love tofu and being able to make it and not have it be hot garbage would be delightful.
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