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Pickles (a/k/a Pickles and Hairspray) Archive

Life is not all Pickles and Hairspray is a facebook page run by a woman known as Pickles.  She was a member of Free Jinger until she was banned for her refusal to understand that you can't post potentially libelous statements here.  She was given many warnings and after a particularly long night of posting pictures with misleading titles, she was banned.

She runs the facebook page with an often inconsistent hand.  She claims to have insider info regularly most of which is repackaged things she has read on other websites (never giving them attribution, while screaming if someone takes a picture she has no copyright claim to and screaming about her copyright).

She bans people quite frequently so many FJers have been banned over the years.  A few members keep those who can't or don't want to read her page updated.


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