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What BJDs do you have? What's on your wishlist?


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Anyone else collect Ball Jointed Dolls? I've been in the hobby since late 2008... I initially thought I'd never be able to afford even one, but I rolled some change and saved a bit, and my first arrived Dec. 15, 2008. Then they began multiplying. 

I now have... 39? How did that happen? The current population includes

The Airship Crew:

  • Crow - Dolkot Day
  • Riddick - Dollzone Mo
  • Finn - Minifee Shushu
  • Kale - Minifee Elf Shiwoo
  • Asher - Littlefee Elf Shiwoo
  • Talyn - Minifee El
  • Eliza - Iplehouse Benny
  • Baron - Lati Rucas 
  • Ed - Ringdoll Valo
  • Sprocket - Puki Puki Pipi

their City Staff:

  • Dacey - Withdoll Taren
  • Marnie - Minifee Woosoo (modified)
  • Cecily - Souldoll Amy
  • Sabrina - Hujoo Sara

Mystical Creatures:

  • Alexander - Soom Grit
  • Sapphira - Resinsoul Ni
  • Nobody - Doll Chateau Carol

the Professors and their Associates:

  • Devon - Delf Yder
  • Ciaran - Delf El
  • Brandon - Dream of Doll Ducan 
  • Gideon - Dream of Doll Kalix 
  • Nova - Delf Nanuri 07
  • Rowan - Delf Shiwoo and Minifee Shiwoo
  • Stella - Hujoo Io
  • Murphy - Dollshe Bernard

the Pirates:

  • Samuel - Dollmore Pado
  • Fitch - Dollzone Xi-Aliester
  • Ruth - Minifee Scar Shiwoo
  • Jack - Minifee Scar Breakaway 
  • Riley - Luts Bory
  • Justice - Doll in Mind Ace
  • Kestrel - Minifee Seorin
  • Clara - Doll Chateau Elizabeth

the Elves:

  • Jester - Minifee Karsh 
  • Rex - Minifee Yder
  • March - Resinsoul Song
  • Marley - Withdoll Juwel 
  • Noelle - Minifee Juri 14 (elf Soony)

Several of those are hybrids, I just noted the head sculpt above. And I have two more heads without bodies that may eventually get added to the crew! I need to paint Murphy, Justice and Nobody so I can take a group photo. It'll have to be outside and I'll need to recruit my sister to help, I think. I haven't done any real photo shoots in ages, so that's one of my goals for the summer  

They live on shelves, behind curtains. This was a couple years ago, they are more crowded now!




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I love your collection! 

Oh MAN, I want a BJD so bad. It will never happen unless I sell pretty much the entirety of my gang of AGs, but I always look and love. A few I've pined for over the years are

Iplehouse Limited JID Benny - I mean, come on, just LOOK at her.

Iplehouse Special Edition JID Asa - Again, guhhhhh.

Smart Doll Harmony - Danny Choo is Jimmy Choo's son, and Jimmy designs the doll's shoes!, and she just looks fun!

Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint

Pullip Sepia Classical Alice

Pullip Mad Hatter in Steampunk World


Pullip Wonder Festival Batgirl

(I... really like Pullips :my_blush: )


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13 hours ago, applejack said:

I love your collection! 

Oh MAN, I want a BJD so bad. It will never happen unless I sell pretty much the entirety of my gang of AGs, but I always look and love. A few I've pined for over the years are

Iplehouse Limited JID Benny - I mean, come on, just LOOK at her.


Thank you! I love them so much.

Also, Benny. LOVE. Mine is in the Light Brown resin color. I have to say, the majority of my dolls are secondhand, and the ones I have bought new (like the Benny) were bought when there was a special event - I think Iplehouse had a 5% off code and also were doing all colors except ebony (which is what I wanted) at the same price as NS. My Benny is named Eliza and is loosely inspired by Bessie Coleman.


I don't have a Pullip, yet, but I keep looking. I barely resisted when I found the Peter Pan one at Tuesday Morning last winter! I do have a Hestia Doll (Pullip body, smaller head), which I like. 


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