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Hey y'all! Does anyone have any current or finished knitting projects to share? I was a pretty frequent knitter before we had kids, but I've never really consistently kept up with my projects since then. I have spurts of knitting, then I go dry again. 

I'm trying to get in the habit of knitting at least a bit each school day. Right now I'm working on a few dishcloths for a niece. 20181017_013744.thumb.jpg.1493f9da004fc157747c290d189f6883.jpg

The two white dishcloths are Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn and the blue one is Red Heart Scrubby yarn. It's the polyester version of the Scrubby. I have some cotton Scrubby, but I haven't tried it yet. I made 2 scrubby dishcloths for myself, and I like them so far. The yarn doesn't show any texture in the knit, so plain squares seem best for it.

I also have a twin sized afghan and 3 or 4 baby afghans started, but I don't have any pictures. One of these days I need to get brave and knit a sweater. :my_biggrin:

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Yay! I finished a couple more things! I started and finished a simple hat for my oldest. It's just a basic pattern, but the color matches her new winter coat. 

Side view:


View from the top:


Today I finished a scarf (for my new-ish winter coat) that I started last winter.



My coat is gray and black on the outside, but the inner part is similar to the color of the scarf. I've decided that the coat has more of a robin's egg blue color, and the scarf is more of a light mint green color, but it still works. The stripes are actually gray, but I had a hard time getting the colors kind of right in the pic. 

My youngest wants a pair of orange and blue mittens next. I guess it's good to be in demand. ;)

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I'm drowning in PhDs, a neverending garter stitch sweater for my niece, a sweater for me, a scarf for a friend, another for my sister. And I have some samples to knit for my LYS where I will be teaching classes next year. 

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