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I didn't know it was possible for Derrick to be any less attractive, but I guess I was wrong. Not even copious amounts of alchoholol can get rid of the sight of his puking 

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I know someone else already did this, but my contributions:  

If you think those were good... #prayforhippyjesus #soblessed #isstupidapreexistingcondition #itshouldbe 

Can we just revel in the fact that a 1,000 homophobes were glittered bombed?  Thank you miss Cindy! Not only does she have great taste but she constantly trolls jim bob.  Austin made that we

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Jeremy said they are staying in Texas long-term. Yes Jinger, stay away from Arkansas! Find what little freedom you can!

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Boy howdy, JIll is really struggling to come up with nice things to say about Jinger. 

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Janice needs stop with the hair extensions. 

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Just now, zygote373 said:

How many times do we have to see this goddamn clip of him being "gaggy" 


Pray for Derick. Send him money! :P 

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6 months earlier…

We begin in the girls' bedroom at the TTH. Jill talks about how now that Joy and Austin are courting, they should all go on a triple date. They look through a rack of the girls' clothes. Flashback to several weeks ago when Austin asked Joy to court, up on the hillside at the retreat.

Jill and Jessa are going to help Joy pick out a date outfit. Jessa pulls out a denim dress/top and ask if it's Joy's and she says no, it's Jana's. Joy explains that all the girls have had their clothes all together up until Jill and Jessa moved away. Jana, Jinger and Joy all have different styles so now they separate their clothes.

Joy doesn't want to be super casual or super fancy. Jessa says she's pretty plain, simple. She wears a lot of T-shirts. Joy says she likes to wear whatever Austin likes.

Austin is asked to give three words to describe Joy's style: "I love it."

Joy explains that she said she didn't used to like wearing dresses but now Austin likes her in dresses so she's branching out. Jill jokingly holds up a pair of PJs as a suggestion.

Jessa complains about how uncomfortable it is to be in her third trimester. They play a flashback to the gender reveal. They plan to keep the baby's  gender a secret right til the end. We all know how that turned out.

The girls decide to run to town to find a new outfit. They drive a black Honda Pilot.

Cut to JinJer in Laredo.

They are settling into life and making breakfast tacos in their teeny tiny kitchen. Jeremy offers to cut up apples.

Jinge talks about how she's getting used to making food for just two people. She's getting used to the weather in Laredo. The biggest change is how quiet it is there, and she's getting used to it. There is a large box of Starbucks coffee in the background.

Jinger is going to do laundry while Jeremy hits the books. There's no real adjustment period. It just all feels natural to them. Jeremy says she didn't know just how much he sings, and he always has a tune in his head. Jinge loves it.

TH: Producers ask Hippie Jesus what one surprising thing was about living with Jill and he says, "If you only knew. JK" Jessa complains about how Ben bangs his toothbrush on the side of the sink and splatters the mirror (this is a valid complaint IMO). Jill talks in her sleep. So does D-wreck apparently.

Jeremy talks about the work it takes to be a pastor, and reach the community for the gospel. He spends 30-40 hours a week at his home office doing church stuff. Jinger only does laundry once or twice a week and it takes some adjustment. She has to have quarters and stuff for the laundry room. 

She misses her family and it's sad to not see Spurgy and Izzy growing up and changing. The best thing about them being married is that they don't have to say goodbye every night.

Jeremy helps Jinger fill their laundry bags and they head back up to their apartment. Commercial break.


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these people do know they are adults right - enough with what you used to have to deal with 

your married 


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Jessa says that they don't "wear the prairie dresses or the bloomers" anymore. She's definitely been around. 

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Poor Jessa doesn't have her partner in crime and has holier than now Jilly muffin to tell her to keep sweet and shit. Throwing shade about Duggar modesty.

I miss the days when Jessa would say something snarky, jinger made the face to agree. Imagine not having that anymore and being really pregnant it's actually sad.

And I don't think Joy is being pathetic. I remember in high school I use to try and wear something cute so my boyfriend would be like damnnn! 

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1. You wear black shoes with a blue suit, not brown.

2. It's not "by the power invested in me". It's "vested" for pete's sake.

Are we all SUPER EXCITED??

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My life would be significantly better if they would stop showing derick gagging. 

Or derick at all. 

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It's the hate DirtyJesus. If you stopped being so hateful, you'd stop gagging. Maybe Jill is poisoning him? :P 

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Can they test dericks brain compacity while they are checking his lungs? He just needs to use ben's medicine. And are the damn donors paying for this appointment? 

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he has to look at his watch to find out when he is leaving the country 

that was weird 

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season of life

I do feel a little bad about Derick's allergies. My sister is allergic to carrots and peanuts and it's awful on her body.

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