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  1. samurai_sarah

    Jinger Duggar Vuolo 60

    Carry on from here:
  2. Continued from here: In addition to having a fee based instagram business, Jinger is continuing "cooking" videos. Her latest is "Indonesian Fried Rice" made with packages of Nasi Goreng mix. ::smh::
  3. Continued from here: Jeremy continues at seminary and eating out. Jinger enters the last trimester of pregnancy. Hopefully Felicity is still dancing.
  4. I tried to bake these yeast rolls Jinger posted in instagram a couple of days ago. I was distracted by my attempts to convert ounces and cups into gramms and mililiters. I thought I managed it until I was confused about the amount of flour compared to the amount of yeast. Maybe Rufus was sitting next to me and and had the feeling he should step in. A quick Google search told me that cups of fluids and cups of flour are different. I should have got to that conclusion by myself, but I didn't. Well, because of my mental calculator running hot, the information that she did put the eggs into a 2-cup measuring cup (which I don't have because I am european) and filled it up with the hot water totally slipped through my fingers. So the endproduct was too fluid. I am not a first time baker so I knew what to do. I added flour. Lots of flour. So much flour that my cookingchef tried to commit suicide by jumping of the table. Rufus stepped in again! At this point my dough rises in the oven and is still not smooth and elastic enough. I will have to add more flour I suppose by hand. I guess when I take a look in my kitchen I will find a measuring cup with "cups" on it.
  5. Continued from here... Thanks @SassyPants for the thread title.
  6. Continued from here: Previously on Fundies Do Weird Shit, Jinger entered into a marketing arrangement with a LA donut shop. Said donut shop fired her with a scathing rebuke of their beliefs. More here: H/T to @DarkAnts for the screenshot.
  7. Continued from here: I wanted the title to be Making the Most of Studio City, but they keep wandering to Los Angeles hits like the Farmer's Market.
  8. Forget Wal*Marts, Michelle, because Jinger is headed to an undeniably big city: Los Angeles! It's unlikely the Vuolo family will change much in terms of their beliefs, but none of the Duggar comments to Jinger on giving up her city dreams to focus on "contentment" have aged well. And what are we here for if not to celebrate when asinine Duggar comments come back to bite them? But Jinger is finally headed to her big city. And if any Duggars ever tell a daughter to give up on their dreams ever again, they can take the 40 W to the 210, merge on to the 605 S, take the exit from the 605 to the 10, take the 10 to the 101, skip ALL the exits, and NEVER come back! (If you've never seen the SNL skit The Californians, which is where this joke is borrowed from, it's so accurate to LA that it hurts) Continued from:
  9. Marie Kondo has invaded another thread, and I'm not even sorry because I've just finished a huge glass of kon-mari kool aid. Title is word play from the cult of Kondo, so if you haven't read her books or seen Netflix's Tidying Up, you may not get it. Sometimes Jinger makes cute organizers, I guess? Sometimes Jeremy makes disgusting sermons, I know that. Continued from:
  10. There is not enough gloss/glitz/glamour to cover the hatefulness here. Jeremy has been expressing his privilege and entitlement along with some truly ugly views about racism, sexism/sexual assault and more, as detailed in the previous thread:
  11. The birth episode has aired, and FJ is picking it apart. Continued from:
  12. Jinger and Jeremy have welcomed 8lb 3oz Felicity Nicole on July 19th, in some sort of medical or birthing center from the looks of it, and are now embarking on a campaign of hashtag relatable parenting. FJ talks childhood dolls (not the creepy kind) and sleep with infants. Article is here for quick reference: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/jinger-duggar-gives-birth-welcomes-first-child-with-jeremy-vuolo/ Continued From:
  13. Continued from here: Baby is basically due any day now. Official date is said to be 7/20. Title will change when baby arrives. Please do not start new threads. Thanks!
  14. Continued from here: Jinjer did a maternity photo shoot. Jeremy gave Jinger a baby heartbeat necklace. Much OT talk of geographical stereotypes. And we likely still have a few more weeks to wait.
  15. Continued from here: Jinger is 31 weeks pregnant (thanks to @llg1234 for sharing this photo on the previous thread) Jeremy has been accepted onto a course at The Master’s Seminary, which is linked to Grace Community Church. Jeremy is currently pastor of a branch of GCC in Laredo, so it seems logical that he would choose TMS for further study. There is a Dallas campus, but people speculated on the previous thread that Jeremy might prefer to go to the main campus in California, where he would be exposed to the leaders of the organisation and be better placed to network. They haven’t made any announcements about plans (work, home, church) other than sharing that Jeremy has been offered a place on the course.
  16. Last post by @LacyMay here: mostly talking about whether ovens should be preheated for best results...
  17. Continued here: The usual name thread drift has lead us to thread 2 already.
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