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Mr & Mrs Jill Duggar 60: The Shilling Dillards


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I think at this point fundie-lite just describes this nebulous grey area where someone maybe was a fundie in the past, or maybe they never were but they seem kind of fundie, but they do/say/wear things that seem unfundie, so what are they? And I think the more important question is, does it actually matter that much if someone is a fundie vs. a conservative evangelical? It's nice to have labels, but they don't always work. There are some people who are VERY fundie in most aspects of their religion/personal lives, yet they stay out of politics completely (or are sometimes even surprisingly politically progressive). Then there are others who are decidedly unfundie in their clothing/behaviour/habits/etc. and yet are definitely working hard to impose their very rigid and oppressive ideal of a fundamentalist Christian theocracy on the rest of us. So who are the real fundies?

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59 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

I also want to add to this discussion the idea of requiring prayer in school, and saying that the U.S. has fallen because "God was taken out of the schools". No, it doesn't matter that they wouldn't send their children to public school anyway, they are convince the all the ills of society is because there has not been prayer in school and God in school.

I identify as a Christian but am completely opposed to prayer in school. I do believe in a moment of silence so a student can choose to pray to any deity he or she would like or choose to think about the math test or what's for lunch. I also like to ask the hard-hitting prayer in school crowd, "Which version of The Lord's Prayer should be used? Christians can't even agree on debts, trespasses or sinners, and Protestants have at the end for that is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen which the Catholics don't."

A Christian author I follow on FB was talking about how she found "God not allowed in schools" offensive. God can be stopped by a government regulation? He can be kept out of places? This goes against the belief Christians have that God is with us always. 

So every time I see someone post that or hear someone say that, I always remember what she shared. 

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