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Found 33 results

  1. Do clothes make the fundie? Or is it something more? FJ discusses the nature of fundie-dom and how it is defined. Also probably the Dillards will eventually do something stupid, and we'll talk about them here too. Continued from: Also the naming convention of the title is taken from my Catholic school family directory that listed all families by the father, and then put the mother's first name in parentheses. Even as a 5th grader I was deeply offended and wanted to lodge a complaint. But everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is that you learn an offensive and marginalizing way to list families so you can offend and marginalize Derick Dillard.
  2. Carry on from here: Credit to @HarleyQuinn for the updated thread title
  3. Previous thread here: Derick is still being hateful on social media, and is still Jill’s favourite husband. Jill is still trying to create a nice, shiny social media presence for all of them, in the least socially-aware way possible. Skinny jeans and chai tea can’t cover the dangerous ‘life hacks’ or the kind of intolerance that Jill mistakes for cute mommy prayers. #NeedsToImproveHerHashtagGame
  4. Carry on from here: Last post by @AlwaysExcited: Apart from considerations of Santa’s true nationality and whether Finland really exists (thanks @Rachel333), Derick has been shooting his mouth on Twitter. Apparently he has been ‘volunteering’ for TLC and even People magazine for years. What a guy. Also, please bear this in mind when considering your responses: ETA: Credit to @marmaladefor the thread title and @HarleyQuinnfor the gorgeous meme
  5. Continue from here: Last post by @HarryPotterFan: Catching up.... One of my coworkers said her 4-year-old calls his dad by his first name since he hears her do it. He also seems like a mini extra sassy version of her and is very dramatic. Like he apparently told his grandpa they needed to have a serious conversation over coffee, and sat his grandpa down to have a serious chat about playtime. I guess he can’t ask his wife for advise on how to interact with kids because she’s a woman? What a wanker. Derdick: Hey Jill, is this power point and suit appropriate for small children? Jill: *stares at him* Are you fucking with me? Hell no, you idiot. Here, bring our Christian-themed puppets. And look for some short cartoons on YouTube or Veggie Tales to replace that power point crap. (ok she’d never say that but a girl can dream) It’s just so weird a father with so many little kid in-laws wouldn’t know how to interact with children. He clearly doesn’t think it’s worth bothering to try or learn. A freaking power point presentation in a suit from a wedding? Get some puppets or something. This is like when I was a pre-school summer camp counselor when I was 18, and the lead teacher (she was probably in her 50s) wore platform shoes everyday. To a classroom full of kids ages 2-3. And she kept insisting she “doesn’t know what to do with this age” because she normally taught 4-year-olds. YOU HAVE GROWN CHILDREN. They were little once!! And you never took a child development course? She had more experience with tiny children than me and the other junior counselor (who was 16ish and an asshole). I know Nathan’s mom filed for emergency custody but she dropped it. When is Jenelle going to finally lose custody of that kid? “I see you Jenelle, havin’ a la-di-da time with your BOOYYYYYYYFRIEND!!” That woman puts up with too much shit. I wish she could take in Kaiser and Ensley, but I get that a woman in her 60s might not have the energy and finances to raise two tiny children and any other babies on drugs Jenelle pops out. I’m glad MTV fired David, but fans are pissed it took this long. He’s shown lots of violent, scary, abusive behavior on the show, who knows how he acts behind closed doors. And now the production crew doesn’t want to go out to “the Land” to film Jenelle. And it’s like okay if you’re scared for your life what about the kids?? I will lose my shit if they do this. We know Jill has no problem appropriating Jewish culture. No Jill and Dwreck, Moses would throw the Ten Commandments at you in a fit of rage. Noah wouldn’t let you on the ark. Jesus thinks you’re an asshole.
  6. Last thread here: Thanks to the ever-popular thread drift for the title! Jill and Derick are still grifting, they think that a Muslim family needs to try "American food" (Rufus, preserve us all from Duggar haute cuisine), and generally act like dinguses. Carry on!
  7. Last thread here: Jill had a birthday recently, making her 26. She also felt the need to tweet about her sisters' and her lawsuit, y'know, for sexual abuse victims. Honestly, though, I do feel sorry for her that she's clearly been misled about the legality of this whole mess. In other news, all the Dillards are back in the U.S.A., presumably for the wedding of Joy-Anna, but also they said they're getting ready for the birth of Dill #2, so they'll be parked in Arkansas for awhile. Derick and Jill continue to try and bring Christians to Gothard!Jesus, with small, if any, results. May the Lord lay it on their hearts to stop trying to convert Catholics. Ayyyy-men.
  8. Last thread here: Title is an homage to the idea that Jill and Derick felt the need to teach grown people in Central America how to make piñatas. Why. We also discussed Jill's writing style, Derick's short hair, and birth control. We're still waiting on the Dillards' return to Arkansas. Will they get a clue about actually useful skills for mission work in the meantime? Probably not.
  9. Previously, we talked about our earliest news memory (for the record, mine is a super vague memory of the Los Angeles Olympics. The fully formed one would be Challenger exploding.)
  10. Last thread here: Title taken from a comment on Jill's instagram: As far as we know, the Dillards are still mission-cationing in CA, despite the fact that Jill is pregnant and might have another difficult labor on her hands, plus the risk of Zika. She's also praying for protection from bacteria and insects in Central America, and Derick is still doing his once-a-week preaching to the Catholics, instead of getting a job in the States he's actually trained to do. Meanwhile, we're all asking, "And they want $24,000 for a few months of this?!"
  11. choralcrusader8613

    Dillards 26 - Grifting All The Way!

    Previous thread here: While Derick and Jill are awaiting the arrival of their second son, they haven't lost any time in picking their grifting ways missionary work back up. They want 24,000 dollars (yes, you read that right, and that's as many zeros as you're thinking) for a four-month trip to Central America. What are they actually using it for besides their own needs? Who knows? Let's stay tuned to find out!
  12. choralcrusader8613

    Dillards 25 - It's A Boy!

    Last thread here: As you can probably tell, Jill and Derick are expecting their second son. They also give toddlers music lessons, went to the March for Life (and met at a Planned Parenthood, no less!), and continue to post Bible verses on social media. We talked about abortion and other "life issues" like end-of-life care, and the guessing game for Dill #2's name has already begun!
  13. Last thread here: Derick and Jill have been back in the states from Scurry Central America for a while. Jill and Derick are expecting a new baby, and in the meantime, Derick is tweeting verses from Proverbs and referencing man-eaters (which we all certainly did not need). Derick was also seen gagging/puking in the newest Counting On trailer while running. Derick's mom Cathy also tweeted that she wanted an end to abortion for her birthday. Kinda tall order if you ask me... Let's see what the Dillards get up to next!
  14. Sorry, I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread ...and was going to post it in Baby Dilly, but then decided that maybe I'd just make it a stand-alone instead since the Baby Dilly thread is already over 40 pages long. Does anyone know if Derrick's mom believes in birth control? She only has the two boys, right? So they must've used something I would wager. I wonder if she will try to talk Derrick and Jill into waiting to have more after Jill had such a difficult delivery. Of course Jill is so brainwashed by her parents, and clearly thinks birth control is bad because they say so, I'm not sure she'd listen...and it seems like Derrick goes along with whatever Jill and the Duggars want. Still...maybe if her Dr advises them to wait, and Derrick is worried about Jill's health and well=being, plus is enjoying Israel and not in a big hurry to add another newborn, maybe he'll try to convince her that birth control is not evil. What do you think? I really don't see Derrick's Mom being supportive of baby after baby which her son has to provide for financially while Jill stays home being continually pregnant. She seems like the kind of Mom that enjoyed her boys and had them in activities and sports and so on (like normal people), and her relationship with them seems strong. I hope she counsels Jill to re-think the birth control issue. Or maybe his Mom would be scared to even go there because of the very public views the Duggars have on birth control and not using it at all.
  15. Saw this on Dan Dillard's Instagram (Derik's brother). I wonder if he was at the Duggar's for a baby shower or something or if he might be courting one of the older girls. Also, I think his admiration for the Duggar's main quote excusing their bigotry does not speak well for him.... http://instagram.com/p/ylhLJAHS6Y/?modal=true