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Political Memes, Comics, and other Shenanigans, Part 36


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"Spearing Sinema"


As Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was walking through the halls of Congress, a reporter asked her where she stands on President Joe Biden’s Build-Back-Better plan, which she has been holding up with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Sinema, who didn’t break her speed to get away from the reporters, replied, “I stand in the Senate.” I hate to be harsh, Senator Sinema, but that was the type of answer we’d expect from Martha McSally.

While she was one of Arizona’s appointed senators, Martha McSally verbally attacked CNN’s Manu Raju when he asked her about Trump’s impeachment. Without pausing while walking through the halls of Congress, she snapped, “You’re a liberal hack.” That was just one of a lot of reasons to get rid of Martha McSally, and that’s exactly what Arizona did.

I’m sure everyone who voted to oust McSally don’t regret doing so, but many are having regrets with whom they chose to replace her, Kyrsten Sinema.

Correction: Nobody alerted me to this. I caught it while talking to a friend about when Sinema’s term ends. Sinema did defeat Martha McSally to replace retiring Senator Jeff Flake in 2018. Sinema did not replace McSally in the Senate. This is where it can get confusing. McSally was appointed to the Senate AFTER she lost to Sinema. McSally was appointed to fill the seat opened by the death of Senator John McCain. It was astronaut Mark Kelly who defeated McSally in 2020. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

I thought Representative Ilhan Omar was being a little too harsh and unfair to Senators Sinema and Manchin, who have recently been dubbed “Manchinema.” Omar called her Democratic counterparts in the Senate something worse than “Manchinema.” She called them “Republicans.” Ooh. That’s brutal. But, when you hear why Manchinema are upholding the Biden agenda, they do sound like Republicans.

Why are they holding up the $3.5 trillion Build-Back-Better plan? Nobody really knows. They’re in negotiations but it’s hard to negotiate with people who don’t tell you what they’re negotiating for. Even kidnappers and terrorists are explicit with their demands.

Sinema is being less rational then kidnappers, terrorists, and even Republicans.

A lot of Sinema’s supporters in Arizona feel betrayed by her. Duplicating John McCain’s thumbs-down to save Obamacare, she famously gave a thumbs-down on the floor of the Senate voting against a federal hike of the minimum wage to $15. Then, a photo was taken of her sipping some fruity drink while wearing a matching hat for the drink, big loopy earrings, and a ring with the words, “Fuck off.” The people who sent her campaign money, walked sidewalks handing out fliers, and knocking on doors to make her a United States senator felt she was telling them to “fuck off.”

Jade Duran, an Arizonan who campaigned for Sinema and who’s now been a part of protest outside her Phoenix office, for which she was arrested, said, “It really feels like she does not care about her voters. I will never vote for her again.”

What does Sinema want removed from this bill she claims is too expensive (which it’s not because it won’t add to the deficit)?

Maybe she doesn’t want two years of Universal Pre-K for 3-and 4-year-old children, a program that will serve five million children.

Maybe she doesn’t want paid family leave.

Maybe she doesn’t want Medicare to be able to control prescription drug prices.

Maybe she doesn’t want at-home care for the elderly.

Maybe she doesn’t want to raise taxes for the rich and cut them for the middle class.

Maybe she doesn’t want to invest in green technology.

Maybe she doesn’t want 7.7 million jobs created over the next decade in clean energy.

Maybe she doesn’t want to create $907 billion in economic growth.

Maybe she doesn’t want to provide over $154 billion in tax revenue to local and state governments.

Maybe she doesn’t want an annual tax credit of $3,600 for every child under 6 and $3,000 for every child age 6-18, half of it paid in advance to assist low-income families.

Maybe she doesn’t want the largest anti-poverty program in a half century.

Maybe she doesn’t want to end hunger for children.

We know she doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage to $15. We know she wants the people serving her fruity drinks that match her hat to continue to be underpaid while she tells them to “Fuck off.”

Maybe she wants to run around outside kicking puppies while wearing her fuck-off ring.

Maybe what she wants is to be a Republican. She better be careful because when she runs for reelection, Arizona might tell her to fuck off.


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"Your Body My Choice"


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an urgent recommendation Wednesday for pregnant women and those who have recently given birth to get vaccinated against coronavirus. This will surely piss off Republicans.

The CDC reports that as of September 27, 2021, more than 125,000 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in pregnant people, including more than 22,000 hospitalized cases and 161 deaths. Last August, at least 22 pregnant women died from the coronavirus. Their babies died too. How many so-called “right-to-life” Republicans have you heard wailing about that?

Studies have indicated that vaccines for both the flu and coronavirus are not harmful to the mother or her baby and in fact, some antibodies are transferred from mom to baby. But of course, Republicans don’t really care about you, the mom, the baby, or anyone’s life except their own.

While Republicans are screaming that the government and Democrats are trying to control everyone’s body with vaccine mandates, they’re fighting to mandate that no woman get an abortion. They claim it’s your body to do what you want with it, even if your body hurts other people’s bodies, but a woman can’t have a say with her body. You only think that’s confusing and hypocritical because it is. This just in: Republicans suck.

Here’s the thing, kiddos: Republicans don’t really care about choice when it comes to the vaccines. They don’t care if it kills you or your family. In fact, they want you to die. Why? Because they want the Biden administration to fail. If you die and the economy is destroyed, that’s bad for the country but Republicans believe that’s great politics. The longer this virus remains out of control, the more it hurts Democrats. Look what Republicans are doing in Congress with the budget. Failing to raise the debt ceiling can create a brand new recession and destroy the economy and Mitch McConnell’s all like, “Well, Democrats better raise it then.”

Why do I think Republicans don’t care if the virus kills you? Republicans and Donald Trump sat back and watched the virus kill over 700,000 Americans. Donald Trump didn’t care about the coronavirus until he caught the coronavirus. Did you see how fast he waddled to that helicopter to get him to the hospital? They didn’t care if it killed people while Trump was in office, so why would they care if it kills people while a Democrat is in the White House?

For Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, or dumbass conspiracy theorist Ben Garrison, too bad there’s not a vaccine for karma, baby.

Now, if Donald Trump was still president (sic), BRRRRR….I just got a chill throughout my entire body. But if Trump was still in the White House….BRRRR…there it goes again. If the other guy was still in charge…BRRRRR stop it!…Republicans would be chasing you down to get the vaccine. Some are still trying to label the vaccine the “Trump Vaccine,” which is an insult to science coming from Captain Combover Hydroxychloroquine. Even now, they’re praising Trump for the vaccine while denigrating the vaccine. Thank you Donald Trump for giving us this horrible thing.

Now, with the CDC advising, not mandating, that women who are preggers get the vaccine, that gives anti-science Taliban Republicans three things to hate. They hate the CDC, they hate the vaccine, and they hate women. They especially hate women making decisions that don’t involve them. Republicans want women barefoot, pregnant, seen and not heard, and as ignorant and stupid about current events and science as they are. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about reconciliation. Isn’t Dancing With The Stars on?

In Texas, where they’ve outlawed abortions and created bounty hunter laws for people to go after abortion providers, they’ve made it legal for someone to sue over an abortion who doesn’t have anything to do with that abortion. There is currently a lawsuit pending in Texas where a guy in a different state, who has never met the woman or doctor, is suing for damages. This guy is not damaged…I mean, yeah, he’s probably all sorts of damaged being from Arkansas and all, but not from this shit. It wasn’t his baby, his doctor, or even his state.

Republicans don’t think you can sue a tobacco company that sold you toxic chemicals to inhale into your lungs, but you can sue a doctor 4,000 miles away in another state for giving an abortion to a woman you’ve never known or touched. And we know you haven’t touched a lot of women because you’re a Republican.

But that’s the Republicans’ playbook. They want to eliminate your decisions regarding your body when it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Now in Texas, they’ve outlawed a woman making choices for her body while making it legal for complete male strangers to control their bodies. And the male majority Supreme Court is saying, “Yeah, OK.”

I’m sure some Republicans will create new conspiracy theories about pregnant women getting vaccinations, like it’ll make goat-head babies. That would be ba’aaaaaad.

But Republicans only care about your baby while it’s in the womb. They only want it born because mass shooters gotta shoot somebody at schools so Alex Jones can later say it never happened.

For Republicans, it’s your body, their choice…or some weird stranger in Arkansas.


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Didn't see one yet, so I made one!


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"As Bad As Trump's Best"


I’m going to be honest with you. I got this idea from another political cartoonist. No, he didn’t say, “Here’s an idea, Clay. Take it.” And he didn’t draw this cartoon only for me to swoop in later and traced it. No, he did a cartoon on Biden’s approval and I thought, “What total and complete fucking bullshit from a hypocrite.” It was also a lame cartoon. I actually don’t even remember the set-up.

I wasn’t going to comment on the cartoon but I was having a hard time suppressing my snark. When a couple of mutual friends made comments on it, I came in to reply to them and said, “Yes, Biden’s numbers are so bad, they’re almost as low as Trump’s highest.” It actually took a few hours before I realized that’s a cartoon. I thought I better do it before someone else read the comment and took it. A few years ago, I posted a tweet and within an hour, another cartoonist messaged me that he was turning my tweet into a cartoon…and his cartoon took my tweet word-for-word. You should only turn Trump’s tweets into cartoons. So, I drew this out last Thursday and I’m still just now getting around to it. Other things keep happening.

It’s fair to go after Biden’s lousy approval numbers. They are down. Last May, his approval rating was 63 percent according to a poll conducted by The Associated Press. Today, another AP poll says his job approval rating is at 50 percent. Gallup has him at 43 percent. Yikes!

One respondent in Atlanta said she voted for Biden but now feels “lukewarm” about him. Weren’t we always lukewarm about Biden and only hot hot hot about getting rid of Trump? Who here had Joe Biden as their choice in the Democratic primaries? Anyone? Bueller? No? Me either. But, I like the guy and I still think he’s doing a good job.

A majority of respondents to the AP poll said they still prefer Biden to Trump. Voters know Biden is still dealing with a pandemic that began under Trump, a pullout of Afghanistan negotiated with the Taliban by Trump, and an economy that favored millionaires, billionaires, and corporations under Trump. And if you’re pissed off about Australian submarines, you’re just looking for something to get pissy over.

Please remember, this border crisis is a direct result from four years of Trump. And, a lot of these numbers are the result of gaslighting. Biden does not have dementia. He’s not being handled. Vice-President Kamala Harris isn’t the secret president puppet master. The borders are not open. Biden is not going to outlaw cheeseburgers and curly fries. But, if he goes after crinkle cut, that’s his ass.

It’s always fair to question and criticize a president. What I find hypocritical is that the goons going after Biden’s approval never mentioned the president’s (sic) approval over the past four years…except when they were lying and gaslighting…or only looking at Rasmussen.

Even if President Biden is at 43 percent, his worst days are still better than Trump’s best. Donald Trump’s average, according to Gallup, is 43 percent. When Donald Trump left the White House, Gallup has his approval was at 34 percent. Five Thirty Eight is a bit kinder and says his approval was at 38 percent.

I’ve brought up this point before and I’m repeating it now: How can anyone state it’s hard to accept Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden? A president (sic) who ignores a pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people, tells over 20,000 lies, acts like a racist baby with a bleached-skunk pompadour, destroys the economy, and NEVER had an approval rating above 50 percent, don’t win re-election. Plus, how hard is it to believe he didn’t win re-election when he didn’t win the popular vote in the previous election? Plus, that popular-vote loss was to Hillary Clinton, the most gaslighted person in the history of this nation.

I find it very hypocritical for Republicans to go after President Biden for his approval numbers when they ignored Trump’s. This is just another thing on a very long list of things that Republicans have disqualified themselves from screaming about.

Donald Trump is the most divisive president in our nation’s history. He’s stupid, racist, and was more interested in his ratings (which sucked) and what nice things people were saying about him. This is a guy who was a Russian bot, impeached twice and committed insurrection. He is currently rated as the third-worst president in our nation’s history, which makes you wonder what did the other two guys do to get below Trump. Did James Buchanan eat puppies? Andrew Johnson was only impeached once, so what else did he do to be ranked lower than Trump? Slap a nun?

Scabies, leeches, Chlamydia, Tom Brady, the guy who wrote the Kars-4-Kids jingle, and people who say “anywho” are more popular than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden on his very worst day is still light years a better president than Trump. The only people who don’t believe that are cultists…which is also Tom Brady.


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"Zuck Face Fox Hate"


It’s not surprising or new news that Facebook sells hate and division. It’s not even surprising they know this and aren’t doing much about it. The news here is that now we know they know and they know we know they know and now it’s official. Facebook actually did an internal study to find out just how bad they are, and when their suspicions were confirmed, they just nodded to each other and carried on with business as usual.

The only difference between Facebook and Fox News selling hate and false information is that Facebook stumbled upon it and Fox News built its entire business model around it. Fox News didn’t give Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham shows and later go, “wha’aaaaat?” They’re not Stephanie Grisham who took five years to figure out Donald Trump was a vile and horrible person.

And in Fox News’ defense, they at least fired Diamond and Silk for spreading false information about Covid-19 but they still have a monetized Facebook page. Guess what they do with it.

Frances Haugen revealed herself on 60 minutes as the Facebook whistleblower. She is the former lead product manager on the company’s civic misinformation team and she leaked thousands of internal documents to The Wall Street Journal. She says she leaked the documents so that “no one can question that this is real.” I don’t think that’s going to be a problem…at least not among anyone who uses Facebook.

She told CBS’ Scott Pelley her lawyers have filed at least eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission that point to discrepancies between Facebook’s internal research and the company’s external statements on issues like hate speech and mental health. She has compared Facebook to the tobacco companies. Both have knowingly lied to Congress and the public about how toxic their products are.

Haugen explained when it comes to public safety and profits, Facebook chose profits every time, which is what big tobacco did.

For example, look what happened on January 6. Facebook, along with Twitter, were used to strategize, organize, and plot out the insurrection to overturn the government. Twitter reacted and banned thousands of accounts, including Donald Trump. Facebook followed and ditched Trump…but thousands of similar hate groups remain. For another example, there are still people on Facebook stating the terrorist attack by white nationalists was just a protest and the Capitol Police who defended it are murderers for shooting terrorist Ashley Babbitt.

People who supported terrorists on the internet used to stay in the dark web. Now they’re out in the open.

Haugen claims one internal study suggested Facebook only took action on three to five percent of hate speech and less than one percent of violence and incitement content on Facebook. But if you post a cartoon criticizing the Taliban, you may get banned for three days. And then afterward, the algorithms are set to where not as many people see that particular cartoonist’s posts, the number of likes, comments, and shares for his cartoons go down, he gets fewer hits to his website which is monetized, cutting into his income, and he gets messages from people asking, “Hey…are you OK? I haven’t seen anything new from you in weeks” despite the fact he posts a new cartoon every…single…freaking…day.

I heard that happened to somebody.

Facebook had a bad Monday. Grrr, Mondays. They woke up to a 60 minutes exposé (I know, Andréa. I can’t make accent marks) and then they had a shutdown that lasted for several hours. You may have heard about it. It was like Facebook was in Facebook jail (I stole that from a comment on Facebook).

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you might believe Facebook’s outage was intentional to remind us just how much we hate/love Facebook. And they’re right. Look how many people on Facebook made posts about Facebook’s shutdown. I have one friend (to protect him, I will not tell you his name is J.P. Trostle) who swears he’ll never use Facebook again, but returned yesterday to give a Nelson Muntz Ha-Ha to Facebook for the shutdown.

It’s perfectly fine to criticize Facebook on Facebook. How else would they see it? It’s like AOC and her tax-the-rich dress worn at a $35,000-a-plate charity event. They’re not going to get the message if she only wears it in a barrio.

The Facebook whistleblower is testifying before the Senate as I write this. That means, nothing is going to happen. She’s testifying before people who have internal documents revealing trickle-down doesn’t work but keep voting for trickle-down. She’s testifying before people who were hiding under tables during the insurrection but still voted against impeaching Trump for instigating the insurrection. She’s testifying before the people who were hiding behind drapes and on the phone with Donald Trump screaming, “Please, call off your horde of white nationalist racist terrorist goons” to no avail, but still flew down to Mar-a-Lago for photo-ops with Donald Trump while groveling at his stinky feet. She’s testifying before people who were screaming during the attack, “Save me, Capitol Police officers…save me! Barricade that door! Protect me! I don’t wanna die! YAAAAAAGHHH!” and later voted against giving the Capitol Police officers medals and honoring them as heroes. If Congress goes after Mark Zuckerberg, all he has to do is put on a MAGA hat.

Fun fact: Republicans love Facebook just as much as you do. Nazis, Klansmen, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and New York City firefighters use it just as much as Black Lives Matter, Move On, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Another fun fact: I will never stop laughing every time I see this video. This tells me Mark Zuckerger is the kind of boss that nobody who works for him can say something is a bad idea or when he looks like a moron. He needs to hire a sassy southern secretary, the type who can tell him, “Sugar, oh no. If you were going as someone who can relate to commoners, and loves something that’s not himself, you can kiss my grits ’cause that ain’t it.”

Creative license: The offices for Facebook and Fox News don’t really face each other. While Facebook’s headquarters is in California, they do have an office in New York City and it’s nowhere near Fox News, but they are both in Manhattan. Facebook is in lower Manhattan on Broadway between 8th and 9th street while Fox News is in midtown on 6th Avenue between 51st and 50th. I’m that kind of geek to know that and find it important.


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