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Found 16 results

  1. smittykins

    Facebook memes you hate

    1. Pro-spanking 1a. “When I misbehaved, I didn’t have my iPhone taken away or get grounded from my XBOX. I got my ass beat!”(Bitch, please. The main reason you didn’t have them taken away is because THEY DIDN’T EXIST.) 2. Related to above, those who portray "kids today" as spoiled, entitled, lazy brats who expect to have everything handed to them 3. “We survived no helmets/seat belts...”(Newsflash: A lot of kids—and adults—didn’t survive, and you don’t hear from them.) 4. “I support law enforcement.”(I have no problem supporting the good cops, who are in the vast majority. But Rufus forbid anyone pointing out the serious issues that exist in many places.) 5. Any athlete who doesn’t stand for the National Anthem should be fired(or taken out back and shot.)”
  2. Continued from here:
  3. Grumpy Cat has gone on to the rainbow bridge.
  4. All your political fun goes here. Memes, comics, art, whatever.
  5. The perils of having an Ouija Board floor
  6. 47of74

    The Big Lebowski

    You see what happens Larry?! You see what happens when you fornicate a stranger in the Alps?! (Going out on a limb here to guess someone had done some fixing of cables).
  7. OnceUponATime

    We are a special speck of dust

    You know there are some great memes out there. Some apply to your life, and others don't. This is one of the ones I really wish did. I could have used it a fair few times. Instead I was the kid getting in trouble at school for telling others the truth: that Santa is a LIE! In my defense: I really didn't know any better. No one told me I should keep it a secret (I was never allowed to believe in such things). All I knew was that I had a memory verse that went something like ""Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.". How was I meant to know "whatever is kind" trumps that and meant that I shouldn't tell other 6 year olds that Santa doesn't exist? I just assumed them knowing the truth was important! I didn't even realize back then that telling someone the truth might not be considered kind. Signed, The introspective
  8. A fundie-lite friend of mine posted this on Facebook.