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Carlin, Evan, and Layla Rae 7: Grifter in Utero

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Isn’t it human nature to innately believe that there’s something elevating you (general you) above another group? Whether it’s religion, academia, politics, your chosen social causes, wealth etc ... IMO we all do it and it’s never comfortable to have it pointed out.

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The term "white trash" has always been particularly offensive to me---beyond referring to any human as trash, it has an underlying implication that all non-whites are inherently trashy, and so we must delineate  this other set of trashy people as "white trash."

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@Satan'sFortress thank you for the perspective. Ive never heard that before. I would think that white people make the worst kind of “trash” since the stereotype includes racism in addition to other horrible belief systems or undesirable behaviors. 

the historic genesis of the term white trash is probably based in what you said. 

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As others said before I too have a problem calling people, humans trash. I think I know how you mean it, but it's incredibly offensive to me because trash indicates to me that someone or a whole group is worthless as a human being and if you go further can be stripped from their basic rights. You can disagree with a person, you can call out on their shitty behaviour, morals whatever you want but they still have a value as people, individuals. You can even feel more elevated than them regarding their beliefs but still respecting them as people.

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