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Maxwell 36: Wearing What Some Might Call an Outer Garment While Dealing with Cancer in the Family

Coconut Flan

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Just now, Black Aliss said:

Jesse's bedroom will be empty so they'll move Gigi into that room and Jesse will take over her house.

This is just my assumption, but I bet Gigi likes having her own home. I would actually feel quite bad if they had her move into Maxhell. 

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I was looking at the Craig's website and noticed the kid's ages.  Anna Craig's has several younger siblings the same age as her future nieces and nephews, 10-15 years down the road if there is any more matchmaking between the families some of the Maxgrands could end up being Forgotten Jesse's brother and or sister in laws.

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7 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

That reminds me of a house that my brother and cousin trick-or-treated at back  in 1966.  This guy gave them one piece of candy corn apiece.  He was known in the neighborhood as being a bit strange though.   One piece of candy corn beats the hell out of a tract that the Maxwells would tend to give though.

"I got a Maxwell tract!"

"I got a JRod tract!"

"I got two Chicks and a Shrader!"

"I got a rock."

[everybody tries to trade up for the rock]

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10 hours ago, fundiefan said:


Those Maxwell girls have got to be dying inside. Their last brother is getting married & will live .2 miles away - make more babies, and their babysitting for life just keeps going on and on and on. Not one girl has been allowed near a man but all the boys get to move on with their lives.


I realized while reading these posts that Anna P. is younger than any of the Maxwell sisters, including Mary.  A first for any of the sils, I believe.

So, does it occur to Steve that his courtship model just ain't working for his female children?

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On 4/6/2020 at 7:48 PM, Black Aliss said:

I'm predicting Steve will dub her Anna Pat

"Pat" is too androgynous for a Maxwell. Steve will most likely spell out the whole name.

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