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Sister Wives: Kody the Idiot Divorces Meri to Marry Robyn


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You are sealed for eternity at marriage but a couple can be unsealed [by their ministers]. Then the wife better hurry up and find a new man to get sealed to because if you aren't sealed, you don't get the afterlife perks. Men can be sealed to many women, but women can only be sealed to one man at a time. One of the reasons women are subservient is that the husband can unseal the wife at any time, at which point her eternal fate hangs in the balance.

They also have this idea of a veil between worlds, right? From what I understand, the wife is given a secret name that her husband knows. When you die, you (if you happen to be a female) hang out in the veiled area and wait for your husband to call your name and pull you through. If you angered him for any reason, he can decide to let you linger in this way station for as long as he likes, potentially for eternity.

There also seems to be a polygamist's ideal number out there, too. Some polygamist Mormons think a man needs at least 3 wives to get a good heavenly reward; others think 7 is the minimum number of required wives for the golden ticket. A woman's fate is completely tied to her husband's, so keeping sweet with the other wives is part and parcel of the whole polygamist deal -- or at least, that's the ideal. The reality usually looks quite different.

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