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Dillards 26 - Grifting All The Way!

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3 hours ago, JillyO said:

@WhyNotJulie, I don't disagree with what you're saying, and I like your metaphor. But causing harm, even when it comes from a place of love, is still causing harm.

Though from the ice cream eater's perspective, they're not doing harm. Not even "I have to do this painful thing out of love for you". They're telling you that your strawberry ice cream is cyanide and you'll die a horrible death if you eat it, and they 100% believe this and genuinely want to help you, and think that making you eat their ice cream will save you. Even if you're allergic to mint or hate the flavor and have been listening to assholes at Baskin-Robbins go on and on about their mint chocolate chip ice cream every day for the past week, and you know full well that your strawberry ice cream isn't poisonous at all, and you're perfectly happy eating it. Maybe it's not the best/healthiest thing in the world to eat, but it brings you joy and peace, which is what matters to you.

Mint Chocolate Chip Guy simply cannot and will not comprehend that strawberry ice cream is perfectly fine and no more bad for you than mint chocolate chip, and it will be an uphill battle to convince him that the ice cream isn't poison and isn't a big deal if it's not his flavor, and that he's being a dick by constantly harping on why his flavor is the best and all other ice cream is poison. And by insisting that he needs $24,000 to go annoy everyone eating strawberry ice cream at Ben & Jerry's and potentially let his wife give birth by the soft serve machine.



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