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Baby Name Thread 4

Coconut Flan

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For laughs, for Katie and Travis I’m going to go with Hermione Jean (from “Harry Potter”). Very unlikely I know, but I’ve always liked the name Hermione ever since I read “The Winter’s Tale” at school. 

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8 hours ago, AussieKrissy said:

Remi is one of her sister's dogs name isnt it? I love the name but would not like my kid being human Remi not dog remi lol 

It is! I forgot!

On 9/18/2022 at 2:16 AM, Bluebirdbluebell said:

Changing my guesses to Evie Jade, Elsie Jade, and Remi Jade.

Thanks to @raayx01!

Changing Remi Jade to Gracie Jade.

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For Katie and Travis I’m guessing Hannah Jane. I feel like the Clarks are going to go with a more classic name than Harper or Hadley. 

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Katie Bates:

Hannah Jo(y)/Jane or Helena Jo(y)/Jane

Alyssa Bates:

John Gilbert // Annie Sue, Beth Marie or any other name much more traditional than the previous girls.

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On 9/22/2022 at 5:57 AM, PlentyOfJesusFishInTheSea said:

I forgot what I said for Katie but I'll switch to Halo Jemima 🤣🤣

I like the name Jemima (a lot of us Aussies have good memories with this name). It got ruined for me when I found out it had not nice racial associations in the US 

Jemima doll was my fav on playschool.... 

then Big Ted 

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Katie announced that her baby's name will be Hailey (Hayley?) James Clark.

Odd choice but better than some of the names her siblings have chosen, I guess.

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