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Alyssa and John 8: Four Daughters, a New House, and a Pool

Coconut Flan

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50 minutes ago, Jackie3 said:

I just wonder if he'd rather put that photoshoot money in his retirement account, so he isn't 67 and repairing ACs in the heat. He seems like a pretty down to earth simple guy and I doubt he'd have professional photographers on speed dial on his own.

I always wonder about their social group's approach to saving. I know some of them (fewer each year it seems) are anti-debt.

But do they encourage putting aside money for savings and having a retirement fund? I know Dave Ramsey pushes this to the evangelical crowd, but I also can't comprehend how Alyssa and John currently afford their lives, never mind if they're putting 10% of gross earnings in an IRA. 

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With the amount of photoshoots people on Instagram have done, I often wonder if they get a discount or free shoots or something from the photographer for the publicity. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. 

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19 hours ago, Mama Mia said:

I mean, I don’t know about before , and they are way too little for many of things, —— but pretty much all the museums and sports and cultural events and fairs have been closed for a year.......

This is not true, especially in Tampa where I have family with 2 kids. In the last year they've posted multiple photos in zoos, hikes in nature preserves, a drive through dinosaur experience, a monster truck show, lots of other outdoor activities, and recently restarted a kids soccer program. My in-laws visited recently and went to several museums. Even in a more covid-conservative place like Baltimore our museums started opening back up last summer/fall, we went back to an art museum for the first time in November and went to a fall pumpkin patch in October, I saw those open all across the east coast based on friends photos.

Alyssa has no excuse for the fact that their only other activity is watching their dad playing softball and not even getting to play themselves.

On 5/28/2021 at 9:15 AM, Melissa1977 said:

I think many of us would look repetitive to a stranger. Ordinary life is quite dull, and it's nor bad. What amazes me is that Alyssa and John don't take the kids to any special place. I'm not talking about amazing places or fancy trips, but maybe to a theater play for children, or to play sports (they, not daddy), to a zoo, etc. Even the dullest families I know do that kind of things from time to time.

But that's what I mean, even among other fundies you see more of a break in the normal routine, like with Erin the farm animals, camping trips, visits to Dollywood, etc. Or many of us might have academic/professional accomplishments on our feeds, like with Michael Keilen becoming a nurse. It's crazy that even the Rodriguii have seemed to have more field trips (even if that means vandalizing historic forts) than the Websters. Her life is pretty much all about being pretty and dressing up.

19 hours ago, Mama Mia said:

It’s always interesting to see how different it is different places! I’m in California, outer Bay Area, and we’ve JUST started opening stuff up. Even the beaches and playgrounds were closed initially.

Walking down to our local burger place and waiting in line, outside, 6 feet apart, to get food and go  was our usual big outing for a year.  Things are getting/feeling a lot more normal now - but still, you need masks inside, capacity limits on a lot of things....

 my county had the lowest infection rate nationally last week.  I forget that not everywhere was like this.

In discussions with friends I've  noticed California was slower to open than any other place. In Maryland our parks and beaches generally didnt close, and most things around the east coast started reopening in the summer. We visited MA, ME, and NH last August and went to national parks and restaurants. My toddler's daycare reopened in June for essential workers (which my husband is) then everyone in September, while my friend in San Diego lamented his daycare was still closed in December.

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From what I've read, I think that social media is kind of like a pyramid scheme. The people at the bottom don't make much (or might even lose)money but the people at the top make a decent to ridiculous amount of money (one child who has a toy review channel made around 22 million annually). I don't think Alyssa is earning enough to make it a sole income, but I do think that given the size of her following and the number of sponsorships she seems to have, she is making enough to make it a decent side hustle for their family. If she wanted to really up the income she could do what her sisters have done - start a business selling their own merchandise and advertising it with their social media. 

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Fresh thread but same old Alyssa.

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