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1 hour ago, justpassingby said:

Cousin Amy had zero effect on the Duggar kids even though she was around them constantly growing up. I am not too optimistic that Ben's siblings will have an impact on his kids but only time will tell.

Amy was just worldly though. She wore pants and kissed boys. She wasn’t going off to college or starting a career. In honesty Amy was kinda just something to point at and say “see, this is why we don’t want y’all doing those things”  She wasn’t exactly a role model. Plus they didn’t really let her spend all that much time with the kids in reality. 

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Bad Wolf

Jenni said she wants to be a vet. She doesn't realize that her chances are slim due to her poor education. I'm sure she will be brainwashed into wanting to be a wife and mother. I remember her happy smile with her guinea pig.

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In case anyone is interested: In the first photo (on the previous page) where Jessica is standing with the other new recruits, the door behind her says Benton. That is a city one county over from NLR where she was working (like a 20 minute drive max). I checked wiki to "confirm" and it says Benton is 92% white (in 2000) which is consistent with what I know of that area and I am pretty sure it has not changed. I know several of my classmates from high school moved out there to raise families so I would assume it is in general still a low crime area (I could be wrong). That last sentence sounds like I am trying to say minorities cause crime. I am NOT trying to say that at all. So I guess we can worry less about how her terrible beliefs will affect her job. At least for now.

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