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Coconut Flan

Jinjer 35: The Baby Wait

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Nixon stepping down I was watching TV and remember being very irritated they interrupted my reruns. My dad was out of work and was outside fixing the porch.  He didn't believe me when I ran and told him. 1968 assassinations of RFK and Dr. King I was only 5, but I just remember my parents being extremely sad and worried. 

I remember my mom waking me up to watch the moon landing and also the election returns of '68. I've posted about this before, but the Watergate hearings were on all the time in my house.  Our car didn't have a radio, but my dad bought a little transistor and kept it in the car to listen. 

I used to work in Crystal City, Virginia which is just down the road from the Pentagon.  I was home the day of 9/11 getting a cast off my ankle so I didn't get stuck there as many of my coworkers did. However when I went back to the office, the wreckage was still smoldering. 

ETA: The Vietnam War cease fire hearing church bells ring all through my neighborhood.

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Coconut Flan

Carry on here:


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