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Heralds of the Gospel under investigation for "cult worship"

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The Heralds of the Gospel, a breakaway group from the already creepy Tradition, Family, Property movement is under investigation by the Vatican for allegedly engaging in "secret cult worship" antithetical to Catholic teaching:



From the Vatican Insider article:

"Known for their outfit, similar to a short tunic, with a big red and white cross on the chest, and boots like those of jockeys (see photo), the Heralds have spread to 78 countries, count many vocations, involve thousands of young people, and were supported by Slovenian Cardinal Franc Rodè, at the time when he was Prefect of the Congragation."

"Among other reports which started the Vatican investigation, are the letters and videos sent to Rome by Alfonso Beccar Varela. For at least thirty years there were rumors of the existence within TFP and then the Herald, of a sort of secret society "Semper vivaˮ following the cult of Donna Lucilia, Corrêa, Plinio Corrêa’s mother, and João Scognamiglio Clá Dias. A cult that the Church does not allow."

 "The videos uploaded by Alfonso Beccar Varela are frequently moved to other addresses as the Heralds are trying to undertake legal actions in Brazil to delete them for violating copyright laws. The images show exorcisms performed with formulas not approved by ecclesiastical authority, but above all the footage show encounters between the founder and some priests. Videoclips likely taken without the consent of the interested parties, but from which emerge elements that the Vatican authorities intend to deepen."

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They weren't expecting some sort of Vatican Investigation.

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