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Hope Pennington, atheist

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Sometimes when you are close to a person, you can be blinded by your feelings for them. By my definition, a person who joyfully admits to restricting their child's food consumption in order to continue physically assaulting them is not a good parent.

There are lots of bad parents out there, and their children still love them unconditionally. Sometimes because of the learned dysfuntional thought processes, these children love their parents more fiercely than children who grew up in ideal circumstances. 

It is hard to break the cycle. Changing your religion, your hair style, and your social circle doesn't change history. 

It's okay to love your parents, even when they're deeply flawed. And what your parents are like says nothing about who you are or will be. But I sincerely hope eventually the children can see that 'loving her kids too much' is not Lisa's only flaw; toxic thoughts can be contagious. 

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Aleicia Faith. Props to Hope for being a supportive sister. 

Lisa did some things really right--and some things so very, abhorently wrong.

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i don’t know if I’m putting this link in correctly, buuuuttt y’all should check out Hope’s latest video. This is since she came out online as bisexual and moved to Austin to live with/then near Faith, got a girlfriend and generally seems to be blossoming into a free and independent young woman who is discovering herself. 

It is lovely to see, I’ve followed Hope’s journey after her sister left as I’m sure some of you have too, and thought you’d appreciate this update. I’m so happy for her! 

Lisa seems to be eating a lot of humble pie these days, and seems supportive and loving of her daughters who have left, in a way that makes me the think she does love them and wants to be in their lives, but ya know, is still “praying or them” in private. This at the very least, has gotten her to shut her mouth on social media about it, so i’m glad.  

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