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South Korean Reich Winger Makes Ass of Self

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South Korean Reich winger makes an ass of himself


She's a top economics professor who studied at Harvard and has served on government committees — but to one South Korean politician, she hasn't done enough for the nation if she hasn't given birth.

Right-wing politician Jeong Kab-yoon sparked outrage this week after he brought up economics professor Joh Sung-wook's marital status -- at a hearing to confirm her nomination for head of the country's fair trade commission. The commission protects against monopolies in the country.

"You're not married yet, are you? What do you think the biggest problem is in South Korean society? It's the birth rate. The birth rate will end up ruining our country," Jeong, a member of conservative opposition party Liberty Korea Party, told Joh on Monday.

"Your own success is good, but please also contribute to the development of the country

I don’t care how low their birth rate is. That’s none of his fornicating business.  

I wonder if he looks up to Sharpie McFornicateStick? 

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Ugh. Where do they find these people, do they have a special time machine for collecting them from the past?

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