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Recs for affirmation podcasts/videos...no woo

The Mother Dust

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Hey all
Being that it seems like we are living in the worst timeline...plus admittedly some personal stuff i've been going through...I have recently found that listening to positive affirmations has made me feel good.  Improved my mood when I listen more so than I would have thought.   I was wondering if anyone would be willing to recommend any podcasts or youtube videos that you like?   I found this lady, and have had this video on repeat, and I'm wondering if I can find more in this vein.  Edit...ok, YT won't let me paste the link, but search for the channel called Unlock Your Life, and it's the video titled Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Confidence and Success.  

Also, please no woo... no claims about subconsciously losing weight or earning more money after listening.  I just want to hear someone with a nice voice tell me everything is going to be ok, and give me compliments.  lol      Any shares would be appreciated.


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@The Mother Dust, I don't know any video or podcast affirmations to recommend, but I did manage to link the YT video you like. (I think. ?)



I couldn't get it to embed, but I'll double check that it's an accurate link. Hopefully someone else knows of a similar video or a good podcast. :pb_smile:

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I put 2 links, but they're the same video. It seems to work, for me, at least.
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