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Uvula and vulva need to not be such similar words. I definitely misread that and paused...

So many people fall into this trap of 'I did it when I was a teenager, therefore ALL teens were secretly doing it!" I get it. It's easy to project your own experience onto everyone else, and to assume

I'm glad they go ahead and ask/ check, I went in to get a particularly nasty migraine taken care of at urgent care this week and got told I'm in a happy condition so they couldn't treat it as they had

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Counting on - Trying to make normal daily shit look interesting - episode eleventy billion (part 1)

We open in Arkansas, Austin's flip house where he puts a "sold" sign on his FSBO sign that has no phone number on it.  It looks like they just bought it at home depot.

Next we're at J'derick's house and jill is dumping cans of green beans into a pot wtih Israel.  Next she cuts up a sweet potato and discusses how much they have to do before they leave.  They're having "family" over for dinner.  Dan and his wife walk in.  Israel plays iwth a basketball as dirty jesus walks in.  Jill explains that they're there for quality time, and to help her pack.  Oh yeah, and to see Israel.

Cathy comes in and hugs Derick.  Jill cooks.  Israel runs to cathy. 

Flashback of cathy being sick.

They get in a circle and pray. Israel says the prayer and forgets some of the people.  JIll tells him who to pray for. Its very cute.

THey sit down and eat and Jill gives cathy her ring beause its not safe down there.  Its all about the "appearance" and she'd take the chance of getting her finger cut off if she kept the diamond.

THey discuss what would happen if she went into labor.  She has "connections" but its very rural.

Jill TH - We're going to be there for a few month but we plan to come back.

Derick - We will try and get back but if she needs immediate attention we'll try to get her help and stabalize her until we can come back.  Lord willing we wont have to do it there.

Israel says the baby will be "baby samuel."

Derick explains the meaning of Samuel, and that Israel and Samuel both end wtih "eal" with means having god.

Deena and Dan TH - We look foward to them coming back.

Cathy TH - I changed Israel's diaper because this will be the last diaper for 3 months.  When he comes back he'll be a different little boy but I'll keep up iwth him.


In laredo

Jinger walks into a store to buy gifts for her whole family.  She wants traditional laredo items. She says that wehn jeremy works she shops and explores and hasnt gotten lost yet.

She explains to the saleswoman that she needs to get gifts for her family in arkansas.  She looks at baby cowboy boots.

Jinger TH- I talk to jessa a lot and hear henry screaming in the background. As I look at the little shoes, if the lord would bless us with kids, I can shop.

She looks at more boots for kids.

Jana TH - Its different without jinger.  She picked out clothes for the littles and did the shopping.

Jinger continues around the store. It can be difficult and expensive because there are so many.

Jessa TH - Its hard not having her close by since she does the shopping.

JInger leaves and goes to dulceria laredo. Its a candy store and everything there is "traditional laredo." She talks about a salt for pickles and getssome hairbows for the girls and noisemakers.  She thinks she got everyone covered with the "mexican candy."

She arrives home and shows jeremy what she got.

They go through the gifts and pack the boxes.  He tries on masks.  Jeremy comments on how difficult christmas will be and he hopes there is a "pairing" system.  Somehow everything fits in 2 small boxes.

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* y a w n *

At this rate, I'll still be sound asleep for my surgical procedure tomorrow morning and won't need anesthesia. 

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I can't even snark on how adorable Izzy talking is! When he said the prayer, I actually let out an "awww". 

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Million Children For Jesus
6 minutes ago, SadieJane said:

Also, can I just state, as a girl who has kids and shows horses, that Jinger shouldn't be able to afford 20 pairs of those boots. 

I have one pair and they are one of my prized possessions, and I'm not poor. 

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Jinder Roles

Did Derick basically say he's cutting he's hair so people don't think he's gay? 

Is that what he meant by "not wanting of offend or distract from the message"? 

I"m howling with laughter

Edited by Jinder Roles
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Million Children For Jesus

When Izzy hit the bottom of the can of green beans and said, "boom boom," it was pretty cute. I think they showed us canned green beans and a sweet potato to prove they have consumed a vegetable at least one time. Proof that they eat more than tater tots and canned cream of mushroom soup casseroles. 

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2 minutes ago, cptbailey said:

What does Derrick mean, long hair is viewed a certain way?

He doesn't want us calling him a hippie anymore.... HEY D WRECK. lmao You know he's reading us.

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Do you really want us to believe that the mail(wo)man has the code to the gate and left those at the door? gtfoh. 

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1 minute ago, KelseyAnn said:

I'm just saying, I would trust Jill to cut my hair. 

But that's it. 

She is really good at is.... If only these girls could go into cosmotology school or something.

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Million Children For Jesus

Jill had the best evil grin when she cut Derick's ponytail off. I think she did a nice job on the haircut. Once again, Izzy was super cute in that scene.

Derick: "It feels weird." 

Jill: "It looks weird, too."

It did look weird

(ETA.....) It did look weird at first. After the ponytail got cut off, but before she trimmed it. 

Edited by Million Children For Jesus
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Izzy is too cute, and even he is over Dwrecks shit.  Popi hair, like what the hell are you talking about. 

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I have to fess up - I think Israel is a cute kid.  His face when he saw his dads hair cut was pretty funny.

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Just now, SadieJane said:

She is really good at is.... If only these girls could go into cosmotology school or something.

If she wasn't so Fundie about everything, I think Jill would be good as a kindergarten teacher/day care attendant. She excells at getting children to listen but also seems to want them to have fun too. 

I think Jessa would be good in a leadership position in an office or even a lawyer. But again...the Fundie. 

Jinger would for sure be an art teacher or a barista. 

The others???

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Pretending shit is interesting (part 2)

Back at Jill and Derick's house they're packing.

Josie is cleaning the kitchen and Joy and Jana are really packing.  JIll has the "to do list."  Jennie is doing the dishes. Joy tells Jill whats already been done on the list.

Jill - Its going to be easier becaseu we've been there but its harder because I'm pregnant because of sizes of clothes for me and Israel.

Jessa arrives with the baby, Bin has Spurge.  Jill gives Jessa clothes.

Jessa TH - The baby is going to be a lot bigger when they come back.  Birthday parties with our kiddos, we wish jill and derick hwere here.  The hardest thing is being converned for them when they dont have wifi, wondering how they're doing. Its crazy where they live.

Spurge and Israel pay, spurge starts crying and Jill says bye to spurge.  JIll keeps Israel away so he doesnt come back and see.

Derick is cutting his hair because its "viewed differntly" and he doesnt want to offend.

Jill puts it in a ponytail and just cuts it off with a pair of scissors.  She then gets out a buzzer and goes to town.

jana th - jill learned to cut hair from my mom and its a great way to save money.

Jill cuts it into a man bun and then nice and short.  It actually looks ok.

They're concerned about how israel will react.  He comes in and points to derick's head and says "papi hair" and then leaves.

Derick's shirt says "nepal."

Jessa and Bin arrive at the TTH - jinger's boxes just happen to be right outside.

Jessa says that henry is a month old and is louder than spurge.  He goes from 0 to screaming in 5 seconds.

Josie goes and gets the boxes.  Bin announces they're from jeremy and jinger. The kids rip into the package and its all kinds of shit.  They forgot to take the Halls and other cold medicine off the counter.

Jana - it was a lot of little things for each person.

Josie wears an orange dress and twirls.

The j'boys got "mexican wrestling" masks.

They find the candy.  Jackson says its "quite bizarre."  James says they "look disgusting" and micehlle says not to say that about a gift.

They facetime with Jinger.  Jessa thinks the shoes for her boys are cute.  

Jessa TH - as the months go by I miss her and look foward to her meeting him.

At Jill and Dericks' house they weigh the boxes and bags.  Jana adds more stuff to bags.

Jana - I'm going to miss them being next door.

Joy - Jill and I are really close and its ard because I'm getting engaged soon and I want her close for my special times.

Jinger - Its sad that they're returning to CA and I cant be there to say goodbye.

They arrive at the airport and sidehug boob.  

Joseph - its hard and I'm starting a new phase of life and they wont be here.

Cathy hugs Israel and they walk into an elevator (with cathy).

A plane takes off.

On the plane Jill has Israel talk to the camera.  They're in first class.

They arrive in CA

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2 minutes ago, SamiKatz said:

I have to fess up - I think Israel is a cute kid.  His face when he saw his dads hair cut was pretty funny.

and when jordyn tried to hug him and when he leaned on Cathy too cute 

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Jinger would be a great counselor I think.... I could see Jill really being a nurse, and yassss to Jessa being a lawyer.  I wish they could have had an education. It is really the lack of educating the girls that makes me beyond furious about how this cult works.

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I think any of the older girls would make good teachers, nurses or even nannies because they have taken care of the younger kids. If only they were allowed to have actual jobs.

I mean even Michael Bates worked as a nanny for a little bit. 

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