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8 hours ago, freejoy said:

Joy said she was just home anyways doing nothing.

My ears picked up with that also.  I think there is a lot of staying at home doing nothing in that house. I cannot imagine how futile that would be. And it's not that they stay home and do nothing. IT is that the activities allotted to them are few. You can read, bake, clean, sew, garden. And then okay you might be okay with that , but if you want to sew or garden you have to ask dear old dad at 26 for seed money to start that garden? Or money for fabric and notions ?NO money no options. 


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Uvula and vulva need to not be such similar words. I definitely misread that and paused...

So many people fall into this trap of 'I did it when I was a teenager, therefore ALL teens were secretly doing it!" I get it. It's easy to project your own experience onto everyone else, and to assume

I'm glad they go ahead and ask/ check, I went in to get a particularly nasty migraine taken care of at urgent care this week and got told I'm in a happy condition so they couldn't treat it as they had

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1 hour ago, Fluffy14 said:

 IT is that the activities allotted to them are few. You can read The Bible and just about only the Bible, bake, clean, sew Modest Clothing Only, garden. 

All other books and patterns must be cleared by Boob and Ofboob.

[bolding mine, of course]

Had to add some details about the TTH. Even their meager options are further limited by their parents' insane cult rules.  Can't have someone reading something that will make them think outside the Bible!  Or creating clothes outside of their godly rules!  

Jinger is only now discovering books for personal enjoyment and growth; Jessa prefers books in closets; Jill struggled to name a favorite beyond Waiting for Prince Charming. The Duggar household does not encourage reading.  How stultifying for developing adults. 

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I was talking to a nurse who works in a sexual health clinic, and she said the thing that REALLY gets a subset people angry is asking the follow up question to "are you sexually active", is the "are you having sex with men or women?".  I think that's super-important to ask - I've been asked "are you sexually active?" without them ever considering I might be gay. 

The worst thing was being asked if I was using contraception, and when I said no, immediately getting a lecture I had to interrupt with "...because I'm a lesbian".  But I was in my early 30s at the time, I could have be trying for a baby, if I was straight, so the idea that sex+no contraception=irresponsible was a weird one.

(I think part of the weirdness is how some people don't consider 2 women to be able to "have sex".  It's on the same part of the spectrum as considering heterosexual oral and anal sex to be "not sex" - but then these people don't have words for what they think it is, if it's not sex)

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Bad Wolf

DIL is Rh-, wolf boy is +. She miscarried the first grand wolf, had to have a D&C. They didn't give her the shot right away. We were all worried, but grand wolf turned out OK. She changed OBs after that debacle.

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      Wishing everyone who celebrates a happy Mother's Day...and some extra love to others out there missing their mom's today, too.
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      I just found out my little bonus kid is in a treatment center on a suicide watch tonight. He and I share a hobby and a couple weeks back he opened up to me that he's severely depressed and was wanting to hurt himself. I let his parents know and thankfully he had also been talking to them. I'm just heartbroken because him being in this center means that his parents had to call 911 and have him admitted and I know that was so hard for them to do. He's a young kid and has his whole life ahead of him but just wants to end it all and I don't know how to help him. 
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      Middle aged woman with mommy issues...but missing her today.
      She got so much wrong with me, but she had the best intentions and tried so hard. 
      She got so much right, too.  I forget that sometimes.  Sometimes I remember and dismiss it out of spite.  
      “They did the best they could with the tools they had.”  I forgot where I first heard that but I’ve carried it with me like a mantra since my parents passed.   They truly did.  Whatever else was missing, whatever I needed that they couldn’t give, the love was always there.  

      That’s something.
      My confidence in my own abilities.  Faith in my own power.  My own strength.  They gave me that, too.
      That’s also something.  
      They’re why I’m messed up, but they’re also why I’m okay.  
      Shit’s complicated.
      She died before I figured out how smart she really was.  Sad thing is I don’t think ever figured that out for herself.  
      Ignore me - just crying in my car waiting to pick up my son.  

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      The nice thing about posting about Jewish history is how quickly it flushes out the antisemites. 😘
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      I've been feeling a shitload of this for a while now about various types of Christians tbh.

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      I got vaccinated yesterday. In the am I got the email and I was  vaccinated 
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