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IBLP's FB pics from Big Sandy


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Thank you for posting these. We used to live pretty close to Big Sandy (and go jeeping at Barnwell mountain) all without knowing it was a spot the Duggars came to every year. We knew it was ALERT stomping grounds... those boys are really in for a hellish experience. That area of TX is hot and just plain nasty in summer.

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Interesting -- In the picture of Michelle's session, the background shows a topic of "Gossip".

Sounds like they're wroking hard to shut the Gothard discussion down, as usual. Just nice to have such beautiful photographic proof of the Duggar involvement. Would be a good shot for Recovering Grace to pick up...

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Can someone post the pictures here? Facebook has been crashing my computer lately.

On the photo of the kids in a class someone posted the comment: "Poor kids are in a cult and have no choice in the matter." and two people have liked that comment :lol: (there are about a dozen other photos of anonymous people who were there, including people of various ethnicities, kids singing in choirs, random groupings, and the boys doing ALERT drills).





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