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got some fun plants on our wedding anniversery.

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the wife and I went to a higher end garden shop that we really like but it can be expensive today. wish we had money and room for all the cool stuff they have. found this cool little shrub that does not get over 12" I was surprised it was only 18.00 a nice blue variegated iris and some more sedum's/succulents. one has a cool red flower thats really nice and the other has a orange one but the flowers all closed up with all the traveling on the bug they got. my wife buys sedum's more on how they feel she loves how they feel. They had a hardy aloe vera with cool bluish leaves but it had really sharp thorns on the leaves so that does to work for a blind person.









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Oh, pretty!!! :) I love succulents and catuses, but I don't have a lot of luck with the succulents. Blooming cactus is one of my favorite things in the garden world.

Does your wife like scent gardens? Most public gardens have at least some space devoted to scent gardens.

Happy anniversary! :clap:

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