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7 Y. O. Killed for Not Memorizing the Koran


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This is awful.

He died for such a small reason, he is only 7 and theres only so much 7 year olds can remember. Whats the reasoning behind fundies making their kids memorise the holy books for their religion?

How was this allowed to happen-a teacher noticed that he was writing with his left hand, and he said his mom had hit him on the right one so hard that he couldnt move his fingers, and his parents were called into school as he was in too much pain to sit....but they moved him to another school. there was also unreported claims of domestic violence in this family. now this little boy is dead. Why was this not reported til after he died?

She was not a good mother. A good mother wouldnt beat her child.

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This is a case that cries out for a coroner's inquest.

School officials noticed signs of physical abuse. Why was the response so tepid? Once the problem was identified, the boy should have been interviewed by authorities with the proper training BEFORE calling in the parents. There should have been automatic involvement of child protection authorities. The safety of the child should have been paramount. You don't call in the parents, tell them that you are suspicious, and then interview the child in front of them or allow them to take the child home - that just sets up a situation for the parent to get furious with the child, possibly beat them further, threaten them to keep silent and learn how to cover the evidence better. That's what happened in Toronto years ago in the beating death of Randal Dooley, and it was also a factor in the Shafia murders.

How did the father not know what was going on? On what basis was he acquitted?

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