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Rebekah Pearls Poem s


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http://nogreaterjoy.org/articles/tots-t ... d-training

Tot's Talk

By Rebekah (Pearl) Anast

I overheard two little tots.

Discussing in great length

Just why their mamas spank them.

It made me pause and think.

“My mommy spanks me when she’s mad,â€

I heard a young voice say,

“It makes her angry when I’m bad

And when I disobey.â€

Pride was in the youngster’s voice;

Rebellion !†was his cry.

I glanced then at the other boy

And heard his meek reply:

My mommy spanks me when she’s glad

To train me to be good

So I’ll grow up to be like Dad

And do the things I should.â€

Tis not the rod that molds the heart

And sweeps the soul of sin.

Tis holiness in Mom and Dad,

That’s where it all begins.

If children can learn from observation, what is the need of spanking them? Also, there is no reason for her to assume that the first child in the poem was rebellious or full of pride. The second boy sounds like he has been well broken down

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Here is another poem of hers entitled Two Fathers

By Rebekah (Pearl) Anast

Once there were two fathers

In houses side by side.

Each had a little boy

The apple of his eye.

One raised his son in love and care

And made him to obey.â€

He taught him from the Bible,

And each night they knelt to pray.

The other father loved his son

But had no time to spare.

And so he left his little boy

In some one else’s care.

Then when each boy became a man,

All who saw him did know,

One was raised with father’s care,

But the other grew alone.

The one became a drunkard.

He cheated and he lied.

And the other that honored God

Met an accident and died.

And so the godly father grieved,

His beloved son was gone.

And yet I wonder, of the two,

Which father lost his son?

For those who don't know, her husband quit his job to remain home so that he could study the bible. She does not work either. Her own father did something similar.

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She was supposed to drop another kid this summer. But no news. 7x7 is just about dead.

They went dead when we started discussing them on the old forum. I suspect that 7xsunday is still operating but under a different name.

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Obviously these poems are really bad. But they're just good enough to make me wonder whether Rebekah could actually have had some literary talent if she had had the opportunity to go to school, hone her craft, and read real poems by good poets.

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The only thing that has ever prompted me to punctuate a point on my childrens' bottoms with a swat has been anger, not gladness. I've regretted every single time I've done it, few though they may be. And, all it ever did was escalte a situation from bad to worse, with a side order of guilt on my part. The thought of writing an ode to corporal punishment???? These people...these people...these people suck.

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