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How Conservative Christianity Promotes Abortion


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One of my FB friends linked this article the other day. I don't think it'll be news to anyone here, but it's a good summary. It even talks specifically about the QF movement.

http://www.truth-out.org/righteous-abor ... s.facebook

Three aspects of conservative Christianity promote abortion: pro-natalism, an obsession with sexual sin, and an emphasis on righteousness over compassion.

The Christian obsession with sexual sin or rather with female purity has produced the American virginity myth. In contrast to more secular, open societies, American teens typically don’t seek contraception for a year after becoming sexually active.

Many believers would rather be right than in community. They’d rather be right than compassionate. They’d rather be right than solve problems. They would rather oppose abortion than prevent it.

Someone who wanted to prevent abortions would advocate showcasing LARCs in every teen health class in the country. They would make sure that the most effective contraceptives available were available to all. They would be more focused on wise childbearing than on virginity. Those who say they are all about ending abortion, don’t—because they aren’t.
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"They would rather oppose abortion than prevent it."

That pretty much sums it up.

And it seems like some of the most vocal "pro-lifers" (I do consider myself pro-life on some level, but hope to promote the dignity of life beyond the womb) are invested in abortions happening. If not, they would have no one to demonize.

It seems to me that women are most likely to seek abortions when they face shame for a pregnancy...abortion would seem like a solution if you never want anyone to know you were pregnant to begin with.

And a lot of "pro-lifers," like a lot of fundies, are so invested in the world being as they wish it was (with regards to their sexual morality convictions) that they can't seek solutions that work in the real world. Because they don't live in the real world.

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