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Are your sins forgivin?


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I was out shopping today and nearly ran into a mom and daughter at the local Sprouts. Classic long hair, no makeup, plan hand sewn frumpers with tennis shoes; you know the look. When I was waiting in the check-out line behind them, the mom pulled out two bottles of Kefir and all I could think about was Emily. The best part was pulling out of the parking lot behind their minivan which had a series of religious phrases on the back window. My favorite one asked if my sins were "forgivin" [sic]. I wanted to ask them what they were for givin'. Or if my sins were forgivin' someone else.

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Whenever I hear this question I always think of a line from the book Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence (a very good book which I would recommend highly).

When the main character is dying in hospital a visiting priest offers to pray for her and hear her confession so that God might bless her. The woman says "Bless me or not just as you please Lord for I'll not beg".

I think my answer to the question "are your sins forgiven" would be "forgive me or not, just as you please, for I'll not beg".

But maybe that is a bit too snarky for the fundies the OP describes.

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