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Margaret Court should stick to being a retired tennis player


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Not sure how much coverage this particular gem has had Stateside, but I thought some fundie fans might be interested in a particular breed of Australian bigotry and hatred that has been rearing its ugly head lately.


In summary, Margaret Court, a famous women's tennis player has come to the forefront of the same-sex marriage debate advocating a bible based interpretation of marriage. Her comments on homosexuality have been causing a bit of a furore and many fans have taken to wearing rainbow coloured clothing at the arena named after her and waving rainbow flags at the tennis. Here is what she had to say, along with a handy translation courtesy of http://mike-stuchbery.com/2012/01/25/ma ... ranslated/.


I've put Court's words in BOLD.


WE live in a blessed nation but Australia is on a steep moral decline.

Everywhere you look we are making excuses for a sliding lifestyle and more people are blind to it than ever before.


I miss the way things were when I was young. Young people are loud, and the colours they wear are too bright. One of them swore at me.


Our Constitution is based on biblical principles and our nation is great because of it.


I have a pretty poor knowledge of history and the early political institutions that gave rise to our modern parliamentary democracy. But, Australia!

God put lots of wonderful minerals in the ground for us to find and that makes us awesome.


We are a country with a moral fabric and families and marriage are at its core.


Everything is okay only if people are having babies. Our continued survival is dependent on penises entering vaginas and depositing semen. All else is folly.


But increasingly our kids are being taught that anything goes.


If our kids see two men, or two ladies kissing, they will catch Gay or Lesbians.


As a society we are losing touch with fundamental Christian values, as our leaders lean towards an agenda of political correctness to keep the minorities happy.


People who aren’t like everybody else are asking to be treated equitably, and that’s making it much harder for me to be a bigot.


We live in a world of moral values. Even those without faith know what is right and what is wrong. We all have a conscience and so many people get trapped in the pattern of saying something is right when deep down they know it isn’t.


Did you know people who aren’t Christians are people? Actual real, live people? I was surprised too. My word!


Anyway, some people are starting to say that bigotry isn’t a good thing and we all know, deep down, that this isn’t true.

It’s that attitude that can harden hearts. People suddenly justify the immoralities around them.


Critical thinking and reconciling multiple points of view are, along with masturbation, the devil’s tools.


We have taken the easy way out. Minorities are now making it harder for the majority. They are increasingly taking everything that is good in society and pushing it to the side.


Brown People and The Gays are ruining everything. Straight, white people can’t say whatever they want and that makes me scared, because telling people they are horrible is my job.


Looking back, you can see that there has been a steep decline, especially when it comes to the issue of sexuality. There is so much scripture within the Bible that points to what we see happening now. We are losing that sense of discipline.


Did you know that some people are doing ‘it’ with the lights on? Some people even do ‘it’ when they don’t want a baby!


Truly, we live in a modern day Sodom.


Let me be clear. I believe that a person’s sexuality is a choice. In the Bible it said that homosexuality is among sins that are works of the flesh. It is not something you are born with.


You are not born Gay, a Gay needs to make you into a Gay. Like vampires. Can you be born a Vampire? No.


My concern is that we are advocating to young people that it is OK to have these feelings. But I truly believe if you are told you are gay from a young age, soon enough it will start to impact your life and you will live it. If somebody is told they are gay they often start to believe it.


Gay is catching through words. If a Gay talks to a teenaged boy, soon that boy will start listening to dance music and dressing well and thinking about bums. They will not want to put their penises into vaginas.


We are living in a society that takes the easy way out. But we have to work at life and make things better. You need to be disciplined. I became the first Australian woman to win Wimbledon because I trained hard and worked towards it.


You should listen to me because I am good at sports.


It’s why I believe so strongly in the sanctity of marriage. It takes hard work. Children need a mother and a father – stability from a male and a female – and I think we are losing sight of this.


Children have a mother and father so they know how to do ‘it’ later on. If they do not have a father, they will start thinking about bums.

Did you know some children are allowed to have only one parent? This is not against the law, isn’t that crazy?


We are led by politicians who lie and spread deceit. They no longer stand true to their word and that affects us all, as a nation. Lies just don’t seem to matter much any more.


JULIAR! (Julia Gillard)


There is so much deception in the world and it’s getting worse by the minute. The Book of Romans speaks of the people of Earth trading in God; of worshipping life and things within it instead of God who made us. By refusing Him, women no longer know how to be women and men no longer know how to be men. We have lost our way and have been convinced by the secular view that it’s all OK.


If they don’t believe in God, men will stop thinking about vaginas and start thinking about bums! If ladies don’t believe in God, they will stop thinking about penises and start thinking about vaginas and goodness, I don’t even know how two ladies would do ‘it’!

People will stop having babies and then the Brown People will come.


It worries me because I fear our next generation will lose all direction and become more blinded than ever before.


Dogs and cats, living together! Rain of blood! The dead rising from their graves!


I can’t understand, if we are a blessed nation under a biblical Constitution, why there is such a push to change it? We will only start to tear away at the rich fabric and sustained values. Then God will take his hand off our nation and the lights will go out.


If we don’t do what God says he will personally come down and smack us around until we say we’re sorry. Do you want that? Huh? Do you want to make God angry? He hates hitting us, he hates it, but you make him do it.


That is why I believe we need to protect marriage because it has been God-ordained from the beginning.


God told man to be united with his wife and to multiply on earth.




I had fame and success and a great husband but I always knew something was missing in my life. I used to think there had to be more to it.


Once again, I was good at sports, you should listen to me.


I knew He was there but I didn’t know how to make the connection. I didn’t understand how God could be real in my life. But then I accepted Jesus Christ, and believed that He came to Earth as the son of God, to die for our sins.

Even then I didn’t understand the power of the Bible, his word. If I knew then what I knew now I could have won six Wimbledons, not three. The New Testament is the greatest book on psychology. It shows you how to live victoriously. It’s our TV guide to life. It has everything in there for every facet – even how to run a nation.


I am sad because the Bible could have made me better at sports, because the Bible is a magic book that makes everything better instantaneously.


People think it’s a book of fear but it is not. It’s a book of love and a training manual for life that offers protection from sin. Life is but a wisp. So many turn to God on their deathbeds but if they accepted His love during life they would experience far more blessings. We will pass away, but the scriptures won’t.


God gives you superpowers and makes everything wonderful and stops bad things from happening.


We need to turn our minds back to God and I still believe we have the capacity to make that change. Understand that there is a God and that He is real and that He can be part of your life.

A nun at my primary school once gave me the cane and it was one of the best lessons of my life. She could see the potential in me long before I did. She gave me a grounding for the future, for which I remain grateful. I didn’t have an easy childhood but I had good families around me that sowed into my life. That’s what our kids need right now. People who are willing to stand up for them, for our families, in a world where we have become far too scared.


The only way to teach kids anything is to hit them. I was hit and it did me the world of good.




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Wow I have no idea who this woman is, but shes a racist, homophobic bigot if I ever heard one!!!

She reminds me of the old folks you see in the doctors office complaining about 'young people these days'. :roll:

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I remember her playing tennis against Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon and also when she played Bobby Riggs. She was quite the sensational player in her younger days.

Maybe she is a cohort of Nancy (Womb-man) Campbell. Sure sounds like the same drivel that she spouts.

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She actually sounds like Nancy Campbell when she speaks.

She's an ex-tennis player and a pastor at one of this town's attempts at a mega-church. I wonder what the Court family think of her? They're a high profile family in these parts.

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I remember her playing tennis against Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon and also when she played Bobby Riggs. She was quite the sensational player in her younger days.

When did she play Bobby Riggs? I vividly remember when Billie Jean King did: The Battle of the Sexes!! It was huge. Primetime television and all that.

This whole thing is just sad. Poor Margaret. Now that she's exposed herself as a bigot I wonder if the stadium will eventually be renamed?

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Well, she certainly is a nasty woman.

Here is one thing that always bothers me about her sort of rant. Why do these sorts always worry that women "will forget how to be women". I have always assumed I am a woman because my genotype and phenotype were of the female gender. Perhaps I am wrong. Is there a course or test I can take? For that matter why is this woman so confident that she knows how to be a woman - after all the tremendous amount of physical excercise she has done must surely have jangled her lady bits around quite a bit - who knows if they are "woman" guaranteed any more.

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She lost to Bobby Riggs in May 1973. She thought he was all talk. He wasn't. He got beat by Billy Jean King in September 1973.

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I remember watching the Billie Jean King -Bobby Riggs match with the women in my dorm at UGA. Personally I'll take Billie Jean and Martina Navratilova over Margaret Court any day of the week and yep, Bille Jean and Martina are both out and proud lesbians.

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