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https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ladies-A ... 524?ref=mf

Here is the link to the LAF facebook page. Some of the dicussions are interesting.

Napoleon Bonaparte Evolution has shaped different functions for women and men based on survivability , women are more developed for social roles as mammals to interact with a greater groups for there children to survive, while males are evolved for direct competion with each other, over time these roles have changed but the basic form remians
I found it fascinating that a fundie would use evolution to defend the seperation of the sexes.

The facebook page makes me feel like an anthroplogist studying another culture :lol:

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Scroll down to the question about whether women should vote. Your head will hurt.

Paul A. Copenhagen This is the question of democracy Jessica. If the majority rules and you like that idea? Then we must accept it if the majority decides something else and we don't like it. :) There were plenty of people who hated Prohibition. There were plenty of women's groups and mafia families who hated the 21st Amendment for repealing Prohibition too! Now that said? Women not voting as a gender would require the repeal of the 19th Amendment. So Congress has to vote on it and accept it first. Then it has to garner 3/4 of the States. 38 States have to sign on to repeal the 19th Amendment. But note what Joy is talking about. Not gender-based revocation of voting privileges. Just revocation of voting privileges for those who have absolutely no stake whatsoever in this nation or its politics.

The concept of property rights and voting actually was meant to ensure that the people RUNNING the country by their votes were the ones who had a stake in the country. If you were a landless ne'er do well, then your life wasn't affected by taxes, trade restrictions, etc. If you were a student? It didn't bother you one bit if they proposed a new stamp tax for the buying and selling of property.

So why then, should you be allowed to vote in favor of raising taxes that you do not pay? Do you see the reasoning here? The idea is that if it is not something that has any affect on your life? You should not be free to impose it upon others. But that is precisely what expanding the electorate has done. Allowed those with no stake in politics, taxes, etc. to determine the political atmosphere, tax rates, etc. for those who -do- deal with that political atmosphere and for those who -do- pay taxes.November 20 at 12:07am · LikeUnlike · 2Steven Lopez-Merlos and Joy Rose like this.

Joy Rose Jessica (Shaver), calm down, you're panicking. I'm not standing there looming over your head trying to make you subhuman. I'm just asking if there's a way to stop having other people vote to give themselves your money

Emily Grigsby Jessica, I think it would need to have more details, but like I said I don't think this will ever be considered in reality. I'd say if you were working and paid taxes and/or are looking for work, itd be good. I just don't like the idea of free loaders voting to maintain their free loader-ness.
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Napolean has some unLAF beliefs. LOL

Napoleon Bonaparte My Relationship with my fiancee is about compromise, If she doesn't agree with something I am doing I stop and vice versa, if we disagree we talk about it - we don't think about submission as concept- as it is to harsh a word I think. Love is about not submitting but expressing to each other I think.

The page is fascinating for anyone who wants to look it over.

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