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I Just Fell for a Phishing Scam


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It was 4.30am, I’m so tired and I let my guard down. I feel so stupid.

I got an email from a company saying that a payment had failed, I knew the bill was due - so I clicked on the link and paid it. I realised within minutes what I’d done. I checked through their website and all accounts were fine, payment isn’t due until tomorrow.

I’m waiting for the call centres to open for both my bank and the company. I’ve temporarily frozen my bank account and I’ve changed my password with the company the scammers copied.

Help please? What other steps should I take while I wait? I feel so dumb. How could I do this?! I’m so stupid ?

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This happened to me last year when I changed phones and I went through and paid my TV licence.... when I had already done it. 

You've done the best that you can freezing your accounts and changing your passwords.  It may be worth also doing a virus scan as well. 

Be aware that they may have copied your email as well for future phishing emails to other people... I got a lot of abusive emails from people because my email tag is being used (but the account is secure). 

Don't beat yourself up too much - it's so so so easy to do! 

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  • Coconut Flan changed the title to I Just Fell for a Phishing Scam

Thanks so much. I’m so frustrated, but I’m also very glad that I realised so quickly. I’ve done everything I can to protect my banking and email details and now it’s a waiting game :( 

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I’ve come to a point of accepting I’m going to fall for one eventually. They can be so convincing!!! ❤️

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Don't worry too much.

Someone hacked my work email earlier this week and tried to send a $155K wire out on my behalf. Thankfully, the scammer did not manage to fully complete the paperwork and my bank called me to get the missing information.

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