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Eric Garner and Justice

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A NYPD officer has been fired and stripped of his benefits after being found guilty of an illegal choke hold which resulted in Eric Garner's death.  

I am feeling some kind of way about this.  I agree the officer should be fired. Since when is selling cigarettes individually a death sentence or even a *more than a ticket* offense?  Love the wording " un-taxible".  Oh, he died because the smokes he sold couldn't be double or triple taxed? Do they even hear themselves?  Like, they weren't even dipped in pcp or something.  Even if they were, immediate death?  No.

It was illegal for the police to do that.  Surprisingly, someone got punished.  I'm pissed because I see my cop friend from HS is acting like this is absolutely ridiculous and so are their fellow cops and unwavering supporters of police chiming in.  So, let me get this straight,  they killed a man over cigarettes because he didn't want to be hassled again. Yes, he had priors, all minor. Why does that even matter? Eric should die?  While white mass murderers get nice treatment!  Sorry, cops, you get held accountable too.  As we all should.  The police should be held accountable.  What they did was illegal. God forbid they have to answer to their crimes.  I've seen terrible comments.  Like " If he ( Eric) was able to say ' I can't Breathe ' than clearly he could".  Really?  Because at some point he stopped being able to say that. Like when he was dying.  It's not a good idea to have so much power over life and death placed in the uniformed hands of fellow humans.  The lack of compassion, right from wrong is sorely lacking in the posts I've seen. Taking a life is fucking serious.  


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Cops: "Our job is soooo dangerous, so we should be able to do what we want."

Reality: Statsitically, janitors and garbage management are much more dangerous, due to physicality of the work and contact with hazardous stubstances.

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