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IBLP Calls Cops on Bill Gothard for Trespass

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21 hours ago, WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? said:

My favorite long distance encounter with the Ark Encounter was when Ozzy and Jack Osbourne visited it as part of their World Detour reality show. :pb_lol:

I can not stand Ozzy.  But I think I would have enjoyed that episode!

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On 5/18/2018 at 6:07 PM, Palimpsest said:

Good grief.  You have not truly snarked unless you have seen the Creation Museum https://creationmuseum.org/ and the Ark Encounter https://arkencounter.com/ websites.  Check them out!

No need to go in person and give them money.  Just look at the threads here, and at online articles and reviews.:lol:

I suppose we can suspend belief for a moment at the idea of dinosaurs roaming the earth along with Adam and Eve.  Well, some of us can.

But,  rest assured, those dinosaurs were on the Ark too!  Well, apparently.  But the (um) completely imaginary sewage system on the Ark to get rid of imaginary dinosaur poop is a thing of really extraordinary beauty.

DH and I used to drive past it on our 18 hour road trips from the South to visiting our families in the Midwest. One year, we decided to stop and get his cousin a T-shirt as part on an ongoing series of pranks. We only went in the gift shop. I couldn’t have held the laughter in much more. I put my head down and let my headship do the talking, especially after we were asked if we wanted to subscribe to their “apologist magazine.”

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9 hours ago, applejack said:

My favorite account of the Creation Museum is still John Scalzi's.


(His Flickr album of pictures is linked within that post)

Thoroughly enjoyed that read - I haven't come across it before, thank you, @applejack

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Waffle Time

Bumping to say that dear Bill Gothard was a guest at a Duggar talk in San Jose.  So they haven't cut all ties.  Apparently BG was applauded, but not many people seemed to know who he was and he didn't draw much attention.  See this and the following post by @FreeJosie here:


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