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It's hard to say what Courtney's number will end up being. Jill Rod had kids faster than Courtney in the beginning (her first four children are two sets of Irish twins) and now she will have baby 13 a few months before she turns 40. Jill Rod seemed to have more miscarriages in her 30s compared to her 20s. As Courtney nears 40, her chances of miscarriage will increase. She may not hit 18 if her miscarriages increase. It's hard to say. 

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1 minute ago, Jana814 said:

How old is Courtney?  I am amazed at her fertility. 

She's 33, turning 34 in April.

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10 hours ago, Bethella said:


  • miscarriage #1, sometime around 2008-2009
  • Clint, March 2010
  • Clay, July 2011
  • Cade, September 2012
  • Callie Ann, July 2013 (born prematurely)
  • Cash, October 2014
  • Colt and Case, September 2015 (twins, born prematurely)
  • miscarriage #2 (had been due in the fall of 2016)
  • Calena, May 2017
  • #9 is due June 2018

Because she didn't start popping them out until her mid-20s, my current prediction is that she will end up with 18 kids (assuming there aren't anymore twins/premature births/complications affecting fertility). Here's Courtney's sub-forum.


Just imagine how many kids she'd have if she got married as a teen like Alyssa Bates Webster or Joy Duggar Forsyth. I can't wrap my head around it.

And I also wonder how she does it. Has she any relatives nearby?

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My take on Courtney is that she is one of those rare people that thrives this lifestyle. NR Anna Maxwell is the another example. 

I also think her husband helps out more around the house than most fundie men. She's posted pics of him cooking a few times. 

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Courtney really does seem to have her mess together, and I agree that she seems to thrive in the lifestyle. The thing about Courtney is that it's as if she never, ever considered the remote possibility that she WOULDN'T have a million kids in close age proximity. She started her housekeeping with dishes enough for an army, a dining table made from a full sheet of plywood, and baby stuff in bulk. It's truly as if she was handed a script of her life as a teenager, and just prepared accordingly. Even going back to her earliest blogging, she never seemed to have an interest in living/decorating/parenting just the kids that she had in that moment. Every purchase and decision was made with a future child army in mind, and damn if she doesn't have one.

For instance, freshly minted fundy housewife Chelsy Maxwell has been playing sistermom for nearly 30 years to a massive family of siblings. Yet, she and John are living in a split-level house with soft off-white club chairs, and small-scale furnishings. They haven't created a home environment for the 8-10 kids that they could very well have someday despite the general expectation that they will indeed have them; they've made their house comfortable for the life they have now. If Courtney Rogers were decorating that house, it would have linoleum floors, a 12-foot sofa made from something scrubbable, and a shoe rack in the corner capable of holding up to 20 pairs of miniature cowboy boots. And nothing else, since you'd just have to move it all to sweep with the warehouse broom.

I don't know anything about Courtney's upbringing, other than the fact it seems to have been family-oriented and conservative. But it seems safe to say that both she and Chelsy were raised with the expectation that housewife mom life was the optimum goal. Yet, Courtney's instincts are different. She's a bit of a unicorn, fundy or not.

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I know this was a few pages back but I wanted to jump in on the who names Fundy babies. With Jim Bob and MIchelle I think it was firmly Michelle's place. Jim Bob never did get to name one Julie and the kids seemed to get more say then Jim Bob. as for the younger crowd   like Jessa and Ben . I think Jessa like's normal names Elliot, Henry and Ben is the one that wanted the out there names. at least that's how it sounded in both the name announcement video's since Jessa said she like Elliot and Ben said Henry was her favorite name. 

I also seem to see a pattern with Chad and Erin where she picks out the first name  and he does the middle at least that seems to be how it worked for the girls. he is the one who pushed for Elise and he picked out hope, well Erin said she liked Brooklyn. can't remember what they said about Everly. 

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