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On 5/27/2016 at 10:26 AM, infooverload said:

I am wondering if a spotlight will be put on her for her questionable behavior in the same way which is going on with Sarah Morehead who was also an Atheist of the Year recipient. 

This is such an told topic but I just came across it. I'd be very surprised if anyone was ever critical of Vyckie outside of the forum world. Morehead seems to have embezzled money, right? Unless Vyckie does something illegal I can't see her being called out on it. 

News outlets seems to use her frequently when there's rumblings in the fundie world (Like Joshley) but at no time did any of those outlets bring up that Vyckie talked about her daughter's (ex?)husband supposedly abusing other daughters even though it could've tied in. I'd be shocked if she was ever put on blast outside of FJ. 

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I noticed a post by Vyckie on Facebook this morning.  She's asking her 750 Facebook followers to help her be rescued from "a sucky December in Nebraska".  She says she will be alone for Christmas and New Years.  She's asking if anyone who lives "somewhere warmer" would invite her to visit them over the Holidays.  Then she asks her followers to contribute to her travel fund and gives her PayPal information so she can collect those contributions!  

A prior post dated May 18th of this year boasts about all the places she has traveled recently with her boyfriend.  She lists the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, Montreal, New England, Tijuana, 27 states so far, as well as France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, and Ireland.  

I fully support that donations online may be solicited to help someone who is experiencing a major life tragedy.  But it's beyond audacious that Vyckie actually believes that people will donate money so she can take yet another vacation this year.


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      I joined for the snark and stayed for the insight.
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      Disgusted with Catholic Church over Cardinal Pell's funeral this week. It really reflects poorly on the church and should be a red flag to Catholics.
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      I've been away since about 10 PM on Monday evening.  My husband noticed that my speech was a bit slurred, called my daughter to see if she concurred and they both agreed that I needed to go to the hospital.  There I was taken back within minutes to be evaluated for a stroke.   My BP was sky-high. I. undressed and was helped into a hospital gown.  The PureWick did not work that night so when I had to go I just went.  (I do want a PureWick if I ever get urinary stress incontenence though and would need to wear diapers.). 
      I had a CT scan fairly early the next morning and it confirmed that I'd sufffered a mild stroke,  I had an MRI that afternoon which confirmed the both the mild stroke and no other damage and yet I had another CT scan -this time with a contrast medium injected.  I was allowed the Heart Healthy diet and my BP had dropped to 180/100.  They don'y want to drop the BP too rapidly so it has dropped enough to turn to Lisinipril to drop it further.
      After the ER. I was sent to the ICU and stayed until I was discharged this afternoon.  The staff were all really nice and my husband and two daughters were with me most of the time, helping out.  My oldest daughter's van was in the shop so I let her borrow the MINI since I knew she could drive a stick.  When she was visiting yesterday afternoon, her husband was in the ER waiting on a CT can and today, she was there when the speech pathologist was visiting.  She was able to get some good advice from her as her husband is currently unable to swallow.
      Anyway I'm home.  My dogs and the cat to see me home, especially my dachsie, were happy to see me home.
      A couple of things I learned:
      I need to teach my husband about loading the dishwasher.
      Jill would never be able to handle bedpans.
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      I danced through my living room feeling awesome. From time to time I do this. Maybe wine is involved. Good music is definitely involved. It is awesome. I recommend it to you. With or without wine.
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      After a few months of trying to decide what kind of new computer to get and my brother telling me a Mac would be the best decision I could ever make and my sister telling me that would be the worst and I ought to stick to Windows.... I now have a used Mac. I am trying to get used to it. Not easy, but the Magnifying program is a lot better than the Windows one (that was the ultimate reason for my decision) and FJ works a lot better than on my 10-year old Laptop, too!!  
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