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Radford Family

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Since they aren't religious - I worry about Sue when she can't be pregnant anymore. I think she may have serious problems, mentally coping with the change of seasons. I hope that the final pregnancies go well for mom and babies.

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Waffle Time

I think that too. I have no idea why she’s been pregnant so many times; with Michelle there was the religious belief thing. I feel like both Sue and Noel have some unresolved issues with being adopted, as they’ve mentioned that before in relation to wanting a big family. Sue’s identity is so wrapped up in having a big family that when the baby train stops it’ll be a huge shock. Even though she’ll have lots of kids in the house for years, until she’s in her 60s, they’ll all be growing up and becoming more independent and won’t need her so much. Perhaps that’s a lot of the reason why - she loves that feeling of being needed, which she didn’t get from her birth parents (although we have no idea about the circumstances surrounding her adoption, she could well have been wanted but her birth parents may not have felt able to cope). 

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